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Author Topic: Electronegativity spintronics  (Read 4211 times)


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Electronegativity spintronics
« on: June 19, 2020, 02:57:13 AM »
I've hesitated posting or experimenting with this myself because of how powerful it is. I've seen it in action and its a gamechanger technology. I've learned from the best and these are the secrets they dont want you to know.

The positive terminal of a battery with electronegativity such as AA or a single lead-acid cell is a source of an electronegative current. To conduct this, the connection to copper wire (single strand 21 or lower gauge) must be soldered with Lead or Europium across the positive rail of the circuit. The wire may also be submerged in acid or a lemon as the source.  The negative terminal of the battery is not connected unless using a transistor. In this fashion, the battery will power without discharging.

The source of negative current (electrons) can include a capacitor, diodes in parallel, or earth ground. The electronegative current (positive) will draw electrons through a negative terminal or earth ground.

Circuits for free electricity from a battery without an earth ground have been designed. It may be a simple as soldering the positive terminal of a diode to the positive terminal of the battery. The negative terminal of the diode is then the source of electrons, used in parallel with a capacitor and load. Soldering the battery to a terminal of the capacitor will charge it with electronegativity.

In a further advanced circuit, the electronegative connection is soldered to the collector of an NPN transistor. The emitter is connected to the negative terminal of the battery with a switch. One option is to solder a capacitor to the positive rail and connect the other end to the base of the transistor and have the load in parallel.

Its very important to never use coiled (cylindical) capacitors for this because of the wideband field it will generate. Its extremely important that NO parts contain aluminum, such as aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Also galvanized metal (steel) must be as minimal as possible. File it down on any leads or housing. clear diodes and small transistors are free of steel housing.

In place of a capacitor can be an ungalvanized iron nail soldered to the positive terminal of the battery and fitted inside a copper tube. 3 diodes with 1 flipped and all soldered together is another powerful possibility I call the diode vortex. A small piece of 9999 Silver can be soldered to the battery terminals for extra free electronegativity and electricity. If using the copper pipe, the silver can make contact with the pipe. If using the diode vortex, silver is not used.

Its up to you to experiment with these strategies
to start the free energy revolution now.

More diagrams coming.


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Re: Electronegativity spintronics
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2020, 05:18:22 PM »
I've learned from the best and these are the secrets they dont want you to know.

To conduct this, the connection to copper wire (single strand 21 or lower gauge) must be soldered with Lead or Europium across the positive rail of the circuit.

Its up to you to experiment with these strategies to start the free energy revolution now.

If the best do not want me to know these secrets, I really do not want to know.

To solder Europium must be fun because it spontaneously ignites at 180° C.

I do not want to start the free energy revolution and definitely not now.

Do not spin the spintronics, the best will come to you at night, which will be the worst.

It is very positive that your photo was not oversized! That is how to beat negativity.

Greetings, Conrad


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Re: Electronegativity spintronics
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2020, 12:48:01 AM »
To solder Europium must be fun because it spontaneously ignites at 180°
This is obviously important to note. Lead is highly recommend in these experiments. Europium does have a benefit but it's not needed for overunity.


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Re: Electronegativity spintronics
« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2020, 08:44:58 AM »
I'm PRETTY SURE that to "send" energy you would connect the negative not the positive...
And that to receive you might indeed want to focus on the positive side to pull in the "soft electron/space electron/aetherized electron/orgone".

Is lead solder okay even if it has additives, or should it be just lead?

Also, I don't think you can't have the other side of the battery connected, you just want to imbalance it with extra batteries with just one side connected, you want to "bias" the spin influence.

I have found this to work at making a tangible energy, but I haven't tried soldiering to see if it enhances it.

I note the Edwin Grey circuit has two batteries with the negatives tied together and the positives split, perhaps this is because that half sends and the conversion tube is connected to the positive recieves.


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Re: Electronegativity spintronics
« Reply #4 on: June 21, 2020, 11:40:15 PM »
I'm PRETTY SURE that to "send" energy you would connect the negative not the positive...
And that to receive you might indeed want to focus on the positive side to pull in the "soft electron/space electron/aetherized electron/orgone".

Is lead solder okay even if it has additives, or should it be just lead?

I note the Edwin Grey circuit has two batteries with the negatives tied together and the positives split, perhaps this is because that half sends and the conversion tube is connected to the positive recieves.

The energy from the battery is being used as a receiver of electricity.

"The first demonstration proved that Gray uses a totally different form of electrical current — a powerful, but “cold” form of the energy.

A 6-volt car battery rested on a table. Lead wires ran from the battery to a series of capacitors which are the key to Gray’s discovery."

The key here is Lead. Lead solder will also give results but keep the contacts tight together. I don't see the need to "split the positive." Many battery cells can be used in parallel to add to the current. Essentially everything in the circuit is connected in parallel. This is because current is favored over voltage. I recommend all components are rated 2v or less. Ideally 1 capacitor is used and it does not need to be soldered to the load because it's being powered by free energy. Everything should be close together and the positive rail shouldn't be too long. The capacitor is soldered directly to the transistor or diode for best results. And the leads should be cut less than 1cm. When an iron core inductor is fed high current low voltage electricity similar to Gray's experiment, it will exert force. If sustained, it will levitate.

Also I've discovered a flat spiral coil with the center soldered to a AA battery for example, will cause a container of ferrofluid to spin around it. This can be used to make a motor by placing a waterwheel style turbine inside. The other end of the coil is not connected, this would cause wideband interference. A cylindrical coil around the container is also an option.


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Re: Electronegativity spintronics
« Reply #5 on: June 22, 2020, 02:44:23 AM »
Well my point is you are "splitting (off) the negative"?

Which is to say you have the positive attached to the circuit more than the negative (if it is attached at all)

Grey split the positive, where he tied two negatives together.

Either way, ignoring the polarity difference (which I can understand I think) it's just the point that having an imbalance, a bias is beneficial.

So, should  be melting down fishing sinkers, or should I just you lead solder, or better yet lead wires?


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Re: Electronegativity spintronics
« Reply #6 on: June 24, 2020, 11:26:00 AM »
It is really interesting to me that you mention spiral coils causing wideband interference.

I had correlated many claims and I came to the conclusion that Pancake coils among other multi diameter things caused wideband interference and was key to the effects in those cases.

I think in many ways we are on the same wavelength, I had connected one pole of batteries to circuits and found an obvious effect, I just selected the negativ epole because it made the energy I could tangibly feel pouring out feel much nicer.

Wideband energies (both in terms if frequency, but also wideband in the sense of energy and element types) are key to impressing a more solid and dense aetheric energy!   And many paranormal phenomena begin with EMF meters going crazy.

So even though I have not yet verified your claims, I do want to give them a try and I am sure that there is something to some of it.

Putting a lead wire into some acid seems pretty simplistic!
I was thinking that using lead solider wire, dipping it in Acid (what about Alkaline?) and then hooking that up to a radio type tank circuit, see if that increases the energy.

So if using the wire in acid, does the wire have to be lead, or can it be Copper?
Can I use Lead solider that in only part lead but contains other typical elements?

I should share some of my discoveries with you, but, first I will try yours.

UPDATE:  Ok, so I found I had a roll of Solder that was 40% Lead 60% Tin, while I don't have 100% Lead solder wire to compare it to, I tried dipping a small coil of this wire in either Acetic acid 5% (white vinegar) or water, or water and a dishwasher Tablet (to make it Alkaline).
I found that the water did nothing to speak of, but both the Acid and Alkaline wires had a solid energy flowing which I can feel (sensitive to such energies due to much exposure).

I found that if I twisted Copper wire to join it to the Lead wire the energy didn't convey well, and I wasn't in the mood to try and solider it.
I also tried an all Copper wire dipped in, well i have no idea if it will work to encourage Free Energy, but this felt as strong as the all lead wire.

This surprised me, twisted joins "normally" convey such energies well but not in this case.
I would like to try and get some all lead solider unless you say that doesn't matter?

I had in the past tried putting wire in Vinegar and Alkaline liquids, it doesn't surprise me that dipping wire in such a liquid has some energetic effects, indeed I was already convinced of that, but I didn't know that Slider is helpful, albeit I have't verified that yet, but the result with the twist makes me realize a twist isn't good enough for this type of energy, I have in the past found energies which don't convey via twists.

I guess I'm about to solider and see if it enhances results...

UPDATE 2: Well, I gave soldering a try, I wasn't sure how hard it would be so solider lead solider wire to Copper, I made a bead of Solider and, well pretty easy, barely an inconvenience, just feed the Copper, and then the Solider wire into it just before it cools.

So, yes this confirms to me Silverdigger is the genuine article, he isn't speaking out of a hole in his head and anyone who wants results should get into following his advice, I can't say that all of what he says seems likely or reasonable, but too much of it checks out to be lucky guesses IMO.

UPDATE 3: I have just Soldiered 3 Diodes together and connected as shown in your diagram, well, I'm not sue what is expected to happen electrically yet (haven't tested)  but, I did try it and I can feel a a vortex, not necessarily an impressive one, but clear all the same (I generate very intense fields routinely, very tangible).

So while all this verification only exists in terms of subjective sensation, it all checks out.

UPDATE 4: Ok, so I screwed up, I accidentally soldiered the diodes to the unsoldiered set of Lead/copper wire, so correcting that made the field from the diodes much more impressive, though still not up to my current standard, but maybe 30 times stronger/larger so a good improvement.

UPDATE 5: Ok, so, I didn't expect it to work, and I am not using 21 AWG wire but smaller (roughly .5mm dia) but I soldered a resistor into the circuit with the diodes, and then soldered that to ground, not sure if this is how the circuit is meant to be used, well, no DC voltage across the resistor, didn't look for AC.

Anyway this made me thing that maybe rather than just use this one battery, it should be used as I have suggested before, as a means to bias a conventional circuit, well, that is simply because I have difficulties with imagining one wire conduction of DC, I mean, I know it's possible when the aether is being freaky, but...  it's not easy to achieve in my experience, but Silverdigger, please show us such working.

Anyway, here is what I am proposing in the image now attached below.


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Re: Electronegativity spintronics
« Reply #7 on: June 25, 2020, 03:16:19 AM »
So, I tried soldiering a 1 oz Silver coin between the acid dunked (40%) Lead wire and the Copper wire, and sure enough the Silver brought a strong increase in tangible aetheric energy.

Clearly Silverdigger has witnessed someone of real accomplishment work.
While the language can differ, to me it is aetheric currents, so Silverdigger it is spintronics and electronegativity, but the phenomena is the same, just the labels differ.

There is a current which isn't electron based, that isn't mere electric fields at work (or else soldiering wouldn't be needed).

I would ask Silverdigger to divulge all he can, I also would ask him to explain what he has done himself .vs witnessed.
It is clear to me that there is a real basis, but that just making it as shown without getting some details right won't work to produce Free Energy, maybe enough instructions have been given.

So, what can Silverdigger assure is reliable, that he has personally done and sure he can coach others to reproduce, he has my attention, even if I'm the only one.


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Re: Electronegativity spintronics
« Reply #8 on: June 25, 2020, 10:04:01 PM »
I'm currently not able to do any experiments of my own. That's why I felt the need to post my ideas.  When I was experimenting, I didn't have lead but plumbing solder of tin and silver.  I soldered a ceramic film capacitor and a 9999 silver electrode to a copper wire and stuck the end of the wire in a 🍋 lemon.  I could feel the torsion fields from this but it went wrong when some lemon juice dripped on the silver and the silver melted. This is because high purity silver exposed to acid causes nuclear reactions. The electronegativity of acid draws electrons into the atoms, converting them to protons and neutrons. The remaining silver amplifies energies including neutron flux. I almost got in a lot of trouble for doing this. I felt a tremendous amount of energy pleasantly overwhelm my body like I just took a bath in lemon juice, until lemon juice dripped on the silver again and with the silver pointed at my thumb. My thumb spasmed and was injuried for several months. These reactions are temperature dependent according to Dr. Joe Champion's phonon resonance formula. I also got a shock from exposing silver to the plasma of a flame. This generates a high voltage with little resistance and can interfere with nearby electronics.
Anyway I should be posting this in my silver topic.

Copper wire exposed to acid works just fine and lead/tin solder should work too for the connections. If I get a chance to continue my experiments I will acquire lead or lead based solder but for now it's up to you.

The concept of splitting the positive and negative is very interesting but is separate. An experiment combining the ideas would be very interesting. When using multiple batteries in parallel it's optional to connect all the negatives together or to earth ground but not to the circuit. I noticed in Gray's circuits the positives use a switch. The only switch that will conduct this current would be a mercury switch. Mercury can also be used as the source.

Wideband coils are not necessary and the one used in the ferrofluid motor was only 5 or 6 winds insulated 12 AWG.


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Re: Electronegativity spintronics
« Reply #9 on: June 26, 2020, 12:50:46 AM »
Excuse the interuption Had noticed an old friend here and long time open source researcher  .
good to read you here and helping too ... !:'} ...hope all is well .
with gratitude [to OP Silverdigger here also]
Chet K


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Re: Electronegativity spintronics
« Reply #10 on: June 28, 2020, 01:51:01 PM »
I had been wanting to say Hi to you too!
Sent you a PM.
Hope you are good!

Edit:  Okay, so I hope Silverdigger doesn't mind me hijacking his thread a bit, at least it's sorta keeping it alive.

So I have been studying this fringe alt-sci technology since the mid 90's, I came, reluctantly to the conclusion that there was some aetheric substance the devices were effecting, or a field effect, but not any normal field, a field of altered space, altered quantum space or, something.

I spent a freaking long time, 17 years, ok, I got some weird things that occured, but really close to nothing until I made an unusual coil which I could feel emit a tangible energy, a fluid without touching it. The more i exposed myself to this energy, the more I felt of it, and this helped me experiment with ways of manifesting this energy.

So, I went on to find hundreds of ways to affect this field, this aether, this subtle energy, whatever language you want, Spintronics is as good as any other, it's influence of something that is not matter or recognized electromagnetism.

While I am happy to share those techniques, which include shapes and numbers, what I want to discuss here isn't ways to affect the aether, but rather what i consider to be "vital components" to manifesting a notable effect!

Most of this is based on correlation, the idea is the more principles you include, the greater the odds are of getting success!
At this time I don't have a guaranteed recipe for success, but odds of success can be raised immensly.

#1  Asymmetric/biasing physical influence.   Aetheric energy can be affected by shapes, numbers, all sorts of things, and these principles can be embodied in different mediums.  However while you can engage the aether with different materials and energies, the effects you get will tend to be related to the materials and energies involved.   So if you want electromagnetic type effects, you start it off with some electromagnetic input!
But, the other part to that is that the aether must be imbalanced by the conventional energy you add, if you influence it equally in this direction as that, just as much positive as negative, just as much north as south, then you won't have a net electromagnetic effect on the aether.
Look at T.T Brown, he made highly Asymmetrical Capacitors to create a net influence on space (the aether), and this resulted in a fields that shields EM!
This also relates to the image I posted, I found that any "dipole" creates two invisible and un-noticed currents that flow in opposite directions, when these currents are equal and opposite they have no net affect on other energies, and so they don't entrain other energies in their flow, but if you bias a dipole with one side of a second Dipole of the same type, then the first Dipole becomes imbalanced and this sets up a flow that affects other energies.
Note that Tesla's DC periodic discharges match this asymmetrical criteria.
While Asymmetry and bias is good, in the balance between two stress fields (think the Bloch wall in a magnet) there is a point of balance where aetheric energy is less stressed, it will move freely in this zone, just pointing out that just because Asymmetry might be needed, doesn't mean that balance doesn't have it's place, and they can be used together.

#2 Gaps, I am sure that a gap in a circuit, be it magnetic, electric or purely aetheric is a good thing.   There are a number of things gaps can do, they can release and absorb energy, so they are an inlet and outlet, also they are accompany most any switching, and switching is critical as aetheric energies are pulled in when resistance to them increases, so gaps and switching are strongly correlated with success, I also think that gas, if kept narrow can be sort of like doorways, not just into circuits, but maybe doorways to other dimensions, just a hunch.  So might very small dimensions of particles (or anything), below 15nm.
Also when gaps release both conventional and aetheric energy together, and then these energies are re-absorbed by the components, the energies become mixed, conditioned I believe.

#3 Sound (and maybe rotation and certain reciprocal motions) can throw very dense aetheric energy off via the movement of matter.
Again Asymmetry would help or more likely be critical, ultrasound is good (and has been key in some Free Energy devies, MRA and Dan A. Davidson's ripoff patent) but it is also used in cultivating powerful effects with human energy, it was used by Keely of course.
It could be that some motors, generators, or even solid state devices gained an effect from vibrations created.
Also the ancients used sound to demo antigravity, and likely part of how they made Rock soft which Keely replicated.
Also motion rectifiers, some of which clearly work, they create weird aetheric effects (has been reported) and they work with asymmetric physical motions.
Consider too Succession performed in the making of homeopathic remedies, these has been shown to work, and to cause a liquid crystallization effect on water, but the point is that the aetheric energy is moved out of the substance by impacting the bottle as hard as possible without breaking it with a unidirectional thump.

Also, this is a good example of something that might be a hidden variable, it's easy to have something vibrating, but it's also easy not to have it occur, or to have that vibration be too balanced.   So a replication can easily fail if this isn't understood.

Really, we all need to be on the lookout for details that are possibly important but missed by reproduction attempts, because the whole nature of this field is that there are subtle but important details people are missing!

#4 Ions in the air, there are certain type of aetheric energy that are so subtle I can't feel them generally, but that when they pass through a cloud of ions, they become "really noticeable".
Or, if they move through a hole in charged metal (Think Swiss ML or Gray Tube)...
Or if they pass through a transparent material with an electronegativity, or electropositivity (there was a device which used various layers of such materials, with an asymmetrically powered imbalanced) magnetron which created an energy that could move trough Faraday cages and somehow turn off electronics.
This also seems to be the basis of Grebenikov's bugs wing microstructures.

But Ions in the air do other things besides, which brings me to the next one...

#5  Turns out, it's often not the device but what's around it, there is something to be said for Ozone in some cases, but and white smoke or mystfog can help...  As can a glowing plasma...
Basically, the air should have a lot of energy in it, that means EMF, so many Free Energy devices have works will, but has microwaves (Kipper motor), or powerful nearby radio-stations (many, but Tesla switch demo comes to mind), or a room full of EM equipment (Hutchison Effect) or power substations nearby.
This even applies to a friend who has had some success but had both ham radio going and
Now, you might think this means the device is acting like an energy vampire and it's just that when the air around the device is energetically dense, aetheric energy flows through the device better, and with better qualities.
It's NOT a zero sum game, just look at the effects Hutchison got.
This is a HUGE HUGE component to all of this, you want the air to has light, EM (noise over lots of the spectrum), UV, ions, Ozone.
Any time anything Paranormal happens people get EM noise over the whole spectrum.

This is an effect I have proven to be very powerful.
It is also an easily missed component, if the device doesn't create the conditions but relies on the environment to supply the energetic environment.

#6  High Frequency, there are various reasons.

#7  Iron, I have collected SO MANY cases of invisibility or dematerialization (more cases than you would guess) and ALL had iron as a major component!
Also, I have collected evidence that multiple metals is a powerful key to Free Energy, consider both Stubblefield with his Iron and Copper bifilar coil buried in the earth running to a spark gap bulb where he said an non-electrical energy burned within, and Louis Rota, who has big bars of various metals in parallel buried and running to a arc lamp where a non-electrical energy burned.
Then Tesla had a Tri-metal generator, and some Diagrams of Moray's device shows a think Silver bar in parallel to lead bar (hmmm, very much going along with Silverdigger's claims).
Well, there are LOTS indeed I was able to find very few cases where I couldn't keep some support for the idea that multiple metals were a possibly critical key to getting Free Energy.

#8  Two magnetic poles in repulsion, well this can create as I explained in point #1 above where Dipoles are imbalanced, you can create something that acts like a magnetic monopole current!
Interestingly there is a huge correlation where devices have one pole of a magnet feeding into a circuit, or have current move along magnetic lines, when this is done electrons in these circuits (depending on their directions) are either aided or opposed by the magnetic field.
There seems to be too much evidence that under the right conditions, electrons, or something we presumes are electrons can behave also like magnetic monopoles, and then be motivated by magnets.   There is really too much evidence for this not to be the case, it's happened too many times.
So Magnetic Monopoles, and Parallel E and B fields/currents.

#9 POWER!  There seems to be a need for these devices to have high power, but this doesn't always need to be what might be termed active power.
There are a number of ways to create a voltage gradient or hill, up and down which current must pass through, in one part the electrons must overcome an opposing EMF, and later they get a helpful EMF, it sums to zero around the circuit, but the effect is still real, there is a very high degree of energy exchange going on.
Consider for instance we have a magnet on a rotor, and it passes by an electromagnet, as it approaches the magnet it might be say attracting, this will induce in the coil a voltage which opposes the applied current, then as the magnet pulls away the electromagnet will have voltage induced into it, over time this nets to zero, but we can see each half of the exchange.
Now consider if we replace the electromagnet with a permanent magnet, as the magnet attracts in the permanent magnet MUST be experiencing an EMF that tries to extract energy from the microscopic spins, and when it pulls away against it MUST be experiencing a regain of energy int he spins.
And yet we could have other magnets and coils such that there is no net force on the rotor.
This kind of thing is what I am talking about, look at the Tesla Switch, you have batteries in opposition, one is being charged and one is being discharged, the effect of the two batteries nets to zero in effect, but large amounts of energy are being moved.
A Tank circuit is a very different example of this.
Or, replace the two batteries with two oppositely charged caps in series, pass an AC current, one cap is charged and is now being charged more, which the other cap is being discharged, their voltages are (initially) equal and opposite having no net effect, but there is massive energy being gained and lost.
Or, consider a Tesla coil wound with a bifilar coil, pass 10 amps through the secondary and produce say 100kv, so we have 100kv * 10A or 1MW in each half of the bifilar, half gaining 1MW and half lowing 1MW at any time.

This has a real effect on the aether, especially if there is aetheric energy mixed in with the electrical, this can seriously up the aetheric energy input, and it's mixing with electrical energy.

#10 Ok, so, this will go against what Silverdigger said, but, maybe not really go against, but it is an observation that spiral coils are high bandwidth devices, this is what cause him to dislike Electrolytic caps, thing is he might have a strong point, there are different types of aetheric circuits, if you use a high bandwidth component then it's suitable for creating the dense energetic environment I mentioned, but that kind of energy can also shut-down flow of aetheric flows.
It's more suited to the kind of energy that might surround certain type of circuits.
There are many many devices that use either cones, spiral coils, or something else which expands the bandwidth.

See, you can create an aetheric energy with a very narrow frequency or quality range.  It won't move anything other than other energies of that range.
But, you can also create a wide range of energy, with things like noisy antenna or earth antenna where there is electromagnetic noise, and, complex aetheric signals, also spark gaps, also multiple metals, well that described Stubblefield and Rota again.
This creates a dense aetheric energy with a wide range, thing is if you have multiple close frequencies it begins to pull on intermediate values between them.
So, say you have a frequency of 20,000 hz, and 20,020 hz then you will entrain energies between those frequencies as well.

See aether is the medium of space, if you can pull enough of it, then you are making a vortex of space time, a vortex that will effect everything!
But, there is also truth in the reverse to all of this too!  That is that in other parts you want to filter out noise and have pure signals, so it depends on the detaisl of the approach, maybe both are useful in the same device, but different parts.

#11 This one is hard to explain...  Basically, aetheric energies can be recorded, or stored in "memory" of a device a number of ways.
This is a lot better if you can have some component that produces continuous changes, endless novelty so there are constantly changing energy patterns to store.
So, first up, what is storing or memory? There are two different types which we could compare with RAM and ROM.
So one is the aetheric energies that are recorded when something is materially altered, this can happen with insulation cooking or metal oxidizing, with electrolytics, with scratching, or physical switches.  The best example is the claim about the guy welding a Pyramid and it levitating, each bit of weld recorded energy, that energy was moved around by the Pyramid and then more welding recording more energy, this leads to a compounding effect.
This is also an effect that rewards people with success after trying to get Free Energy with the same equipment for AGES which can't be easily replicated by someone who tries to copy the end result.

The other type of memory is mostly energy in a close circuit going around and around endlessly, this is like automatic memory, no changes need to be made.
Now, the other part as I explained is variation you want endless novelty, each change adds something new, ok, this is going to sound far out, but there are these clearly genuine voodoo demo's they do in Africa, they make these cones, 3 rings of different sizes made with reeds, and some uprights holding it together, then they put these grass to cover it, to make it spin and levitate they shake it, this is creating constant novelty as the grass is never in the same config twice.

So this can make it advantageous  to make a circuit a bit extra complex, think of say the Hendershot transformer with all of those resonant coils at different frequencies.
Think of Searl (whatever you might think of him, there have been two successful replications) with the multiple concentric layers of rotating rollers, each moment they are in a new position relative to the other rings.  This is constant novelty, how many times must these go around before everything ends up in the same position again?

#12 Each energy adds something, chemical, magnetic, electric, nuclear, thermal, EM/light, HV... Each element, each frequency, centrifugal force, vacuum, x-rays, UV, electroplating, sound...
Each energy conveys a different aetheric energy quality when employed in a way compatible with aetheric functioning.   Also, crossing or mixing in unusual ways energies, having as 90 degrees what would normally be parallel, or having parallel what would normally be at 90 degrees.

#13 These numbers are important as are elements with this many protons:  6, 12, 20, 42, 56, 72 and 16 & 32 and 48
These will build up energy (if encouraged correctly), the first set is multiplication of two adjacent numbers 2x3, 3x4, 4x5 etc...  And 48 is similar but it's multiplication of two adjacent even numbers 4x6.

#14 Maybe not for Free Energy, but when 3 lines come together a magnetic field is sometime manifested, been claims many times by many unrelated researchers and other claims, this also tends to leads to a conical aether vortex as Dan A. Davidson reports.

#15 Crystal, not often obviously a part of Free Energy, but they are a form of energetic "memory" also.

#16 Metal powder, especially if very tiny or of multiple sizes, also dielectric materials in just a form when correctly stimulated can do interesting things.
This nonlinear substance (which is sort of like Soil) resists aether flow creating turbulence and release of energy, also if not careful stagnation, balance is required.

#17 This one is hard to explain, but, you can make a totally NONSENSE equation, you can calculate the speed of light, or some other values (really anything) into a device, you can abuse logic and rules of math even and still if you create a connection between one thing and another you can get "aetheric) energy from that!
This is flaky sounding I know, but you can do it knowingly, skeptically, it still works, you could do Bruce Cathie like stuff...
I know people who have unwittingly done this and got material results.
Basically what you are doing is providing soe direction, a suggestion for how energy should couple from one system to another, you can use math, or, honestly you can do it other ways too, you just need to represent (maybe print it up) how you expect energy to function and it will, you want it to resonate from the ionosphere because of a resonant length that is divided by 10 x number of times, sure, you want to resonate from the microscopic up, you can, you want to use golden ratio, Pi, Phi, really use whatever you like, the energy can do that it just needs the direction to start!

I know this sounds really crazy and it's not where I spend much time, but it's a very real and incredibly powerful effect.
If you have too many jumps between one physical thing and another (say you mutliply something by Phi they Pi/2 then e then divide by 10) it might require a bit of a "kick" to get things really started, but if you provide the intermediate steps physically initially, then you can keep such a thing going.
Consider also Searl's silly square thing, that is an example of this, and so is Walter Russel's  numbers he attaches to his harmonic periodic table chart, seriously I have assigned arbitrary numbers to elements where each one was x8 the previous element and the energy from just manifesting that was actually dangerously powerful and affected other people's health and I had to address it!

#18 The way a wire is twisted matters, if you have a mix of left and right handed twists i the same circuit you will cause a conflict of energy polarities, yes Keshe claimed this but I discovered that long before he mentioned it, back in 2012.
Also, bending the ends back on wires, I discovered that too before he went public with that, these simple details can have a real impact on aetheric energy.

#19 Transfer between different parts of a circuit.
One of the things aetheric energy can do is create straight line thread like connections between things.
This is assuredly a part of how some devices manifest free energy, energy couples on a direct line between one part and another.
An easy way to create such a connection is to momentarily connect two points with a length of wire.
Hendershot did this to start  his device, I discovered the effect independently then realized he did the same.
To make this work well it helps if the wire has strong vibrations going through it, setting that up is beyond the cope of this overview.

So, I have discovered MANY ways of affecting the aether, but these are the one which seems to relate very directly to getting material results.

I have never tested more than a few of these principles at a time yet, I haven't really tested some of them at a material level, I just know they work from more subtle experimentation and correlation.

#20, compression, or concentric design components which increases aetheric pressure.

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Re: Electronegativity spintronics
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Magnetic poles are not a source of electronegativity. Although all dipoles can be thought of as gateways to energy, this is a very specific form of energy. Care must be taken when extracting electricity from such circuit because electronegativity will react to every electronic component and wave in the circuit. For this reason, using electronegativity to spin iron and turn a generator is advised. Also I have reasons to believe that electronegativity fed into an electrolytic cell is very efficient to generate hydrogen gas as well as nuclear transmutations. Electrons must be prevented from reaching the battery/electronegativity source as it may cause such reactions and drain the battery.

Keep it simple. This is a concept that doesn't play well with others. Its powerful enough alone. The reason not to use cylindrical capacitors is they will also cause wideband interference.
Lead/tin solder works but causes bad harmonics. I can't stress enough to keep it low voltage. This is because you do not want this energy travelling far beyond your circuit. Voltage is amplitute and the size of the electrons.

Both ends of an inductor may be soldered together to transmit energy. Inductors and other components in these cicuits generate torsion fields. Hence the name I've given, Spintronics.