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Author Topic: 29.April.2020 poste Criste  (Read 4332 times)

Offline lancaIV

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Re: 29.April.2020 poste Criste
« Reply #30 on: May 23, 2020, 11:45:26 AM »

Le Surwatteur

The resonant motor-generator circuit

Keiichiro Asaoka

For understanding :

step up or step down

Anton jun Wallner

So wird aus z.B. 220V 5 A des Generators 1, z.B. 220 V 30 A für den Motor 5.,

So e.g. 220V 5 A of generator 1, e.g. 220 V 30 A for the motor 5.,

Beside gen-sets total AC generator or DC generator to DC/AC inverter coupled generator-set - output optimizing

inverter quality ?

comparison Wallner trafo and Imris generator ,pro/cons :

combustion car to electric vehicle conversion

or or

Less battery or capacitor capacity needed !

With brake energy recuperation and  limitless land vehicles range engines + AC-generator + Anton jun Wallner transformer + hydrogen or Arakelian fuel

Gigadron:The few simple sat engine parts & low cost machining inspired Michael to invent the ‘Gigadron Hydraulic Motor / Pump a super powerful prime mover planet change invention, supplanting IC & turbo jet engines, being 1/35th their size, weight & cost for same power output, 10 fold fuel efficient, reducing global warming and polution by 90%. Gigadrons are safe – don’t explode or scald. Gigadrons start a new era of safe, silent, VTOL Airliners – vertical ascent or descent on a surface area the size of a football pitch.

Anton jun Wallner transformer with primary capacitive windings,with permanent magnets,cooled,in vacuum chamber ?

As portable Ozkan/Wallner set ,for camping,caravaning,sustainable development :

entering the google searchmachine with : reinhardt turbine hydrogen

                                 Transititon ?
                                Hydrogen + fuel(syn-?) mix like Arakelian [size=78%]

                                Flexibility ?

                    Hydrogen or NH3(ammoniak)  production costs ?

It is USD 0.095/kg H2 being practically free, with 44 kg CO2 exhaust can be profitably utilized as in industry (e.g. for axalic acid production) as in agriculture for plants feeding.

                                             CO2-  Re-Cycling
CO2 :

Beginning to search and reach unlimited "limits"
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Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Re: 29.April.2020 poste Criste
« Reply #30 on: May 23, 2020, 11:45:26 AM »

Offline lancaIV

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Re: 29.April.2020 poste Criste
« Reply #31 on: May 23, 2020, 02:39:12 PM »
Electric motor as drive x         converter with AC-generator output

x Anton jun Wallner transformer
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Offline lancaIV

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Re: 29.April.2020 poste Criste
« Reply #32 on: May 26, 2020, 12:48:47 PM »
"inrush current,inrush current period,inrush current factor/nominal current"
Thomson,Lord Kelvin spring/condenser or capacitor analogon
Why and when transformer and/or rotoverter(motor -generator couple shall become equal capacitor ?
Treating the "inrush current time" like one "pulse time" and applying this as "repeating inrush force process" as
Pulse genrator,rotative or mechanical motionless .

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Re: 29.April.2020 poste Criste
« Reply #32 on: May 26, 2020, 12:48:47 PM »
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Offline lancaIV

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Re: 29.April.2020 poste Criste
« Reply #33 on: May 27, 2020, 01:43:18 PM »
From periodic available energy to permanent available energy to "on demand"-exactly: no more and no less -energy conversion and use ,
- to the deepest possible investment,for the material/kit (diy-montage)up to ready to use "at cost price without any profit margin" up to conventional 500% technical "Trademark"-margin,average,more tha 3500% for example Phillips laser ea. at the shop for CD-laser-reader ,1€ pure production costs

First value indicator : Kg ware/Euro/s or Dollar/s ( international,Canadian,HongKong,Singapore,U.S.,...)

Home depot/"Baumarkt": industrial " no name/merchant mark" production ware

price orientation included IVA/tax = 5 Euros/Kg for gen-sets(ic-engine + generator) 
                                                                 or heat pumps( compressor + motor)

alibaba/aliexpress fob factory  :        5 Euros/Kg for e-bike/trike/quads/cars       

     by "scratch" reuse,refurbished machine,new production ware

-non rare material on Earth (price speculation risc,Monopol(e)

-relyable,by own conventional industrial production machine use experience knowledge
( Incl. Monday/Friday production output concern ::) )
-easy to re-/assemble

-warranty-able (technical,biological health )

-modular and by digitizer/3d scanner easy replacement parts by 3d metal/plastics/wood/glass printer reproduceable up to nonstop RERRAP non profit GNU society

I.B.M. : this company which - by a stupid contract : only 200 computers in need  ::) I.B.M.-s expert prevision - as mental accident made MICROSFT BIG(GER than BIG "MOTHER" BLUE) their slogan in ACTIVE PROGRESS :

1. Look gobal,wok local to "Look global,think and decide,work the decision out local= " small local "globe" 8)

Using 100% free available academical/ industrial "herrenlos/ownerfree" ex-property and digitizing industrial parts in use and reproduction,
about material : spectral analyzer !

Open global industry !

Because the international credit system is fixed by conditions f.e. "allgemeine Niederst-/Wertprinzip" the jovoto 300 US$ house "geopolymer" project is by costs to compare with "the ultimate building system" and the sandbag-"Ecobeam"-construction technology for "Niedersts-/Niedrigst"- avail !

1 US $ per square foot costs : floor area or shelter surface aea ?

Can the use from the now more than 50 years old Dow Chemical 3-d-dome printer by bio-foam use becoming the total construction costs cheaper ?

 TARGET : 1 international Euro/per day living costs FIXUM,as example Herrman Gmeiner's SOS-Kinderdorf their sustainable development costs per capita ( list about expenses would be helpfull,kcal per day,sqm living area )and much more other similar social worldwide helping GNOs !
 SOCIAL S.O.S.-Kinderdorf global "villages" costs per capita comparison ~ COM(M)ERCIAL Big Mac-Index !

Offline lancaIV

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Re: 29.April.2020 poste Criste
« Reply #34 on: May 28, 2020, 10:11:28 AM »
Selection,Triade : 70 " kinderdorf"-child costs are equal 1x client Pflegestufe2-old people-care cost in Germany

1x 1 patient Zolensma therapy costs about 2,1 Mio. Euros are equal 360 "kinderdorf"-childs up to the 16th year care !

From ethical = social view the multilateral decision is easy !

Sane childs are death-far = future investment,old people are death-near = desinvestment,no credit !

"Old " today : over 45 years age ! = Senex-Society,self-serving=autonom living organisation need

Senex-care-robotics development ! Or 100% by their biological relatives ! No estatal concern !
            No estatal interest to care unproductivity ! Was never,is not,will be never !

90% living costs decrease as demand : self-serving,DIY !

Physical consume decrease -80% x economical price/cost decrease -80% = ≥ -90% next years target !

To read : in the 60' in Germany the wheat/bread price content 66%,now the ratio 4% !
With the bread-backing-machine "going back to the 60' for future conditioning"
1972,Otto Stein,"Die Zukunft der Technik" : 1 KWh electricity costs "Bruchteil eines P(f)ennigs(~ 0,5 €-cent) " !

"bad Euro": base by credit ,Notes

"good Euro" : 100 Euro-cent coins cash

Euro-cents stocks/-shares
Robotics-costs-Stundensatz : ≤ 1 Euro,brutto ! Maximal-Stunden-Fixum ! Leistungsqualitaet-Vergleich !
   AKKORD-LEISTUNGS-GESELLSCHAFT ! Abbau 50% leistungsloser Arbeitsplaetze,Leistungsplatz-Share !
2/3 Abbau ueberfluessiger staatlicher Verwaltungsstellen,Abruestung uerteuerter und unnuetzer Industrietechnik !

Frei nach Otto Schilly: unnuetze Parasiten ueber 45 Lebensalter - Titel-/Rang-/Namens- neutral, in die Wueste pferchen ! Dort in Konzentrationslager wieder sich in die Leistungsgesellschaft zurueckfinden !
Kriminelle haben keine "Buerger(Soziale Gesetzesbuecher: einst paragraphiert als " kommunistische Manifest")                                   
                                          Rechte : in dubio non pro et non contra reo

Price/cost/value measurement :
Walras-law and C.A.v. Weizsaecker " eternal tax law" :
King-Davenant( the gold/silver-petro-Dollar/Euro-bushel wheat - fixation/ratio)Pareto -pyramidal viewpoint "max to min" or "min to max"Liebig : das Gesetz des kleinsten NennersDawn-Yates: max-optimum-medium-pessimum-minimum
I see over a town and give this town buildings the classical new construction price valueI look for the average buildings ageBuildings are " emotional hardware",cause this I use " progressive amortization"Buildings new price by international comparison calculated with 250 Euros x 64 sqm for 4 capita average=               16000 Euros x 20 years amortization quote :  -75% ( 4 x7%,6x 5% ,6x 2% and 4 x 1,25%)           =    4000 Euros economical building part value as official " book value"
Used buildings : credit- basis of assessment 60% ergo 2400 Euros the house/ apartment base value
Because over centuries cyclical prices alternation experience and knowledge :
2400 Euros x 0,6 Prime rate maximal credit lease potential ,subprime +20% more = 80% of 2400 Euros by higher risc tax payment
Prime rate credit value 2400 x 0,6 = 1440 Euros/64 sqm = 22,5 Euros per sqm living area
Subprime rate credit value : 2400 x 0,8 = 1920 Euros/64 sqm = 30 Euros per sqm living area
10% over-offer means 30% price-drop : 2400 Euros x 0,7 = 1680 Euros market value !
20% over-offer means 80% price-drop : 2400 Euros x 0,2 = 480 Euros market value !

In Germany 45 sqm per capita offer   essential need 8 sqm ,socio-cultural 16 sqm :1 - (16/45) = up to 65 % over-offer 

The property owner will pay in future to get his building habitated : negative price/rent !

Town/communities are today structural overdebted,by financial credits and the "hidden debt: pension/reform-titles/interests",this neutralize the terrain/plot value = zero property value
"Positive economy= paying for use estates" and "negative economy= getting pay for use  estates" !
Soziale Gesetzesbuecher und Ahndung von Vergehen :Betrug = Vortaeuschung falscher Tatsachen
Schwerer Betrug: organisierte Taeuschung falscher Tatsachen " " im Amt : DisziplinarverfahrenStrafmasz : Minimum Haftstrafe,schwerer Betrug : Zuchthaus : Justizvollzugsanstalt + Arbeitslager bei dementsprechender Minimalleistung
Verjaehrungfrist : 30 + 3 Jahre ~ ≥ eine Bio-Generation
Die "Alten" in die " justiz-pflegerische Obhut" der "Jungen" uebergeben, dabei beachtend :"Wir sind im Krieg" -Deklaration,wobei schwere Vergehen nunmehr  mit der  Todesstrafe geahndet wird !
Orthodox leben und orthodox handeln ! Grenzenarm,Verfassungs-konform !
Arbeit/Leisung :Motivation/-Staerke
Physiologischephysikalische Erfassung/Messung :
human unprofduktiv basis 100%, motiv+votiv produktiv 1000%
Fallbeispiel : Carl Gustav Jung,Tschechische "Mariendorf"-Experiment
Physik-analog: Richard Fradella Generator outpt 1000 RPM = 1000 Watt produzierend/generierend

                                                                                         500 RPM =  125 Watt generierend/generierend

                                                                                         100 RPM =       1 Watt produierend/generierend
Nicht koerperliche Anwesenheit,nicht Arbeitszeit sondern Leistungsnachweis in Stueckzahl als
" Gleicher Lohn fuer gleiche Leistung"-Praemisse

Gilt ebenso Gewerkschaft-s-intern !
Diese werden ebenfalls digitalisiert !
NW= Cyberworld ,frei von Altfleisch !
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Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Re: 29.April.2020 poste Criste
« Reply #34 on: May 28, 2020, 10:11:28 AM »
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