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Author Topic: Real looking magnet motor with good explanations.  (Read 4509 times)


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Re: Real looking magnet motor with good explanations.
« Reply #15 on: June 22, 2020, 11:19:42 PM »
                   First video.
I at first thought that the first video might be based upon a balancing of attraction and repulsion forces.

After studying the video and presenters comments more, I conclude that this is not particularly
the case here.

He uses a weak magnet, (he states).

I think it is a common mistake among magnet experimenters to think that bigger
will work better. 

There are a couple of good reasons why using strong magnets in all position, may not be the best way to proceed.  (no details on this from me here).

In a trial and error / siege kind of approach, toward getting magnets to continuously rotate (inventor imply s that this was how he did it), one might eventually realize the need to use weak magnet interactions.

Most fakes I have seen, go for the more impressive / bigger is better approach.

It would be uncommon for a "faker" to go for a lesser and less impressive magnet interaction, though not unheard of .

Any but the most inexperienced of internet users will realize,that,
               the internet is packed with fake free energy devices. 

                                    So much so that ....
it hardly needs mentioning but, ....   odds are very high .... that both of these devices are bogus.

However, it is an entirely different position to take a stance which is simply the autopilot, proceeding into ridicule and defamation / accusation of all the presenters of magnet motors.                                           
                              That would not be / is not open minded inquiry.

                   Second video

While I myself probably would not consider doing a build as in the first video, I would consider  doing a build of the V gate variation shown in the second video. 

Even though I have seen a gazillion....  not working  and / or fakes of the V gate design.  That video shows a variation,  in which I find good enough reason to explore further.

Note...  I don't see any advantage to using neos rather than ceramics in the V gate variation design.

     peace out


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Re: Real looking magnet motor with good explanations.
« Reply #16 on: June 23, 2020, 07:27:24 AM »
The second video (V gate) does not use force balancing in the way I initially thought it might.
The motion of the second magnet (external to the wheel) at the bottom of the device, is not connected to the motion of the top magnet  (external to the wheel).


The bottom magnet engages the V configuration (from within the V). 

This inclines me to believe that both, the left and the right sides of the V configuration are presenting a same and single magnetic polarity.  i.e.  all magnet faces (both sides of the V) have the same magnetic pole facing up.

This would then necessitate that the top (bar / external) magnet is actually two magnets, and that both ends are of the top bar have the same magnetic polarity.  Its poles / fields engage the V configured magnets primarily from the out side of the V.

I think that I may have seen this video / configuration before.  Without some kind of magnetic force neutralization, I conclude that the device #2, should get stuck in the classic sticky spot.



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Re: Real looking magnet motor with good explanations.
« Reply #17 on: June 23, 2020, 07:45:46 AM »
A freeze frame of the over balanced wheel, will reveal that it is never over balanced, but is instead always balanced.

best wishes
  keep researching, Keep learning !

Offline ayeaye

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Re: Real looking magnet motor with good explanations.
« Reply #18 on: June 23, 2020, 03:52:57 PM »
Overbalanced wheel is overbalanced, and as such it seems that it should work. But people forget some principles of mechanics. When these weights fall, their rotation causes the big wheel to rotate in the opposite direction, which means slowing it down.

Asking whether it's overunity or not, it was a joke, sorry if no one understood.

Offline marcosbk

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Re: Real looking magnet motor with good explanations.
« Reply #19 on: June 23, 2020, 06:30:32 PM »
hi ,sorry for disturbing in here, my separate post is waiting on approval since Friday,here is the msg

is known the procedure to create electrical power by moving a coil through magnetic field or a magnetic field through coil, as dc generators or alternators.
all known or better said used procedures requires a mechanical work from which we calculate system efficiency.
what if we provide a moving magnetic field without using mechanical work?
will there be something that will not suffice?
to me, the theory looks fine,according to present electricity laws.
pleased to hear .
rgds to all


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Re: Real looking magnet motor with good explanations.
« Reply #20 on: June 24, 2020, 06:10:14 PM »
                                           Continuously self adjusting balance wheel.

Seeing for one's self if it works or not, is to know with certainty, that it
works or does not work.

Seeing for ones self,  also opens up of a possibility of understanding why
it works or doesn't work.

To SAY that it doesn't work, is not the same as knowing for certain that
it doesn't work.
Knowing for certain that it doesn't work, is not the same as knowing WHY
it doesn't work.

                                 The reason why it doesn't "work".

      The net balance, left and right of center comes to zero during the rotation.
          Otherwise the device would stop rotating almost immediately, except
         that it would first oscillate (like a pendulum) for a some amount of time.
                                        The wheel eventually stops rotating.
                  If the rotational position of the wheel, at which point its rotation stops,
                  is used as the starting position of the wheel, the wheel doesn't self start.

                             Energy must be input into the device to start the rotation. 
                        This is accomplished by a manual rotating of the wheel into its
                                                        "starting position".
                                    One lifts a portion of the weight in the bottles.
                                           That input, unbalances the wheel.

                  Even though these kinds of devices are commonly referred to as
                       "over balancing wheels", they are in fact self adjusting, such
                      THAT BALANCE IS MAINTAINED, throughout the rotation.
                  EXCEPTION... There are waves bouncing to and fro in the bottles
                                         (In English  the fluid is sloshing about)

                                             The force of the leverage....
              which is a combination of weight and its distance laterally, from the center
               of rotation, is constantly shifting within each bottle during the rotation
                                                        of the wheel. 

                         The force of the leverage which is left of the center of rotation
                                                                   is equal to
                         the force of the leverage which is right of the center of rotation
                                            at all times during the wheel's rotation
                            except when first starting the wheel, by an initial / manual
                                                       unbalancing of the wheel

                                           Initially it is unbalanced, then it is balanced.
                        Although though the fluid is always shifting within the bottles left of
                          center, it is also always shifting within the bottles, right of center.

                      If such a device is well constructed,  i.e. the bottles are very nearly
                       identical in their spacing around the rim,  the bottle weight is the
                      same for each bottle and the bearings have very low friction, then
                           momentum can carry the rotation for long periods of time.

My opinion is based on observation and reasoning.  Its not in alignment with the common description of the device as an "over balance wheel". 

But also my opinion is not just another "safe bet" / low risk / repetition of rote "learning". 
Its not just a another cheap shot. 
If I take a chance I may gain an understanding. 
Otherwise what ?  I can instead regurgitate factoids, while actually understanding very little ? 
If I stick to the factoids, it makes me almost always right.

              There is some similarity in the 1st magnet / wheel device to the gravity wheel device.
                                          The question remaining of the magnet device ....
                     Is there some degree of magnetic force neutralization realized in that device ? 
                         Perhaps between a combination of the back and front faces of the rotating
                                          magnets in relationship to the flipping magnet.

                     I could be wrong though.