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Title: Magnetron as a HV diode tube
Post by: Thaelin on June 15, 2020, 04:07:35 PM
   Seeking out a hv diode tube, found on Wiki that if the magnetic field is removed, it performs as a plain diode. Many nowadays are rated in the 1000 to 1500 watt area.
   Will this in fact work? New life for an old thing.

Title: Re: Magnetron as a HV diode tube
Post by: aether22 on June 16, 2020, 12:49:18 AM
Easy enough to try out!

No shortage of dead or unwanted old microwaves, lots of other neat gear in them.

Just be careful of the Beryllium in the Magnetron, , if you scrape it, it could lead to Berylliosis of the lungs.

I had a discussion once with someone, I was arguing that most successful alt/weird science experiments which are successful have some form of extreme energy intensity or amount, and they countered with some examples that were exceptions, but all involved Vacuum tubes.

Vacuum tubes have at lowish voltages, extreme effects, x-ray production for example.

So, Vacuum tubes might be a great way to achieve extraordinary results with less extreme engineering.

Oh, the other exception is devices which take a long time to build up a field or effect, the effect builds up over time.

Here are examples...

High KW of power in the device or the nearby environment, real power or circulating (like a tank circuit, flywheel, or magnet cogging, pushing and pulling, moving energy w
UV, RF, Incandesence, spark gap...
Sharp impulses

The Newman machine is a good example, lots and lots and lots of turns, a huge magnet, sharp impulses with mechanical commutation, this all contributes.

I know someone who achieved temporary self-running success (no battery, just powering itself) and they thought that a minimum of 100W bulb was needed, but it also had a high VA autotransformer in the design.
Also the guy is a ham radio Enthusiast, there is a lot of correlation between success with Free Energy near large sources of EMF.

It's NOT that the energy is being stolen from the EMF, it is the electrical impression on the aether that is needed.

Sweet used a huge and powerful device to condition his magnets according to one report, so large it bowed the floor of the trailer he kept it in.

Title: Re: Magnetron as a HV diode tube
Post by: thx1138 on July 16, 2020, 01:47:06 AM
Search "mercury high voltage diode". Mercury has some interesting properties. This may be higher voltage/current/power than you were looking for.