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Author Topic: Ernie (aka ION, Vortex (Vince), SherlockHolmes) will be deeply missed.  (Read 1996 times)


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Member Vortex1 here passed away yesterday ,he was my mentor and friend. [mentor to many others too]
Poynt wrote some words ...



I received the sad news this morning, that yesterday morning, Ernie passed away peacefully in his sleep at home. Ernie had been battling cancer for about 5 years. It seems they did not give Ernie long to live after his diagnosis, but thanks to his strength and will, he carried on until yesterday.

It is an extremely sad day for us at OUR and the OU community as a whole. I feel very deeply sad for his partner Nina, who I am sure right now is wondering if she is in a nightmare or reality.

Many of you know ION as one of the most senior people on this forum, and also when he frequented OU. His knowledge and background in general electronics and audio is legendary, and his dedication to the OU community admirable.

I first met Ernie on OU many years ago (2006?) when many of us were feverishly working on Steven Mark's TPU. Lindsay will certainly remember that time, and also Ernie's handle at that time (Vortex). Ernie and I also had a connection through our love of audio, guitar, guitar amps and effects. We shared many beliefs in general, and I found him to be a wonderful mentor on many topics. I had a deep respect for him, as I'm sure many of you did also.

One talent Ernie had and shared was writing, and some of you may know and remember his story thread called "The Strange Case of the Turbo Light". He loved Sherlock Holmes and wrote this story under the pseudonym "SherlockHolmes". Sadly, only one post remains on OU, but I have the complete story which I will post here in this thread as an homage to "SherlockHolmes". Ernie offered to co-jointly finish the story with my assistance, but I humbly turned down the offer. I didn't want to dilute his style and storyline, and thought it better that SherlockHolmes himself complete it. I don't think it ever was completed, but what is there still remains a gem.

I may write more thoughts on Ernie with time, but wanted to get this to you now. Please offer your stories, thoughts on Ernie as well!
Ernie (aka ION, Vortex (Vince), SherlockHolmes) will be deeply missed.

PS Pic of Ernie circa 2009 concert and Link to his SherlockHolmes writings


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Thanks to Chet and Darren to have posted this..Too bad he has passed away... would have liked to met him...

Too bad we have so many anonymous users here, so we never have really our life.
When these flamewars come up, it is sadly mostly due to the communication via typing only..
I guess it is time now for the new Bittube.Space where we can hang out in video conferences and have a Live chat from p2p stylefrom
Browser to Browser directly , fully encrypted, not hackable, even not with Wireshark,  with not going through a server as the middlemen, so you have 100 % privacy and nobody can listen in...
Rest in Peace Ernie !
Regards, Stefan.


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I don't have the opportunity to meet Ernie personally, and even after we had some more heated disputes, my respect and my feelings are with all his friends and family.

Best rewards to all Family and Friends


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Sorry to hear about losing Ernie, my condolences to his partner, to his relatives and friends.

I had some personal messages with him during the years and he was friendly and respectful, with huge technical background knowledge and a down-to-earth way of thinking.

May he rest in piece.