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Title: Free energy Failure #1: Self running water tube
Post by: mlpmlg on July 21, 2020, 09:58:14 PM
I noticed that if I have a tube that is Higher than the water level the water will travel higher than the level. Like this pic:

 I noticed that the water will defy gravity and float out the other end of the tube:

attachment 1 (waterTube.png)

So I figured I'd cut the tube, while the water was in motion, to try to prove free energy:

attachment 2 (waterTube2)

However the scissors could not cut through the rubber. So instead of that I attached the tube to a 2nd tube, via 2 magnets with a hole. I disconnected the magnets and the free energy device did not continue the flow of the water. So the free energy device failed.

I am wondering if anyone has tried this or has any opinions about this.