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Author Topic: Pandemic - Run the virus through the community during the summer, instead of  (Read 7730 times)


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"Old age and treachery will always overcome youth and exuberance."
                             David Mamet

Offline lancaIV

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one is as old as one appears

like inside so outside    like outside so inside

in mens sana corpore sano !?    mens sana in corpore sano !?    primary/secondary order : arrangement conditioning ?

Aphorismen,Lebensweisheiten(-Wirklichkeit !?) Wisdoms of life (-reality!?)

For the first impression there is no second chance

but                                                                   for the second ,third,... impression there is ever a chance (print press invention)

reziproke Bereitschaft ?  ::)  reciprocal readiness?

Introduce me to cardiac surgery ( heart opening)only because of a good first impression,not a little overestimated ?  :-\

We are often with pleasure silent loud

Reciproke communication or about (mis-)/statement and answer :

Dear father, Berlin is great, the people are nice and I really enjoy being here.
But father,
               I'm a little embarrassed to drive to school in a pure gold Ferrari 599 GTB
               when my classmates and teachers come on a train.

                                                                                                         Your son.

 My beloved son,
 20 million euros have just been transferred to your account.
 Stop shaming our family
 and buy yourself a train too!

                                                           Monolog End  ::) :) Spricht der Koerper/Ich  oder Geist/Gehirn ?!

Learning to play as "I/ch" with the "Ge/Hirn" ,ob ES will oder n(i)ett !

JFK : Isch bin en Berlinaer !

Nathan-Yahoo : Isch bin en No-Na(tional)-Zi(onist) !

             treachery and Kriecherei : aus der selben Fabrikation ! Becoming eld ,not old

            And to know that we humans are more than only "anus sheating" !

Offline lancaIV

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 mind labor to 3/4d laboratory

we are modern,we are tolerant and reagent ( inside /outside glass ):


in vitro/synthetic mammal behavioral theory practizising

and in vitro Fleisch / in vitro meat m/f/n or Cultured baby

clearly also,for not trade,Cultured organs

             "....  ungefragt entnommen  ...."

 Huch,wie unhoeflich ! Ein Benehmen ! ???  Ob ein Organspende-NEIN X im Ausweis diese ueberzeugt haette ? ::)

Zelle - Trennung - Zellhaufen - gut-/boesartig -Tumor oder Foetus -kannibalistisches Verhalten desselben-

 das ungefilterte Frucht(blase)wasser unter Genfer ABC-Konvention : ultra-kontaminiert ,Kloake-/Kanalisations-Wasser,bio-hazard

                                                   Na Evchen,Dixie-Klo verschluckt ?
                                          Bio-Waffen auf zwei Beinen oder kriechend

                                                            Aecht sexy !

Fette ,ueberstrapazierte Baeuche,m/f, : AECHT EKEL erregend ! Abscheu ! Haesslich ! Persoenliche Ansicht und bei visueller Ansicht : :P :-X

How to re-"design" middle-/oldies ?


mammal baby production like for fun,not as meal  :P   with on/off-switch and after "little ,nice baby/kiddy"-stage ,3/4 years ?,and recycling/dematerialize

and to electric energy conversion

meat to signal to meat cycle

We do not anymore gas mammals ,we digitize  pixeling "personalities"

                                                     Cultured personality

How much AsamoR and EveR do we need - in/out - of us ?

"HEAD" with metallic skeletton ,trans-changeable biological sub-body( sub-body breeding industry, il-/legal body trade)


  • Guest
We are able to pick and choose some things in life, other things, we cannot.

To be able to have / experience life is a temporary arrangement.
This is not an option.

Humans are a / one of, the major forces on this planet.
We are "intelligent" and optionally we may behave accordingly.

Life's experiences and the universe are bigger than man's intelligence, immeasurably so.
This is not optional either.

That which created us and sustains and holds us is ultimately in charge.

Our choices matter.

People are often frustrated and feel ineffective.
Every moment holds the potential for any individual to bring forth
something of great value. 

Each one of us has far more effect upon those around us than we generally are inclined
to acknowledge.  It's big.  it's significant. It matters. We matter.  We are effective and
This is not optional.

No matter "where one is coming from"  it is legitimate and has value, when
it is expressed honestly / when we acknowledge our own responsibility for the
effects, our expression will have.

But we all too often are in denial of this fact, and / or may feel as if we are powerless.
We aren't.

   best wishes

Offline ramset

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Nice words

Words to live by ...

One good breakthrough of a simple “working
Concept” !

Will give us the choice we need to bring the change we need !

Thanks for all that you do... and your scientific rigor and honesty!!

As the saying goes “you want to change the world..??
_BE_that change””

Much gratitude
Chet K


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Just reminding myself.

Offline onepower

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Rotten meat is sterilized by cooking but this doesn't do much for the smell,
ammonia does though.
           and come on ....
what does a little pink slime mixed into the beef slurry matter any way and
it's still 100% beef.
                                      ...   sarcasm   ...

I think you got it right when you said our choices matter...

What is not so well understood is that many small bad choices can be cumulative and in some respects extremely hard if not impossible to reverse. In this respect nature acts like the saying "there is no almost pregnant and either they are or there not". The build up can be incremental but once the transition to poor health, a failing environment or poor life choices takes hold it generally starts to snowball.

This is why many couldn't wrap there mind around why Covid was such a problem. A few infected people isn't a problem, a few infecting others leading to exponential growth, a pandemic, hospitals being overrun and millions dead is. This is how nature works and it builds up slowly until the cumulative actions reaches a tipping point then all hell breaks loose. Most short sighted people couldn't see this but the real experts did which is why they knew preventative measures mean little after the fact when little can be done to reverse the damage. Once the tipping point comes into play there is little if nothing we can do and were just along for the ride.

If the theory holds then were going to see some major blow back in the environment and in general health because of the cumulative actions we have taken to date. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction somewhere and it always comes full circle.