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Title: Post Free Energy Device Schematics Here! No chat, just pure info
Post by: aether22 on June 29, 2020, 02:50:54 AM
Trying to find schematics and other relevant info on promising Free Energy devices can be hard with page after page of discussion.
Hopefully collecting eventually all worthy schematics here.

So, in this thread, there are JUST schematics of devices which seem to have produced Free Energy or other worthy anomaly.

It doesn't have to be your diagram/device, just, post promising looking designs, and text descriptions of other vital details for reproductions, but give credit when you know who made it.

In order not to break my own rule, here are two designs, One is Centraflow from Overunity Research Forum.;topicseen#msg82661 (;topicseen#msg82661)

The other is Sweet related.
I have also added a schematic from Turbo, it is flawed in that it ignores the other coils, and it it low of detail, but the concentric nature of the coils is intriguing and IMO should either not hurt the effect, or improve it.

It doesn't have to be new (it can already be posted elsewhere here), it's just about concentrating designs in one place, so see a design, post it here.

Anyone who tries to post without including a design is a very rotten egg!