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Title: A question
Post by: Infinity67 on August 01, 2020, 09:24:25 PM
I have a question in regard to OU/PM

I thought to make it simple I would introduce John Doe and his SMOT

John Doe has a SMOT it is a simple track and some magnets that move a ball around a track.

Now John has his SMOT on a perfectly levelled table, the table has a recess in it that holds the ball perfectly the ball can not roll or leave the recess without external help IE: John lifting the ball.

John wants to start his SMOT in motion.

If the ball whilst set in the recess has zero PE, when John lifts the ball to place it on the track the ball now has PE.
So John lifts the ball and places on his SMOT track. For the sake of argument Johns SMOT runs continuously.

At what point does the PE in lifting the ball and placing it on the track become non existent ?
Is it after 1 circuit, 10 circuits 100 ? 1000 ? 1,000,000 ?