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Author Topic: Possibility of Control of the Gravitational Mass by means of Extra-Low Frequenci  (Read 2038 times)

Offline alexlab79

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Hello everyone, 
 I just found an interesting article on anti-gravity that I would like to share with you. I do not know if the author is to be taken seriously. Thank you and sorry for my English, I speak French.

Possibility of Control of the Gravitational Mass by means of Extra-Low Frequencies Radiation
Fran De Aquino (Maranhao State University, Brazil)
(Submitted on 24 May 2000)According to the weak form of Einstein's general relativity equivalence principle, the gravitational and inertial masses are equivalent. However recent calculations (gr-qc/9910036) have revealed that they are correlated by an adimensional factor, which is equal to one in absence of radiation only. We have built an experimental system to check this unexpected theoretical result. It verifies the effects of the extra-low frequency (ELF) radiation on the gravitational mass of a body. We show that there is a direct correlation between the radiation absorbed by the body and its gravitational mass, independently of the inertial mass. This has fundamental consequences to Unified Field Theory and Quantum Cosmology.

Offline alexlab79

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very more advanced

Application filed by US Secretary of Navy

1. A craft using an inertial mass reduction device comprising:
an inner resonant cavity wall;
an outer resonant cavity wall, the inner resonant cavity wall and the outer resonant cavity wall forming a resonant cavity; and,
microwave emitters such that the microwave emitters create high frequency electromagnetic waves throughout the resonant cavity causing the outer resonant cavity wall to vibrate in an accelerated mode and create a local polarized vacuum outside the outer resonant cavity wall.