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Title: Synthetic vs Natural Graphite Question
Post by: robur on July 31, 2020, 12:58:47 AM
 Would anyone know if the Graphite Powder. Synthetic micronized from Ebay is much different then natural graphite?
 I bought natural graphite and it seems that delivery service had delivered it to god knows whom.
 I might have to buy again and tha was only bag of natural graphite on ebay that I found.
 Would someone please say if the Synthetic micronized graphite has major differences from natural?
 I need it as layers for Electro-Gravity disk and several other gravity ex[experimental set-ups
 And if package with ntural is lost then have to buy so called synthetic
 This is from google:
 Synthetic graphite is a material consisting of graphitic carbon which has been obtained by graphitizing of non-graphitic carbon, by CVD from hydrocarbons at temperatures above 2500 K, by decomposition of thermally unstable carbides or by crystallizing from metal melts supersaturated with carbon.
 So I am not sure about how conductive or how high capacitance it has.
 Thank you
 Hoping to get answer soon