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Author Topic: We Invented and Confirm Tested a Solid State Zero Point Energy Generator.  (Read 2030 times)


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We Invented and Confirm Tested a Solid State Zero Point Energy Generator.

Now that we have this thing finished, as well as the Prototype Development Using Engineering Software Calculator Program, Anyone have any ideas on where and how we can make some money from this thing?

This model zero point energy generator prototype was invented as the next logical step with the U.S Patent Office.

The energy output is 24 to 36+ times the energy input. The total wattage is determined by request of client, I will just put the requirements into the design program calculator software and it will create the final model.

Generators are Solid State and Modular, and are expected to run for over 100,000 years with little to no maintenance (according to the simulations), and I have run a prototype for over 5 years before.

2 of everything in the prototype generator can fail, and the generator will still function with nominal performance loss (Yes we can input requirements into the Design Program Calculator Software to replace the number 2 with any reasonable number).

FOR SERIOUS INQUIRIES: Prototype can be seen in person near Northwest suburbs of Chicago, less than 12 miles from FBI Headquarters and Military Compound out here.