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Author Topic: "Father" of the "Beetle" and " deutschen Volkswagen" : Josef Ganz  (Read 1162 times)

Offline lancaIV

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It is now time for a global " net zero energy electric Volkswagen" !
Max. budget calculation : 5000 Euros endconsumer price

Base without IC-engine :
3000 Euros

+ 2000 Euros endconsumer price ( also as "kit" ):
maximal 500 Euros the mechanical part
Material : ?

+ low consume electric motors 4x 100 Euros ( reference Schiller Motor)
+ A.

or B.

Maximal 1000 Euros ,3 KW continous output  (5 KW max.  electric motor inrush phase,  Inrush current limiter!)

As private/small commercial entity net zero energy gen-set :

The Michel Porquer transmision can become part of a gen-set, calculative conventional electric output 12 KW(with special generator up to 20/24 KW) and electric motor input between 2 KW down to 0,5 KW !

Electricity production price : 5% annual capital tax and 10 years amortization. : < 2 Euro-Cents/KWh
Investment-costs calculation by mass-production : 250 Euros/ KW ( generator/transmission/motors)

A billion transmission units market !
Electric cars : billion

Private households : billion
"Transmission gen-sets"-Energy Parcs : Multi-millions
Permanent producing or " on demand" : green-house-gas emission free

Electric cars transmission with shaft to generator coupling Option  !
During drive energy storage charge option :

                                  "Cum putere"/Computer integrated manufactoring
Porquer "Mosaics/Image" : 1.    Scan2C.A.D.          2.     C.A.D.2C.N.C.     3.   C.N.C.2 METAL3Dprinter

Anti-wear/friction treatment/coating :

Open source "Volksmotor" mit generativer Option, porque(r) non  ::);)

Is doch juut ,or not ? juut = platt-/ Nieder-Deutsch/German ( phonetic )for " good,well,gut"To differ " jud/jewish" !
Josef Ganz "Volkswagen"/ NSDAP-"Heroes" Henry Ford + Hitler/Porsche-Piech

10 Mio.  REICHSMARK in 2019- value ? Lease or "stolen" ?

Who owns today the VW-Konzern/-Trust. ? By strictly applied law about ownership ( legal to differ Eigentuemer/Besitzer) : not the Bundesland Niedersachsen, not the Families Porsche and Piech or the other share-holders; the greatest capital by leased credit-holder : EZB/ECB by constitued european Bank-Union
EZB : Bank with industry-department
SIEMENS: Industry with Bank-department; here also legal ownership : EZB
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Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Offline lancaIV

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Re: "Father" of the "Beetle" and " deutschen Volkswagen" : Josef Ganz
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2019, 02:36:37 PM »
Basic selling "list price " ( buying community:  gross selling up to 50% "list price margin " discount)

car weight :
1720 Kg - 70 Kg driver weight = net car weight 1650 Kg

30000 Euros( with "list price" margin discount : 15000 Euros)

30000 Euros/1650 Kg = 18 Euros/Kg "list price"
15000 Euros/1650 Kg =  9 Euros/Kg " gross selling" price

15000 Euros - 4000 Euros social "Autopraemie" = 11000 Euros

After first year used VW ID.3 e-car for under 10000 Euros !

Announced 2+2 electric car weigth : less than 600 Kg 
First Generation : 630-710 Kg weigth
 8000  Euros starting list price/? Kg car weigth

600 Kg x "german 9 Euros/Kg price level" = 5400 Euros/e-car
If in one of the eurasean estates a company build this"e-Loremo"  car in mass production for 5000 Euros " buying community" price - 4000 Euros Autopraemie = 1000 Euros endconsumer buying costs-  I would buy one. !

                   VERSPROCHEN. !  ;) :) ;D

The "peoples=Volks republik" sells their "peoples e-Loremo style car " in the 5000 Euros range :

With the new Trans-Eurasia-Express from China to Lisbon the european car buyer can get his car "fob train":

 1000 Euros net ( inclusive estate  rebatte/Rabatt/discount ) new electric car buying costs/price becomes real in the next years  ! Without doubts. !
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