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Silver as a superconductor

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Silver as a superconductor


I recently acquired electrodes of 9999 silver for use in colloidal silver generators. I found it to amplify current wherever it's placed in a circuit, for example, as a lead to the battery. It is many thousands times more conductive than pure copper, meaning that pure silver is a room temperature superconductor. Do not touch the silver with bare hands as any acids will cause reactions that will poison it. Do not bend or wind silver wire, it may interfere with nearby electronics. this is not a ploy to sell silver. this is dangerous and powerful stuff. buy some silver electrodes of high purity and experiment with low voltage circuits. I will be posting more about the applications of this in the near future.

Here is a method to tangibly feel the pleasant effect of electronegativity. A silver and a copper wire are Lead soldered to a capacitor. The other end of the copper wire is inserted into a citrus fruit. 🍋 Care is taken not to get any juice or body oils on the silver. Electricity can be drawn from the capacitor.  The capacitor should be low voltage and only one terminal is Lead soldered. Wire should be thick single strand.

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