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I apologize. I am trying to understand how to remove posts. Do I copy the post and place them in here and you automatically go delete them? Last couple posts in my magnet assisted thread is very full of links and search links and all wrong language. Hides all the content. Any more explanation as to what I am supposed to do to properly remove is appreciated.

This process is new and not at all well tested.

1. Open two copies of your browser.
2. Login to O.U.
3. in your topic   there     quote the entire post you wish to remove.
4. highlight it and then cut it (controll x).
5 switch to the other browser and navigate   here  to the dust bin.
6. click on    reply    below the latest post in the dust bin.
7 paste the quote (controll v).

Good ordering in regard to which is attached to what does not matter here.

The whole affair is a courtesy any way / for the record kind of thing
and its is all your own call.

8. Post in your topic.  Floor please delete messages x, y. z...
                         example this very message is
Floor please delete messaage

                                        Moving Attached files

1. Go to O.U.. com  / login
2. Start a reply in the "Floors dust bin"
3. Open a second browser and goto O.U..com  (you are already loged in)
4 Navigate to the Jpg. or png. or so on... that you want to copy, right click on
that file and select copy.
5.Switch to the other browser that is looking in the "Floors dust bin"
6. Below attach: click browse
7. Right click then select paste.
8. Change the name of the file you just pasted, else it has only a file type or extension.
                                  So ...  Right click on it then select rename.
9. left click on the renamed file to highlight it.
10. Left click on "open"

11. Post in your topic,  "Floor please delete messages x, y. z..."

             Again, the whole affair of moving a post, is a courtesy any way / for the record
             kind of thing and its is all your own call. 


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