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Title: Conditioned Ceramic Magnet using coils on x,y,z axis
Post by: Kritischer on July 25, 2020, 07:28:28 AM
I'm trying to locate the source of a device concept that I just can't remember where I saw it.

I't might have been on one of the Energy from the vacuum series. I've read and forgot so much info over the years. Google is more of a memory hole than a search engine now and I can't find this story.

The Concept (that I remember)

-3 coils are wrapped around a ceramic magnet, one in each plane (X, Y, Z)

-The magnet is kept cold with liquid nitrogen so it doesn't overheat and break.

-One of the coils is pulsed with capacitive discharges at some optimum frequency while a second coil is monitored.

-The pulsing rearranges the mechanical structure of the magnet. I have an idea of what happens but I don't want to detract from my goal on this post.

-At some time (due to monitoring one of the coil outputs) the magnet is completely restructured.

-At the right time a secondary (or tertiary?) larger capacitor is discharged into one of the other coils.

-Now the magnet is no longer a magnet as we know it, it's an energy source from one of the coil sets.

I'm looking for a source or additional information, specifically the number of winding and signal sequence.

The attached PDF is similar and may have been the inspiration for using a magnet. The discussion is very similar. ( (