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Author Topic: Where to buy U-core ferrite material in germany  (Read 15906 times)


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Where to buy U-core ferrite material in germany
« on: August 10, 2005, 07:10:50 PM »
Hi, does anybody know which company sells ferrite u-cores in Germany to non-comercial persons?
The material will be used for replicating the MEG-experiement, so it should be large enough for reasonable handling. (6cm or more in diameter)

Yes, I used google already, but without success.


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Re: Where to buy U-core ferrite material in germany
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2005, 10:17:59 AM »

   I don't know of any German companies but if you want the core material described for the MEG replication I think you can buy it from one of the U.S., suppliers if you place your order before January 2006. The sales rep's., from both of the following companies told me that they are changing their policy then and will only be excepting orders for a minimum of 300 cores. Since both companies are changing their policies at the same exact time I wouldn't doubt it if the news of the HOPE Generator had somethng to do with the reason why. Some will call me nuts for saying that but if you knew the trouble I've had at every turn along the way you would think the same thing. My phone was even being blocked from making contact with international patent offices outside of the U.S., and this was verified by several long distance operators. All of the wire which I have paid for has been hijacked and has not reached my door. Anyway I hope you can obtain the core from the following contacts. Considering the interference I have been experincing lately though I sure can't promise you anything.
Cindy Clarke - (, at "Elna Magnetics" Toll Free 1-(800)-553-2870........  Sabrina - (, at "Eastern Components"
1-(800) 824-8596. BTW, I would not mention that you are planning to build anything other than a typical transformer.

Take care Gast and good luck.