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Title: idea seen in an anime that i beleive could hold some merit
Post by: gigastorm123 on March 31, 2020, 05:01:14 AM
so inside the giant robot theres basicly this heart looking thing that generates powerful electric energy using a substance called BAGUME.i think bagume is an anagram for some kindof chemical composition. within the anime the substance bagume is a crystaline substance found naturally occuring unwater in one specific spot. basicly when its removed from water it becomes highly volotile and explodes in an electrical plasma manner. anyways theres this heart looking thing inside his chest, and when i was in an altered state of mind i drew a schematic of how his heart works. i wanna create a sortof think tank around this. ive become obsessed with tetsujin 28, specificly the 2004 remake thats set in post ww2 japan where tetsujin 28 is an unused relic from the final days of the war. i've included the diagram i drew as well as some screenshots of the heart thing, as well as an AMV showingthe heart thing itself. i knoew it might sound silly but i think this might be one of those, "truth hiding in plain site" in various fictional media kinda things, also japanese anime tends to do that a whole lot on a very broad spectrum of topics in their various media. hope this amounts to something cuz i have a feeling it could be relatively simple to replicate whatever kindof chemical reaction is taking place in tetsujin'ds heart. hope to hear from you guys!!!