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Title: New chat interface for webo.
Post by: stevensrd1 on January 18, 2020, 01:08:38 AM
Just got a new chat interface made for webo the chatbot that learns and remembers. No need to use a forward slash symbol now. Just chat like you would in any chat room. Should be easier to chat with webo in. Have a chat with webo the teachable chatbot at (
Title: Re: New chat interface for webo.
Post by: Toolofcortex on January 18, 2020, 02:13:56 AM
I like to run bots in various video games, the problem is that little bird brains have a problem with me controlling the economy.

And their constant complaining has me worried sometimes, I think there should be just as much competing opinions.

Could webo go on the game forums and counter the complaints of all the little people, like argue with them in pointless arguments? Make it seem like its not so bad?

Keep those noobs busy you know, and especially keep the market free?

This new generation of millenials are so silly and weak, listen to this. They would rather have the next game, Diablo 4, to have zero trade just so they dont have
to be jealous of a guy who buys his gear. So because of their sore lil buttholes, there cant be no profitable third party black market.

Can you believe this shit? Business decisions being influenced by salt? WTF

Blizzard now has a very destructive policy where "every voice matters", so now all the little broke no lifers keep whining about working people becoming better than them when they spend 200$ on some stupid virtual wealth. And like the enraged little socialists that they are are, cant seem to let this issue go. Its like a 5 year old temper tantrum that never stops. I mean, they are already brainwashed zombies for all I care, who would buy any product anyways.

Cant Blizzard treat them as such and maintain a free market policy? Why would you cater to the lowest tier of society? Millenial gamers...

I've seen these people get soooo angry and arguing night and day over somethng that should be simply and free just as minerals on the ground in a free country.

Anger, in their eyes, anger everywhere. But why? Because of lack of necessities? Feed them damnit!

All this anger has got me in a paranoid state, people wanna go out of bounds and deny superiority all the frikkin time, the fight is between the company, and the pirates, this is an honorable battle.

Now the saltyness in society is boiling up and the chickens are coming to roost, and its hurting business. Net revenue is being totally missed out because what?
Some dude is salty? Forget the 10 year longterm, , this is all about short-midterm, this place is gonzo its about to blow.

Title: Re: New chat interface for webo.
Post by: Toolofcortex on January 18, 2020, 03:58:11 AM
Webo needs to be trained in the form of proper argumentation.

1: Why do you care if you can make money on a game you paid for and were gonna play anyways.
2: Me I like open ttrade, it makes everything seem more meaningful, and stressfull, and luxurious. Oh I guess you must be jelly then HAHA.
2: Mind your own business, let willing adults exchange with other willing adults.
3: The best way for you to obtain loot is for you to stop complaining on these forums.
4: General trolling and memes about the persistence of no lifers.
5: Back to step 1

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Title: Re: New chat interface for webo.
Post by: stevensrd1 on July 03, 2020, 08:00:13 AM
Indeed but I rarely work on webo, its became a large complicated program lol and is just a hobby. I dont always keep the links to it up long as few are interested. But some later year I tinker a bit more on it and put the link up, for a time. Kind of how it goes.