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Author Topic: The real deal  (Read 2146 times)


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The real deal
« on: June 25, 2020, 09:36:26 AM »
I wanted to post this here for all to see on our terms without moderation.

onepower, very tempted to delete your post for obvious reasons, but then I thought: "what would be the smart thing to do", yes, make an example of you instead...

I find that strange because given the opportunity I have never been tempted to delete anyone's post's. In fact I welcome all criticism and I suspect you do as well despite your claims otherwise. You live for this kind of confrontation as much as I do and I think we should get into it if you didn't block my PM's so we could have a reasonable conversation like real men. Which begs the question... what are you afraid of?.

It is smart to have fundamental forces work for you instead of against you? Right?

In this respect I believe you are wrong as I have had a COP>1 device almost a decade ago and it was not 1.98 but more so over COP> 100. It was a shit show which taught me a valuable lesson in how truly little I actually know. So no my friend, there is nothing working against me so far as any fundamental forces are concerned.

onepower, I banned you from my forum for causing trouble and not being smart! Do you Understand That Part? Yes?

No, you banned me because you were empowered to believe you could ban others where I would not. You banned me because I asked too many questions which contradicted your beliefs where my only belief is in questioning everything more so my own. Understand for every easy question I ask you I ask one thousand much more difficult questions of myself.

I see, my post has gottEN UnderNEath your Skin, buT I am ok If You neeD to Compensate, I already KnoW what side you bat for, and who you worship, it ain't the good guys that's for sure! That's why my post got underneath your skin!

You think?, if you think someone like myself is your worst problem then I don't think you understand the definition of a "problem".  In fact I kind of like you and your attitude because your willing to push an issue and not back down. So no you have not gotten under my skin and in fact this is a joke and I haven't even gotten started my friend.

Keep up the behaviour one power I mean AllCanadian... Its what you get paid for isn't it... Your'e so See Through!

See though?, I was offered more money than your whole family tree is worth based on what I know, what have you been offered?. As well my usernames are onoepower, onepowerengineer, oneengineer, allcanadian, onecanadian, canadianengineer, engineeringcanada, albertaengineeering, powerengineering101 and many more than I can possibly remember... which one do you have a problem with exactly?.

Let's put it this way Chris... anytime you want to have a very public youtube debate for all on the internet to see in real time I would love to be there. In fact I think you or Chet should set it up asap because I would be there without hesitation. What do you think?, if your so smart then what do you have to lose?... I mean really?. I'm just a lowly Power Engineer with 30 years of experience in advanced energy systems working for the DND so what the hell do I know?.

So if your so smart let's do this and I would absolutely love to have the opportunity to tear you apart piece by fucking piece in front of the whole internet Chris. It would just make my day.

So yes you should probably delete this post Chris otherwise your followers might realize what kind of person you really are because people like you don't have the balls to debate the facts with people like me in front of the world.