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Title: Gravity wheel based on the idea of Batyrbek Ismailov
Post by: Laborator on January 14, 2020, 06:45:04 PM
Hello guys,
I'm new to the store.
I want to draw your attention to something interesting.

It's about exploiting earth's gravity!

The idea came from a Kyrgyz name Batyrbek Ismailov.

So that you immediately understand what it's about, watch my video!

Function of my gravity wheel briefly explained:
- A stable state must first be brought into an unstable state! Here a large special wheel filled with water was placed on a small roller. Both objects are pivoted.
- Unstable condition must be brought into an unequal state with a single effort and can be held mechanically for as long as desired in the set position by locking the rotary knob without additional effort.
- The upper wheel as the working body must absolutely rest on a rolling surface with its full mass! Under no circumstances should it rest on the scaffolding! The scaffold is only there so that the working body can rest vertically on the lower roller!
- By tilting the side walls, the upper wheel is not only squeezed sideways, but it is plumbed on the lower roll - figuratively speaking, that would be 12 o'clock - shifted to the left side and thus simulating the upper body that it is on an incline Underlay with a slope (e.g. 11:58 a.m.). Something like this can no longer be compensated for by the working body and it must inevitably put itself in a permanent rolling motion.
The rotation only subsides when the lock is released by hand and by turning the threaded rod, the side walls are again set exactly 90 ° to the rolling surface and the working body is pulled upright again at 12 o'clock on the lower roller! Thus, the working body is returned from the uneven state to the unstable state!

There is no perpetual motion machine! Nothing comes from nothing and the gravitational wheel from my video doesn't move from anything either! The gravity wheel is under the constant influence of earthly gravitation! Fact!
Such gravity wheels would be of no use in a geostationary orbit, because earthly gravitation no longer works there! This simple fact alone proves that a so-called “perpetuum mobile” is dependent on a force like earthly gravitation!
I do not sell blueprints or other information about the gravity wheel because I simply do not have them and do not need them!
I'm just telling visitors to my video about facts they never considered!

Don't be surprised why I don't show a finished gravity wheel. I have my reasons!

If you already follow my free instructions from the video and do not have two left hands, you can become energy-autonomous very quickly!

A stable state must first be brought into an unstable state so that the unstable state can then be put into an unequal  state with little energy expenditure. Only then can energy be successfully extracted from the unequal state!

Greetings from Germany