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Author Topic: Rules for the new 2020 builder category  (Read 2257 times)


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Rules for the new 2020 builder category
« on: April 30, 2020, 09:28:35 PM »
sorry for the late reply, am still a bit busy, have to finish my taxreports from 2019 in a few days...but mid of May, I will again fullystart working on the site over here.
As I have  to still fully check out the new Wordpress based forum software I want to switch to,
I hope this will also then work out with it,
but I will find a solution for this also, as it has many options and is a paid forum software:
wpForo Forum
The most challenging job will be to convert the current forum to this new Wordpress bassed forum softwarewithout any hickups or loosing any data or pictures or files....
Back to the Rules:

Well, I can start a new board in this 2020 category for each builder and set this builder as the moderator,
so he will controll the whole board...

The builder needs to let me know, how I should name the board and I will set the board starter then as the moderator for this board...
So we will probably then have many new boards in this category...
Each board can also have many different Threads, but the Builder will also be the moderator in all these Threads of his remember this.Je has the power then to delete messages he does not like.If you want to critisize him in any aspect or find an error in his work, you should be friendly and let him know.if he does not like your critics and deletes it, you can only save your posting and then post it again into another board, where the builderhas no moderator rights  and discuss it over there.In this case I can not retrieve your critics postings, as it was already deleted, so better save your postings on your own harddisk, before you post it to the forumfor later retrival...
But I hope this will be all going in a good and friendly manner and people will not fall out over each other and don´t start name calling  and flame wars.

When I will have the new forum software running I will also build into the forum a donation feature for the builders and also for the guys who which to receiveTube Coin donations-
Check out the site with the Airtime extension and already join BitTube.Videofor our new Video storage site, where all creators and watchers will get paid in Tube crypto coins.
This is now a full decentral video platform from the
network and I will probably also run a video server in the future in the Peertube Fediverse.
Also we will soon have a Twitter competition in the form of Bittube.Social and a Live Videoconferencing platformas Bittube.Space
More about this later this month.
Also there will be soon Android Apps for all of this and also the site will be fully mobile friendly, soyou can use your mobile phone to fully use it...finally...
Regarding the donation feature I need to setup this manually for every user to verify the right codes and that this will not behacked...
So I need to apply a setup for this.As the new forum software also costs a yearly license I need to setup a donation button for the forum, so I can cover the cost for this...I also want to remove the banner ads for the user, who are members and donate, so they will have an adfree site.

Let me know your comments, please and post more ideas here.
Many thanks and I hope 2020 will be great year after all this Corona  "bullshit".
I hope Bill Gates gets convicted for all his satanic vaxxinations he did to all these poor Indian girls and all people who died of his toxic vaxxinations.
Regards, Stefan.


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Re: Rules for the new 2020 builder category
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2020, 09:51:17 PM »
P.S. The donation setup will work like this:

You need to pay a setup fee and then I will setup for you a footer for you, so that in every posting you will make you have an automatic footer where your contact adress and topic thread will be seen and donation adress, either in PayPal and/or Cryptomoney.So users can just click these links and send you some donations this way.As this will only be editable by me and no other other users, it will be pretty safe from hacking...and there will be no money stored hereon the site, but the donations will be going directly to your own PayPal or Tube crypto account. (So  to the hackers: So no need to hack this site..better use your energy to replicate the builder´s devices...
Many thanks.)
For the exact details I will have this worked out, when I will have the new Forum software running.

Regards, Stefan  (admin)