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My Friends,

I started Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy back in January 2015. It was a success and Partnered Output Coils is now part of every serious Experiment today!

While some struggle, others report great success.

The biggest problem we had was, we could have done the release and Introduction with several hundred less pages on Stefan's Forum! Far too many trouble makers! Yes I could have handled myself a little better, but when one gets Attacked all the time, one tends to get a little defensive.

We Introduce: Partnered Output Coils - Builders Group

Chet ( Ramset ) and I are the moderators. There will be opposition, there will be some that don't like being moderated, we will be fair, we will only moderate what we need to! We aim to keep the Trouble makers out and the Motivation High!

No one is twisting your Arm, you join in and participate if you want to! This is your Choice! If your not participating, then please refrain from posting. We want those that have experience posting and all here to help each other.

   1: Off Topic Posts will be deleted!
   2: Posts containing Harassment will be deleted!
   3: Slanderous Posts will be deleted!

I urge all interested parties, Gear Up, we are gonna break new ground! I will do the best I can to help others here! My Team must always come first however, but I am serious, I want every human being on the planet to have the opportunity to learn something amazing and simple!

   1: Input Coil - 10% Duty Cycle starting at about 3 Volts into 25 turns 1.2mm Wire.
   2: Secondary Coil - 70 - 200 Turns 0.8mm wire - Opposes the Primary, use the Right Hand Grip Rule.
   3: Tertiary Coil - 70 - 200 Turns 0.8mm wire - Opposes the Secondary Coil, Assists the Primary Coil, use the Right Hand Grip Rule.

Make sure you have nice clean switching on your Input Coil. You need a Voltage Source that you can turn up, this is important to see the effects.

I have coined a term: Delayed Conduction, I have many hundreds of very detailed articles on my Forum: http://www.aboveunity.com, please use the pages there for reference! Please use: Builders Guide to Aboveunity Machines for extra help!

Remember: Greater than 90% of the time, your Input is Off, this means your Output should be Off, there is no way for your Output to be On is there - Well yes, this is where Science has no proper explanation for whats occurring! One of many gaping holes in Electromagnetics! Let me tell you something very important:

   1: The Change in Magnetic Field Creates a Voltage!
   2: The Opposition of Magnetic Fields Pumps Current!
   3: The term Magnetic Fields is Interchangeable with Current, as a Current is the same thing / Creates a Magnetic Field!

Your Coils must be Loaded at all times, or this will not work! It is advantageous to think: Action, Reaction and Counter-Reaction!

We have a Historical Record to support Asymmetrical Regauging, as long as one can get the Potential, Voltage sufficiently high enough: I = V / R, then your machines will produce: Above Unity Results!

Don Smith:


The MEG Team:



--- Quote from: tinman on June 19, 2015, 01:15:52 AM ---
It would seem that a bucking coil arrangement dose indeed add energy to a system. My test over the years have shown this to be true,but all my devices that use this arrangement are mechanical--E.G-,motors,generators.


--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: tinman on June 25, 2015, 02:25:39 PM ---
What-you mean like the below scope shot's?
First scope shot before the diode.
Second scope shot after the diode,and large cap removed.

EDIT: Below, see Before and after Diode.

--- End quote ---

Graham Gunderson:


I have done a video series, to try to explain Partnered Output Coils, the effects, what to look for, how to solve problems and how to make the Coils Act and React together in an advantageous way!

   1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUemDvugl4I
   2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LtTerstCxU
   3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWlLiiIyUOw
   4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5RoEnmDrR4
   5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTr6dxD61uw
   6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFIgo7pj9bY
   7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKFo4dOW4UU
   8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUaLp0E2L3s
   9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs_e_aU5loc
   10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdwNiaEuUrg
   11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRduG2PNIgk

The Sawtooth Wave Form is the defining Energy "Generation" Waveform! Please, always keep this in mind! Think in terms of Energy "Generation"!

You need to think in terms of Symmetry vs Asymmetry! A Symmetrical System can Never Go Above Unity! Your System needs to be Asymmetrical, this is a requirement to be able to "Generate" excess energy beyond the Unity Boundary! Its worth Bench-Marking your machine in Transformer mode, making sure you have around 80% Efficiency at least. Then anything above the 80% mark you can verify, has entered the System beyond the Benchmark value!

As I have shown for many years, Partnered Output Coils must oppose, must Buck each other, there is a specific Polarity to this and the polarity needs to be right. Then you need to focus on the "Generation" Phase, and maximise that phase, remember: I = V / R, Ohms Law. Keep in the back of your head, nearly all the Energy "Generation" Phase is done when your Input is OFF! Thus the short Duty Cycle.

NOTE: Your Machine Pumps Current for almost 100% of the Cycle, but your Input is only on around 10%, or less, so > 90% of the Cycle, you have Energy Output, Energy Output when your Input is OFF, this is significant!

If you only take one thing from what I have posted, please take the following sentence:

Its all just an Understanding, think Asymmetry, forget Symmetry. The Magic happens when you break Symmetry! Action, Reaction and Counter-Reaction!

I hope we get a good response from everyone! Good intentions bring forth Good Intentions, but also brings not so good Intentions, thus why we will Moderate. Please think twice before posting.

Please Remember: This is a Builders Group, if you are not building, then if you can make sure you only post useful, serious discussion, you think that would be helpful for others!

I would like to personally Invite Tinman to join us, that is if he wishes.

Best wishes, stay safe and well,
   Chris Sykes

O boy.
I was just trying to respond to your comment.
Dear Friend EMJunkie
When you mentioned video translation of  Akula ... made by me
and also another one  restricted to view I was puzzled with my own comment from 2013 about resonance in resonance.
some history:
At first Stefanov( Stephanov) was trying to attract me with his not self powered device and due to lack of my interest he
decided to go to international show to Hamburg Germany.
While in Germany he  went across German Investor.
Shortly after that  news about  Akula self powered  device  were more attractive to the Investor and conflicting with  Stefanov plans.
Stefanov decided to visit  Akula and traveled from Russia to Kazakhstan.
Tiger from Kazakhstan was hired by Stefanov   to examine Akula's device .
Tiger was my close friend at that time.
In the meantime  Akula visited  Riga Latvia to make deal with the same Russian of Chocolate Factory owners who
made deal ( 32000 euro) with Tariel Kapanadze in 2010.
The same Russians were responsible for poisoning me and Tariel in 2011 in the airplane from Prague to Tbilisi.
Tariel eat 2 spoon as he was heavily drunk . He was unconscious for 3 days.
I was lucky to vomit by force.
I decided to  don't go to authorities - Tariel device was more important to me.
Russian bosses from  Moscow were disappointed, 
American was alive.

In  Riga Latvia Akula's device didn't work, but device of Ruslan from Riga Latvia was working fine.
Than Akula  went to Germany  and his device didn't work  there as well.
He called Tiger for help.
Tiger went to Germany.
But that didn't help .
Akula is said to be dead now.

Interesting is that  wen you mentioned the Akula's restricted video that is in Russian only 
I realized that you must speak  Russian.
I have learned  Russian here in USA while employing Russian Scientists lazy enough  or to  limited so much
that  I had no other  choice but  find more about all of that Russian Russia and its science.
Today I'm so fluent that I can  fly with it.
I was very disappointed finding  all of the BS. ,dirt, ignorance to scientific  values
and to all of other values ....(if I could find any not yet altered, bend, deformed values  left there.)
I may be wrong but for me  it is  just the biggest mafia style reality  ever created in modern  World.
Can you  explain to me what your knowledge of Russian comes from?

My original question was :
What the energy in your self powered devices  comes from?

I was not satisfied with your answer quoting me myself from 2013.
as my comment about resonance in resonance was  quoted by you without the link attached.

 In contrast to  you and your activity  I have no problem as of today to explain energy  origination
and energy conversion in Tariel Kapanadze  devices.
Tariel was lucky as well not being  poisoned sufficiently well by these  particular Russians.

To make  my position clear:I want  you to know that I'm not against  you.
I have respect to you and every other Human being on this planet based on general rules of humanity value
despite their race, region, language,sexual or religious .. "whatsoever.."

But  having respect  to them doesn't mean that I like all of them and/or  I want to interact with them.
In my videos I explained how energy is converted and used  based on Dr Corum and Viziv  patents/ experiments  analysis.
You didn't clearly  formulate  convincing  mechanism   of energy transfer.conversion and extraction.
No overunity  exist so with all due respect please  provide sufficient logical explanation


Wesley with respect, and i'm sorry to but in, but I'm  not at all sure DR Curum's  info is just his definition of what he want;s to know.

However Mr Tesla and Mr Morey told us that not all electricity travels at the same speed ie different metals were wound on transformers
to achieve accelerated electron flow and in-pulse technology can also also produce longitudinal pressure waves that have accelerated
electron flow.

So if Tesla and Morey say and used accelerated electron devices why should we believe Dr Corum's hypothesis to be done and dusted ?

Therefor if it's possible to accelerate electron or ion flow then the extra energy wouldn't come from any where it would already be there and available.

Regards AG


--- Quote from: AlienGrey on September 28, 2020, 01:30:24 AM ---Wesley with respect, and i'm sorry to but in, but I'm  not at all sure DR Curum's  info is just his definition of what he want;s to know.

However Mr Tesla and Mr Morey told us that not all electricity travels at the same speed ie different metals were wound on transformers
to achieve accelerated electron flow and in-pulse technology can also also produce longitudinal pressure waves that have accelerated
electron flow.

So if Tesla and Morey say and used accelerated electron devices why should we believe Dr Corum's hypothesis to be done and dusted ?

Regards AG

--- End quote ---

Hey AG,

Wesley has no idea what he is talking about!

A Free Electron, in Atomic Orbit, outer orbital, at rest in respect to the length of the Wire, yet we need 6.24 x 1018 Electrons / Second, past Terminal T1, to equal One Ampere, we know, acceleration is related to Mass and Force, we know: Force (N) = mass (kg) × acceleration (m/s²), we can use this equation, and rearrange: acceleration (m/s²) = Force (N) / mass (kg), to work out the Acceleration required, so this proves, some rant on with a bunch of total non-sense!

What is the Weight of One Ampere? Mass in Kg's: 0.00000000000568425534144 Kg's

The Electron MUST be Accelerated, Pumped!

Tesla said: Kinetic Energy, Not Static!

Akula: Correct
Wesley: Wrong

--- Quote ---

this is another the latest video of Akula as of today 10-16-2013.More about construction and tuning.He utilizes resonance in resonance phenomena his device  reacts as a pump, creating difference potential to the ground. While ground is trying to balance the difference the pump differential - load is being powered constantly and is  dissipating energy that is   induced in output coil. Output coil is inductively coupled to the differential pump circuit/

начало!  Роман Карноухов

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Don Smith 1998 Office Interview Part 3 @3: 30" link="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPvRWevd9V0 ---

Ah, the devices I have invented, which there are a number of them, they all, ah, actually, accelerate Electrons. They're Electron Accelerators.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Floyd Sweet link=""http://www.hyiq.org/Downloads/Letter%20to%20Mark%20from%20Sparky.pdf ---

The current and voltage initiating fields are in such a direction to either accelerate or decelerate the rate of flow of charges depending on the applied polarity and voltage amplitudes.

As polarity may be maintained constant, that polarity of acceleration should be chosen so charges move at faster rates, lowering copper duty factor, at the same time opening the gates wider so more coherent field entities may enter for the conversion process.

It’s obvious, we have a self-regulation machine whose inherent conservation to the nth degree.

--- End quote ---

As you point out:

--- Quote from: T. H. Moray" link="http://www.free-energy-info.com/P26.pdf ---

An electrical generator is, in the true sense, not a generator, as it does not create electrical energy. Electricity is not made by the generator, it is merely pumped.

From that standpoint, an electric generator might be referred to as an electric pump and the Moray radiant energy device as a high-speed electron oscillating device.

--- End quote ---

Worth studding Einstein's Mass Energy Equivalence for more info.

Some people, you just cant tell! They already know better! That's why I am wasting my time here!

The self-proclaimed Hero's have greater knowledge than everyone else already!

It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other.

Best wishes, stay safe and well in these Dire Times,
   Chris Sykes



He has failed!

The most simple experiment, he has not listened to CaptainLoz and his recommendations, missed entirely the most important information! WHY??? WHY??? WHY???

Damn, Itsu is a good experimenter, but he misses all the important information! Damn Man! This is a common theme, did the same when I was trying to help him, ignored the information I was trying to provide, just ignored it completely!

What did CaptainLoz show you in the videos? Why are you missing ALL Of that stuff? Its important stuff!

List of Problems:

   1: Load is not sufficient: 6V 0.6 Watt again, listening to GuessaWatt and not realising, Loads in Parallel like I have already shown are important! GuessaWatt has No Idea what he is talking about!
   2: He has no idea the Length of his Coils!
   3: Waveform is not even close!
   4: More comments about total non topic related content than important stuff!
   5: He has less than a basic Transformer Efficiency, indicating Polarity is wrong!
   6: They cant seem to grasp this is a Magnetic Field Related Machine, not Electric Field, they are going about this entirely wrong!
   7: They are investigating 1 Ohm and 10 Ohm resistors in Circuit, introducing massive Circuit Impedance! Something we have warned against!
   8: You need a Specific Current to make this work! di/dt Magnetic Field!
   9: They just are not following the very BASIC Rules laid out by Myself and CaptainLoz! Very disappointing indeed!

I told you! You can NOT Build these machines unless you gain the basic UNDERSTANDING First! Without this understanding, you are never going to be able to do it!

Study the meaning of the Words in this Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytI7T15zzok

This is SO SIMPLE, yet deliberately, the most important, already given, and documented, important points are MISSED! This is a MAGNETIC FIELD Transformer in Asymmetrical Configuration:


I predict, this information will go entirely missed, not a single bit will be utilised or incorporated!



The Input Coil Simulates Rotor Rotation. di/dt Time Rate of Change!

The Partnered Output Coils, are the Rotor Coil and Stator Coil, each Oppose! MUST Oppose! V = -N dphi/dt, or -N di/dt/dt, they are the same thing! You Need V, for I: V  / R = I with not enough Voltage, you have nothing!

You're a Smart Bloke, so please do this properly! Electromagnetic Induction 101. Partnered Output Coils must be in Resonance, Magnetic Resonance. Currents 180 Degrees Out of Phase!

This must be an Asymmetrical Process, Energy is gained over Time, it is in the Time Domain we see a Gain in Energy!

The Input Coil needs to be off at peak Voltage, then send Current back to your Source:

Please confirm you understand this simple analogy.

Best wishes, stay safe and well in these Dire Times,
   Chris Sykes

P.S: Sorry, I took offence to the other post, until I saw it was on the wrong thread. I have removed those posts.


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