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Title: Cheap disc neodymium magnet
Post by: magnets on March 03, 2020, 08:39:20 AM
Disc Neodymium magnets are incredibly versatile, for use in commercial applications such as modular retail displays and POS stands to hold panels to a steel framework. These magnets can be easily fixed in place using adhesive or within drilled holes in wood or plastic for a discreet and clean magnetic fixing.
Disc Size: 12x10mm,100 pcs per package.
Durable and Smooth: It is Coated with Ni+Cu+Ni Triple Layer Coating ,copper and nickel to give superior corrosion resistance and provide a smooth and clean finish and own shiny surface,look like stainless steel.They can be used for a long time.
These tiny magnets (12mm×10mm) hiteboard or bulletin board. Also can be used for crafting, jewelry, lockers,refrigerators, even creat DIY magnets.
No Scratch: Superior Corrosion Resistance and Smooth and clean finish surface, won't leave a single scratch on it.Do not worry it might scratch the fridge or your new table.
Pull Force :7.149kg ,Great for all Home, Office, Craft, Science Projects and Product Manufacturing application.
Disc Neodymium magnets (