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Author Topic: Pandemic - Run the virus through the community during the summer, instead of  (Read 3420 times)

Offline lancaIV

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Good Morning,
related ' .... any idea/-s......' to 'Pandemia - running the virus through the community ....'

a. each kind of viruses  and virons/virions ?
b. running out the community ....... : care,cure

The forum is not only actuall communication/conversation ,its function is also archive and enderess-book ( I see it so )


" community " - virtual buton                " help"-virtual buton                   " search "  virtual buton  ( buton,button !)

section : Alternative medicine ,overall view specific

Search : Robert C. Beck 'blood zapper ' ,pro -/anti - biotic/virional  !? Anti-Covid 19 ?

Then : searchmachines out of information

Bio-Energy  Bio-energetics  Bio-electrification ( not AC 'e-chair'-like !? )
hydrolysis blood-wash : lymphs / lymphatic drainage            ,dialyse/dialysis  kidney-supra/sub-function

Serious,effects- in-/directly,safe,dose per day ?!  With professionals help/controle/partnering  !?

Chance/risc worth !

Then : asking Beck'zapper-device experimenter about results !

Medical/health sector professionals ,scientists ,animators,amateurs ' in work and testing' !?

The keelynet,Jerry Decker device

rexresearch : health treatment /devicesf.e.

Rife beam ray machine

In list/not :

Dr.Kazumi Masaki,JP,     espacenet  : advanced search applicant Ken Hayashibara inventor

Working together and not by hour 0:00
Not idea only ,but status quo mind and medical standart

p.s.:2007 in OPorto,POR,Rua de Alegria,  machine construction/montage by a later Lda.-partner
         Another later Lda.-partner,from this 'company' ,saw and bought in a Portuense public flea market an old
         medical(psychological ?) treatment device from the 20' ,last century,developped by a french !
        100 € devices,sells/sold for 1500 € ,MLM !

p.s.II : Psychology-Methodics : vibrations -errections-feelings =

                                                     UR-SCHEI /CRY/SHOUT   ( the primal scream )
           semper depressed,silent, becomes illness : where loudness possible,instinct firing out :

                                                                    Anti-Stress Parcs (  free mind gymnastics)  !

          Youtube YEL-YEL PRASPA  :( Stolen ?  ;) HAKA (war dance/interpretation) ,Maori

                                                               HAKA2020-Style- LET IT OUT Parcs
                       Or : MyHAKA2020 - Soundproof - Cabins   Shout yourself : FREE !
                      Break-Dance Yourself : Free !

                     Some are doing here ' pantomimic' HAKA2005+  8) ,gives 'Good,(godly), vibrations !

                    youtube : semi-organized HAKA 'Flashmob
                   f.e. Hamburg singt - Groesster Flashmob Deutschlands

                  Open Air Events,Fest-ivals ( old peoples's home Flashmob,hospitals,funerals,...... )


               WhistleMob    whistle = Trillerpfeife   and blow ! On my key ring : by-gadget

Is it better to be a Trill-er or a Twit-ter ?  8) Monty Python Flying Circus ' Upper Class Twit of the Year '  ;)
I like more trilling,eventually with Jod SL Koernern for Vita-Kraft
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Offline unsure

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If a theoretical reason that governments would be worried about doing this  'Running The Virus Through The Community'  plan,  would be that they may be legally liable for deaths due to intentionally exposing people to the virus,  then that argument would have pretty much no basis,  because,    at the moment in many countries, when the numbers of infected and in hospital start to decrease to low enough levels,  the governments  re-open  bars and restaurants to run the virus through more of the community,  and  there's  no  chance  of  suing  the  government  because you walked past a bar of sprinkler-mouths none of which are required to wear masks, and you're sure thats the only way you got infected ( when you walk past them you're often literally within centimeters of them ).
(  Also, at the moment people just stand in front of bars etc without ordering anything, pretending to be part of a group etc, just to stand there without having to wear a mask, or they walk around with a drink bottle that there not actually drinking, or food item,  or hold a cigarette,  all just to not have to wear a mask,  many chatting quite vividly and potentially infecting anyone that has to walk past them on narrow footpaths,  and in those situations there is also no chance of suing the government for negligence   )

My Previous Post Was The Following -

    - I noticed a detail that I forgot on my  'Run the virus through the community' model,  that is that many of the  'vulnerable to the virus age group people'  do live with their family which are often people under 50,  however, I assume that services or protocols could be provided so that the  'vulnerable to the virus age group people'  could be shielded from the virus,  although,  I'm obviously no expert or anything.

I recently realized an obvious option, for the weak point in my  'Run The Virus Through The Community' Model,  which is in the quote above .
   The obvious option, would be to temporarily put  'Those Vulnerable To The Virus'( With One Carer ) who live with their family/relatives,  into community-sports-facilities, universities, schools etc,  which would not be used while 'Running The Virus Through The Community'.
       NOTE - In the paragraph above, I typed ( With One Carer ), if desired, so that would make that detail more acceptable .

If anyone else, groups or individuals, have published / raised this idea ( like my idea ) against the virus, it would be very interesting to see the details / model they have.   And obviously,  if any of them have actual relevant qualifications etc, then it would also be interesting to see their plan.
   Crunching the numbers, it just seems that this idea of  'Running The Virus Through The Community', I have detailed in this thread, just seems much better than the current strategies, much less people dying, much less time wasted,  much less damage to communities etc.
   If anyone knows of a similar idea, by any groups or individuals, then please post links so people can examine them .

Offline unsure

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The best indicator of at what stage the virus is in each country,  would be the percentage of the population for each country,  that have antibodies ( immunity ? ).
Even though it seems people can ? possibly be reinfected ( like the common cold, flu's , etc ? ),  and, of course it seems people will need booster shots .

   Does anyone know of any websites that show the current percentage of the population for each country ( or for any countries ),  that have antibodies ( immunity ? )  ?

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