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Author Topic: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum  (Read 405864 times)

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #3315 on: January 14, 2021, 11:01:03 AM »

Offline stivep

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #3316 on: January 14, 2021, 07:53:32 PM »
The solar panel is FE or OU? Of course there is FE ! (OU = like perpetual motion)
This is a philosophical question rather than a technical one.
Everyone can tell the difference here.
OU stands for overunity  and such  phenomena doesn't exist.

COP>1 exist in  refrigeration systems  but the total energy calculation  doesn't violate laws of Thermodynamics.

FE  stands for Free energy - it is like anything that is for free. 
-some other mechanism of nature, or someone invested in it  work, resources, so you can have it for Free.

Perpetual Motion
is the motion  where energy delivered to the system   equals energy consumed by the system  and as such
violates laws of Thermodynamics.


Offline stivep

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Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #3317 on: January 14, 2021, 07:55:09 PM »
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Offline lancaIV

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Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Reply #3318 on: January 15, 2021, 08:06:40 AM »
Good Morning,wesley !
You are defining OU,FE,C.O.P. classical,included flaws in educational classical physics related orientation of streams flows like presented by floor in the "Help me with LEDs" topic !
Classical physics : thermodynamic : ( Sadi) Carnot cycle ! Also valid in electric versible circuits !

But under condition directional and counter-current ! Laminar and turbulent currents !
Classicsl physics versus Quantum physics : teleportation case ! space-time change ! Dilatation !
   Space-jump/beam ! And/or Time-jump/beam !

New physics philosophy : 1=1 ,but 1 ≤ 1  and 1 ≥ 1 also in space-time scalar-vector-tensor physics possible !
And Quantum chemistry view of material pregnance/birth/growth and death = format/structure function lost

But this is in great defined in Astro-physics ! Pulsar,Quaesar,Supernova,Star death et cet.
Astro-Matrix compared Quantum-Matrix : same,similar,different

Sin/Value of Life and Sin/Value of (Universum)Existence !
Ecologic view ,in Deutsch : Artenschutz,Naturschutz,Universumschutz !? Beware or change !? Exploration !?
     Teleologic Ethics ! Target ! Individual ,majority,all,das ALL !?
Cases analytics : active part = Subject (perpretator)        passive part = Object(victim) 

                                     function = Target,Formation,Con-/De-struction,Change
                                                            (Yes,WE can,but WE must not)

                               perpretator : I     victim : You
                               perpretator : You    victim : I
                               perpretator/s : You and/or I          victim/s : other/s
                               perpretator/s : other/s                  victim/s : You and/or I

    This is applied 'set theory ' = set practize ,Deutsch : theoretische / angewandte Mengenlehre :

    mind map- p- ing  included ir-rational numbers and factors

   Prof.Ryborz ,over S.Freud = Ueber-ES   and S.Carnot- thermodynamical : Ueber-EINS/Unity
   transcendental stage : Ueber den Dingen stehen (Deutsche Weisheit ) space-time-ir-relevanz

From Micro-KOSMOS to Macro-KOSMOS and reverse teleportation by mind,compare and apply :  Ein-/Aus-Stuelpeln,En-/De-Velo-p-ing

Time is a physical Variable
Space is a physical Variable

Velocity is a physical Variable
Speed is a physical Variable

In thermodynamic time and space is fixed,not variabel,this is the flaw ! The engine,circuit !
Not : the current ! ;) Circuit begin/end and reverse circuit end=begin  e-volution and back- =re- volution

re- in sin rursus  to differ from res ,rem,re,... the thing-/die Sache cases declination (Nominativ,Dativ,Akkusativ,...)

Set theory and mind physics : included Ablativ and Vocativ (Kantsche Imperativ !) Transzendenz Faelle !

Transzendenz Zahlen/numbers : 3,14..... and 2,71..... and 0,258  IR-RATIONALE ZAHLEN/NUMBERS

                                         That and there is : MAGIC and MAGIA
          Tesla and Fibonacci  numbers as structure geometry their algebraic values ,momentual
           in physics and maths !

                   Living/changing numbers and living/changing structure : inter-modal 

                  Heisenbergs 'Unschaerfe/Uncertainity',You know it ! ;)


                  8)  1.  ::)   2. :D 3. ;D 4. pst-pst (like Chet )

 :o In Lacanian algebra, Φ stands for the imaginary phallus and also represents phallic signification; −Φ stands in for castration.[7][dubious  – discuss]
                          Kitzler-Vergroesserung, imaginary ? Imaginary,clearly !  ;D ;D ;D

Arithmetics : Duque de Laplace : operator and for Richelieu and Mazzarino( italian,Apulia) the lottery(Roulette)developper

                          to RANDOM GENERATOR  (Gesetz des Fall(e)s,dass ... ) and possibilities and
                         arithmetical b. legal Spielbank= C.asino   = stock exchange  hack/manipulation

                        Rien ne vas plus ! Banca ( de exchange)  rupta/ruptura Bankrot(t)-Deklaration

p.s.: the word C.asino normal written under censorship ? 8)
        Test-Test : Offiziers- : normal written and Offiziers-C.asino Wie unehrenhaft diese Leutchen,ii-baeh-baeh ! ;D
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