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 O.U. Magnet force shielding 1
« Reply #35 on: August 30, 2021, 09:45:58 PM »

The construction i've sketched should also work ?

A bar magnet should be equivalent to a stack of single magnets.
I have some magnets 100x25x3 mm, and round bar magnets 60x12 mm (or 10 maybe).
I also have a amsll slider with steel balls, which requires almost no force to move.

Maybe i can build something from this...


--- Quote from: floodrod on February 12, 2022, 06:16:02 PM ---Thank You for opening this up Floor. 

I just wanted to give this link which displays the question a little clearer than the video linked in the post you snipped.


--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: floodrod on February 12, 2022, 08:29:20 PM ---"Can the speed of magnetic field changes be out ran,  if not directly in the fields, then
within, for example, an iron core / at a molecular level? "

I think the experiment I repeated again last night relates to this. Feel free to delete this if it is off topic.

I clamped 2 iron core transformers with 1 open side (electromagnets) together tightly.  then I flipped polarities of 1 transformer at timed intervals as I measured output to load. I also unclamped them and held a magnet over the electromagnet in stages to physically feel the effects.

I did roughly 50 tests from 1 microsecond between flips to 1 second between flips.

With the power supply set the exact same for all tests, as the flips got real quick, the input wattage went down drastically. When between around  5-30 milliseconds between flips, holding the magnet over the electromagnet results in a slight vibration that is almost undetectable. But also the input power goes down to hundredths of a watt, as opposed to 12 watts when flipping slowly.

I must say though I am unsure if any of my measurements were even close to accurate, because I was watching input power as displayed on my power supply, and I do not think there is any degree of accuracy when changing that quickly.

One thing is for sure though,  the flipping magnetic  fields are greatly reduced the quicker the flippining.  If this is happening because the input wattage drops, effects from the iron core, or because of a nulling of the fields from speed, I am not sure.

But if interested, I can probably get a video of all this if anyone's interested

--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: Floor on February 13, 2022, 12:03:43 AM ---As before, and of course, how you might best / next proceed is up to you.

For me / others to get maximum benefit from your work...

Document all the rpms and
all of the inputs and outputs,
under several conditions

Write them down.

Do this systematically / follow some order of proceeding
that will make it the easiest way for to you to communicate and
for others to understand what each measurement is of and
what are the conditions under which that measurement was taken.

This can give both, you and we the readers a degree of clarity that otherwise
might never otherwise arise / may be not at all.

i.e. follow it through / finish it out.

I think you are correct.  This demonstrates that speed will affect both the energy input
and the        energy transferred       in a pretty clear way. 

Meet as high a degree of precision as your set up can deliver and I believe it will serve
as at the very least a proof of concept.

             If I am understanding your direction at this point...
i.e. quickness of interactions between physical objects interacting through magnetic fields might give rise to something which is     in effect    a kind of magnetic shielding ?

nice builds, good videos, cool concept..

 best wishes

--- End quote ---


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