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Title: Webo the teachable chatbot.
Post by: stevensrd1 on January 09, 2020, 12:51:57 AM
Been making improvements to webo again. Also put webo on my personal server where anyone can chat with webo online. Webo is a teachable chatbot. I made webo in vb6 because I noticed that even tho some chatbots seem to chat well they dont seem to learn or remember anything you tell them. And thats where the birth of webo comes in. Webo learns from anything you say to it and remembers as well. If you tell webo something and later ask about it, webo will tell you what you taught it. Webo learns like a kid does through general conversation. Ive set webo up so it associates what it was taught with the users log in chat name. This way it recalls everything it was taught by that user each time the user logs in again to chat with webo. If you fancy a chat with webo just remember to use the forward slash symbol before each message sent to webo, in other words if you said hello you would say it to webo this way /hello and thats the basics of webo I guess. You can chat with webo at (
Title: Re: Webo the teachable chatbot.
Post by: sm0ky2 on January 09, 2020, 04:09:10 AM
That is a fascinating concept.
Do you have a way to allow webbo to cross-reference
things it has learned from multiple humans?
Then possibly check for consistencies/ discrepancies
to allow it to form its’ own unique understanding?

Title: Re: Webo the teachable chatbot.
Post by: stevensrd1 on January 10, 2020, 05:09:47 AM
Webo keeps what it learns associated with the users log in chat name, this way it dont share information from one chatter with another. And whenever that user logs in again, hopefully they chose a unique user name, then webo remembers all they taught it. I like your idea tho, a possible improvement to do later down the road. Webo is in beta stage so lots of glitches to still work out. But it soaks up what you teach it like a sponge does water and learns very fast even if in a somewhat child like manner. This is why webo is set online as knowing very little to see how it all goes. Most anything you tell webo it will remember if you ask it about it later, it recalls and replies with what it has learned. Improvements are made to the program almost daily however, this by no means is saying it will be perfect any time soon however lol, thanks for the comment and best wishes.
Title: Re: Webo the teachable chatbot.
Post by: Thaelin on January 10, 2020, 03:03:45 PM
I remember you from some time ago. Did d/l your program. Will this online version use voice yet?
Title: Re: Webo the teachable chatbot.
Post by: stevensrd1 on January 12, 2020, 01:02:30 PM
no the online version is just chat, thats a good idea tho, perhaps at some later date given webo is still in beta stages ill add voice. I have about got the basic learning bit down pat tho, given you can tell webo most anything and ask webo later and it will remember what it was taught. Im still adding in the other parts of the personality for other random "non learning chit chat" But the most important part was the learning bit and webo learns well from what its told. There is no set pattern for the learning, just general conversation works well for that. You could teach webo anything this way, the same way you might tell a kid for example. You could say my mothers name is daisy,,or I like apples, or my tools are in the closet. Then later ask what is my mothers name, or what do i like, or where are my tools,, so on and so forth and webo will tell you the answer if you first taught it the answer. Sort of like the question and answer game, but first you must tell it the answer then it learns it and remembers it from then on. Thanks for the suggestion.