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Title: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on November 25, 2019, 01:53:34 AM
Good day all! With some of my own experiments based on Tesla's Radiant Energy Devices, I came up with this!

This circuit uses 2n2222a transistors configured as negative resistors. A primary full wave rectifier pulls in various  Ambient energy spikes. Such as RF, Magnetic and even Earth Currents. It is very important to use large capacitor antenna, Such as a large metal sphere up as high as you can in the air. The antenna capacitor must NOT be earth grounded!! Use Coax as an electret capacitor feed line. Short out the coax at the top that connects to the capacitor antenna. The electret properties of the coax will greatly enhance the effects of collecting energy. AC ground Must be a REAL earth ground such as a cold water pipe. This circuit will fail to work without a proper ground. At the proper location. The first rectifier in this circuit can get peaks of 12 volts without connecting to a charging capacitor. This circuit has enough self  capacitive properties that after a few moments a DC bias is formed and negative resistance AC amplifier properties kick in within the rectifier sections. Transistors also have some capacitor properties along side with the breadboard.  Capacitor one is charged up to the trigger voltage it takes to turn on switching transistor 2n2222a, This pulses the DC output voltage of rectifier 2 into L1 coil. The secondary  side gets a pulsed DC square wave output. For what ever usage you may have. It is 100% powered by the Ambient!!

If you can't get an antenna up, Stashing a tangle of 50 feet or more of electret coax, If you have a sort of commercial oven. Google up how to enhance the electret properties of a coax. It is very worthwhile for a project like this! Then simply tangle that spaghetti of coax in a bunch some place inside or outside and it will work not bad as a power sucking antenna.

Tesla had a thing about using the earth energies to power his various switches, This helped him along with other projects and usages, So With that said I wonder what next could be done with this? Step the voltage up or down as needed, Pulse charge batteries and capacitors at varying voltages? Or maybe just like Tesla did, Use it as a free energy operated control switch for what ever project that may require such a device?

Here is a Youtube video of the device I built in action showing the square wave generation on an oscilloscope 100% Ambient Powered!

Now I just wonder what would the next step be ? What could I try next? Any ideas to make the circuit work better? What are your thoughts!
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: carbon sugar on December 26, 2019, 01:20:15 PM
Hello this circuit is good for my POE vortex coil, that low frequency would be very useful with the toroidal coil, I use the POE coil and only need a low frequency AC pulse, the coil converts that pulse into high frequency, it would be great for what I need, my idea of ​​the device comes by there, it is the energy lowered as a radio station, tesla style, moray, I want to build a circuit like yours, so I use it with my coil, I have been looking for it for a while, that pulse could be amplified with vacuum valves, they can be amplified put 3 - 6-9 - volts and take it to hundreds of volts with those valves
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on January 18, 2020, 02:16:31 PM
Well I'm still working on this and taking it to the next step. I plan to step up these pulses or collect enough energy to be able to drive Spark. There are various almost endless methods at this point I need to explore and choose. To produce this effect. Next I'm working on the coil assembly.

L1 and L2 no problem, But Low impedance L3 was such a bitch to bend and keep in place esp if you suck at building things with your hands like I am haha! Needless to say I figured it out, It may look ugly but it worked out! Now next step is to wire this up to one of my many circuits that use ambient and negative resistance amplification and earth telluric currents. That 12 volts "free Energy" square wave, I can use that to power a step up, like a fly back circuit to get a tiny 1kv operational spark gap. Or maybe even just via step up transformer if I can find optimal frequency tuning. That produces my 1kv high voltage spark and let the coil do the rest.

The coil also feeds a special or very plain motor that can handle high frequency pulsing currents and spinning shaft (optional gravity flywheel attached, Not sure if its even needed at this point) connected to that of a regular generator motor, and you get the idea of the rest. Every one seems to not be that impressed with my various  prototypes that only run LEDs and tiny lights, I wanted to just prove points of concepts, I guess that's boring in today's world so I'm going bigger, This one I'm building now should power, tools fans heaters etc,, If I can get away with the 1kw or so of output im expecting with a generator it could drive.

I'm thinking of using a coax instead of a center core rod as the coax dialectic and capacitance might do some enhancing effects with high frequency pulsing. Yep the core is live, kind of like how it is with a MOT :) I need to build a few different variations of this coil and experiment with some ideas til I find the optimal setup. Its not a Tesla coil! but its based on many of his foundation ideas.

On how I think this works in part? This coil also acts as an ambient "AC" amplifier. How could this work you may ask, It is the effect of negative resistance device acting as an AC current amplifier. But where do you get the negative resistance? Easy! Its the spark gap. Many seem to forget apart from acting as an efficient interrupt. The high voltage spark gap also acts as a negative resistance device. But a negative resistance device needs to have some DC bias voltage to be able to operate as an AC amplifier. That is also easy. This coil provides it's own source of self bias "DC" or what appears to work as DC at a specific very high frequency as Tesla observed with a well tuned coil system. But only at high frequencies is this "Fake" DC  apparent. Tesla wanted to "DC" power his Xray death ray tube at the top of his Giant Tesla coil via this method! So why not use some of his ideas in part!

The next important stage is that this coil grounds at two separate coils within. And the two earth grounds need to be well spaced apart. What does this do? Well at high frequency AC, that is More seen like Very Low Frequency or VLF to the ham radio operator then AC hehe! Acts as a big underground loop. The VLF folks use this method to build "Virtual huge underground loop antennas for VLF listening hobbies. What this does in my case as Tesla said, We must keep the loop closed and this does just that, Also taps into the earth telluric currents, and taps into the huge negative energy potential of ground where this "ground" doesn't really act as ground no more in this circuit but a huge infinite reservoir of energy. That can supply at high frequency pulses current to an inductive load (We must not break the loop) like that motor i want to spin and drive another generator for regular compatible use energy that powers our regular house hold stuff. Well thats my hypothesis/theory/ etc anyways on how it works.

Hope I get somewhere with it all on the larger scale! Wish me luck! I will keep you posted from time to time. But I post more often on my youtube! If anyone has any suggestions of course I'd love to hear from you!

Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: Toolofcortex on January 18, 2020, 03:33:23 PM
Pay attention to the recent gerson paiva replication, and the iraq replication.

good luck
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on January 18, 2020, 04:53:49 PM
For sure, Will do, anything can help, everyone has their own version of saying how this all works, It gets confusing, But all info is needed :)

Right now im wondering if I should take the output from the generator it would spin and charge up a super capacitor bank emulating for example a 12 volt DC battery pack. This would offer much less charging resistance then rechargeable batteries and could take a beating much better then batteries when it comes to charging and rapid discharging. People have destroyed batteries trying to charge up similar circuits and coil i'm experimenting with, Maybe replacing with super capacitors is the answer and use that stored energy to power your everyday things, 60 Hertz AC inverter etc.. and also feed power to the spark gap circuit that drives the coil! That would be a method of keeping the whole device running on its "own"  and producing more at the generator output once it has started up for a few moments.
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on January 25, 2020, 04:09:57 AM
Well I wanted to see how well this works. So I want to start small. I don't want to drive it with crazy currents first to start, like most folks seem to want to do. As mixed with the high voltages it gets difficult to tell what kind of an effect is going on if any. Without any "real" lab

So I started it up to test the coil with just 1.5 volt DC drive to start my spark gap oscillator step-up circuit. ( dead battery, Half charged battery, Capacitor, or one of my many ambient drive circuits.) and the coils assembly steps up enough to get thousands of volts for that negative resistance spark gap effect to pass trough the coil circuit and also act as ambient AC currents amplifier. Ground loop working great spaced at about 40 feet apart.  Unlike Tesla, I'm Driving this florescent light at Low voltage 150 volts L3 Low impedance side. Instead of the high voltage side. The high frequency pulsed AC Gives very bright I left my Kitchen lights on, And you can see the Florescent so bring with ridiculously low input circuit drive.

I can really notice an effect of amplification here!, With such little input drive. I have tried regular Tesla coil configurations with various generated 1kv spark gaps and the florescent tube does react to high voltages like it should, but it is more of a strong glow. Not like having it plugged into the home AC. More like this circuit is doing right now with practically next to no input drive. very impressed.

Here is a YouTube video of just my initial try with just 1.5 volts input drive.

More experiments to come and I want to replace the florescent tube with something more appropriate like an inductive load motor that can run at high frequency AC.
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: carbon sugar on January 25, 2020, 01:25:57 PM
Hello how are you doing? very good what are you doing, have you thought of putting a bucking winding as secondary? that the coils are CW and CCW, so their magnetic fields are opposed, that will give you a lot of gain, if you don't do bucking coil, you would have to use capacitors on the other side, because the magnetic and the dialectic has to be balanced so that everything flows the time, that flow of fields makes you can make a great profit from there, the ferrite powder core is very good to improve the frequency, it works very well, and also leaving that coaxial nucleus
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on January 25, 2020, 02:23:14 PM
I am using,  coils are CW and CCW :) And using a coax as a center rod does seem to have some effect against the high frequency pulses, Just not sure how much of an effect every part plays role in. Still experimenting with various configurations. I start very small and work my way up. The reason I'm experimenting/tuning with such low voltage drive as I want to be able to ultimately drive this with ambient, with the help of my other many projects and prototypes.
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: carbon sugar on January 25, 2020, 03:12:49 PM
great, remember that it has to be LC, use a quartz core, it will help you raise the frequency since it is stable, or quartz dust, old school cores, and something else I saw when I work with the coils and motors , is that it is very different when you do the tests with a regulated source, that is when you use the electricity of the house, because it is a source that is not free, and instead if you use a battery bank, other effects appear, the batteries are loaded with back emf, or if you use a generator engine as a source, this engine with the back emf accelerates, you notice the changes, tesla and all the others did not use the home network to power their machines, because the resonance does not work the same if You are connected to the house, is what I notice in my experiments and in others that I always see
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on January 26, 2020, 01:30:36 AM
I Think I'm on to something, I may not need to use a high frequency compatible AC motor after all! I might be able to go 100% solid state, I think I figured out a transducer transformers stage instead of that inductive high frequency  AC load motor. that will allow me to convert this energy back into regular voltage compatible DC.  I hocked up 3 special high voltage high frequency transformers I had laying around from an old project. I'm lucky they where tuned to high frequency!  Around 380hz. Now each transformer is connected in parallel, feeding into the high voltage side as primaries and the secondaries are low voltage and they all got their own full bridge diode rectifier and Im getting about 3 volts each. Since its regular DC,  The caps can be wired like batteries in series to up the voltage, I'm experimenting charging a dead 4.5 volt battery. Up at 1.29 volts now! :) What is interesting is the circuit self operates from ambient, and when there's enough accumulated inside primary charging capacitor I got setup it triggers the spark circuit that puts the whole generator unto full drive. Now I'm hoping with the transducer setup I can keep the generator self sustaining. And feed a regular AC inverters. A low power one to start of course. And see how well it charges a cell phone on the side, as well from the wall adapter 110 AC 60hz.
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on January 26, 2020, 02:38:53 AM
Well using my last idea, It definitely is self sustainable from the ambient and what not....

I'm able to produce and keep a 1kv spark gap circuit going like I expected I could, Driven from ambient power. It takes a moment to start then once spark starts it kicks the generator into high gear mode keeping the 1kv spark gap active for as long as I don't mess with it as you can see in the video, But it takes a moment when I do make an oops and after a few moments of in active I can start it up again once it has enough pre built up charge. So I  think I am going in the right direction.

Here is a video of my generator running on its own so far.

Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: carbon sugar on January 26, 2020, 05:09:41 AM
great, did you put a ground connection to the coil? Or did you connect the ground to the input circuit? or both? Do you have an oscilloscope to see the signal? Does the coil I use transform the low frequency that enters, at high frequency at the output, will this circuit work for my coil? what do you think? thank you very much, very good your experiment
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: skywatcher on January 26, 2020, 11:25:15 AM
Here is a video of my generator running on its own so far. (

Very interesting... to make it clear once again: you don't need any input voltage now ?  Because in your 1st version there was an input.
What about the 'antenna' ?  Is there still one ?

An updated circuit diagram would be helpful because from the video it's quite difficult to get how the components are connected.
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on January 26, 2020, 01:08:51 PM
Yes it still needs some sort of input to start, It don't seem to care how as long as it gets about 1.5 volts to start up, It can come and I have tested from the output of my first circuit diagram or similar, My apologies for not updating every little thing. as I keep experimenting and slight modifying, But yes at the core its still the same.  If I don't want to wait on accumulating charges then I can give it a kick start with a 1.5 volt "bust" from any source if I have it..

The First circuit accumulates ambient and gives out low voltage pulses, These pulses get sent to another circuit, That charges up another capacitor array,  When there is enough of a charge, About 1.5 volts or so it triggers another circuit. This one I didn't make a schematic,  It's just the most simple one transistor "flyback" or what most would better assassinate the name to that of a "joule thief" that I use to Drive spark high frequency to my coil.

Now on the Kapa coil, Yes 2 separate grounds, I still use cold water ground and Radio antenna ground. Hocked up Ground wise just like all the Kapa schematics. ....

Now where i'm supposed to have the inductive load , I replaced with a network of high frequency transformers I had laying around from anther "fly back" project I worked on in the fast.  Each transformer primaries in parallel. They all have their own rectifier circuit, feeding rectified output input, flyback (spark drive circuit)

Its messy and I'm still working/experimenting/changing in real time on trying to represent it in schematic..

As you see in the video once it stops(usually caused by me!!) I can't always start it up right away again! I have to wait a few mins and tinker with it.  And it worked better last night for no apparent reason other then environment conditions so that's interesting as well.

Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on January 30, 2020, 01:28:14 AM
Here is the updated schematic, I'm sorry it took so long. I'm always experimenting and changing something. So far this has been the best configuration in self sustain mode, But This is just experimentation, The ultimate goal is still to drive a special high frequency AC motor and spin a generator.  But I must first experiment with everything I can first.

The Vacuum tube as a load seems to give me interesting results, Seems to work better as a cold cathode reaction. I tried warming up the heater with no apparent effects? I'm not sure why, As a Side effect, It spits out such strong blanket wide band HF all around the spectrum and the neighborhood. Not good thing but it was interesting for the sake of the experiment, As the  lightbulb inductive loads didn't do this unless I had my radio right "on" one of the coils to hear the typical "magnetic" noise.  Maybe perhaps a "better" radio circuit could be built around the primitive tube circuit and take  full advantage of this amplification effect. To power a strong radio HF transmitter with very little input drive. Who knows!

Anyways I have a youtube video to upload of my generator running well in this self sustainable test mode. Still wondering what to try out/change next?

Youtube video of it working here.

Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: carbon sugar on January 30, 2020, 03:18:12 AM
Fabulous Joel, can you change the transistors for radio valves that make that function? what you need is negative, radiant, non-magnetic resistance, take out the magnetism, use dialectic, go back to the old school, you know about it, amateur radio, valves that are negative resistance, the frequency rises, and a spark gap too connect the earth on one side and on the other side is the radiant negative, that high frequency, is a disruption, and that in a tesla coil, is scalar wave, pure harmonic to keep the frequency stable, the scalar wave is everything, it is longitudinal, the magnetic and dielectric together, that coil is going better with that, but something more terrifying, I'm going to copy it and test, I want to use old school radio, big hug, tremendous work, remember, negative resistance, that pulse pulls energy , positive resistance sucks energy
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on January 30, 2020, 03:23:13 AM
I am thinking of going back to the driver circuit and make it better, I was going to try with bigger transistors first. They can also act as negative resistance and like someone already mention on here, perhaps they could absorb more energy as well!

I probably will try the vacuum tube rectifier as well at some point, I just need to find more parts for the sake of experiment, But I am trying to break away from the tubes. Perhaps possible perhaps  not. I'm still experimenting.
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on January 30, 2020, 03:33:09 AM
And if you want to build the Moray generator, How would we enhance the valves with radioactive coated components inside today without getting into any kind of serious issues? I sure don't have access to that kind of a shop or lab.

But could we temporary radiate from an external source next/enclosed/shielded to the valves and produce the desired effect with normal valves? I don't think so, But I don't know. Would be cool if we could. Then something like the radiation of a home made fusion like reactor or something.? But I guess this is going a little off topic into fantasy land. 
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: carbon sugar on January 30, 2020, 05:05:15 AM
If the moray is good, but there is still a lot of distance, I read about the active radio minerals, I don't know to what extent the minerals are true, a lot of misinformation, I say it because here in my country at that time there was also a geophysicist that he invented a weather machine, which was later removed and made the haarp, used in his machine, amateur radio style, henry moray style, baigorri velar is called, look for his things if you want, he is Argentine, he used active radio minerals, Lead is an active radio for example, carbide, there are several, I will pass the names of the minerals I used, name them in a video, the other is that today's transistors are very rigid, not flexible like valves, there are several things that raise the frequency a lot using low voltage, you know much more than me about that, I will follow your steps, try some change to add to the experiment, and the best longitudinal waves, scalar waves remember, tesla just use the electromagnetism, the Electrostatics to produce scalar waves, 180 degree phase angles, a better air antenna and a better ground antenna, your ground connection could be better, more potential difference in those two points and maybe some bucking coil with some core of ferrite powder or iron powder, remember the spark-gap, some high voltage variable capacitor (radio style), you know how to see it with better eyes, and put together something new, I'm still attentive to what you do and I'm going to experiment I'll start with your circuit, hug
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on January 30, 2020, 02:12:48 PM
But i'm still not 100% sure what the valve does in line with the inductive load area. Other then create some X-rays and bunch of strong RF noise splatter. I guess what i'm doing now is just trying to use this energy to cause random effects until I can figure out how to actually better utilize it.  I'm still somewhat fascinated at what its doing now (the Valve) even if it may not have anymore practical application for my goals here. Still some experimentation with valves to come! But I really want to break away from the old tubes if we can!

This is how the valve looks like in the dark. I did not notice this at first in the light.  My cam has a hard time but it has a blue glow and you see these glowing stings crossing the inside of the tube, It almost looks like the inside of a plasma ball running :)
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: carbon sugar on January 30, 2020, 03:09:03 PM
that is scalar wave, really high frequency in that valve and what comes out of the coil scalar waves, that noise you hear is radiating radiant energy, if you make a capacitor without touching the valve, it can be easily charged with that radiation of radio frequency, it is a good thing for some cases, but you can also suppress it, but it is the best way you go, from what I can see, the good thing about the valves is that they are more radiant to transistors and you can tune it in a better way, Do you have a magnetic field meter? Have you thought about using a pancake coil after the valve? or before the valve to raise the voltage, a bifillar pancake, coil and capacitor in one, charge and discharge of magnetic field and dielectric field
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on January 31, 2020, 02:30:34 AM
Just a continuation of my Ambient Powered Generator video. A friend recommended that I take advantage of all the radiant energy the valve tube is helping to produce. I was recommended to add some capacitors in line to take advantage of that and that they may even not have to be directly connected depending on configuration at high frequency RF. So instead of running regular diode and capacitor rectifier. I changed that part out and made my own tube capacitor and rectifier with a florescent tube, With a wrapping of tin tape around most of the middle. And working it like a tube diode rectifier back into my circuit. Spark seems to maintain a stronger bite once well adjusted in this configuration, Check out the blue glow of the Valve tube!
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on February 03, 2020, 03:02:37 AM
 I decided to experiment with electret effects, They say that electrets charge using ambient energies as well. So I followed some easy online guide on how to create a Captret and I decided to try to experiment with these effects in low voltage settings and to try and use the kapagen coil as a sort of mixer for the high and low frequency kind of like Tesla tried to do. So I am now using my high frequency generator in low voltage mode eliminating the spark gap in this circuit for now. The high frequency goes in the coil, Grounds are still separated earth grounds of at least 20 meters away and the same for now as in my original experiments as that is all I have in grounds until the snow and ice melts and I can setup some better grounds outside,

So for now im hoping that with the nearby low frequencies RF ambient etc.. The mixing can happen with my oscillator driving it, Some have recommended this method from the start instead of depending on the pure  ambient as in one of my previous circuits for the exciter source, But to perhaps have my own exciter source instead. And that could then "bait" or be used in better terms to suck in lower frequencies.

So based on those ideas this is what I'm experimenting with now. The plan with this experiment is not for continuous operation but to better understand how electrets operate and if they can be applied with the kapagen and Tesla ideas. So far so good!

This L/C circuit self Oscillates for over 20 minutes.

I use the electret in line with where the light bulb load would go in the kapagen before ground. and on the capacitor "plus" side, goes to a high frequency coil primary then on the other side of primary goes to earth ground, on the high frequency coil  secondary, I rectify and send to captret capacitor regular plus and minus pins for help with extra charging. I noticed the capacitor charges without this! Very interesting. But this added stage speeds up the charge up time. When Captret reaches about 500 mv it triggers pcb joule thief circuit instead of a led it drives a diode and pulses to primary capacitor stage, the one that runs my high frequency oscillator and operates well at 1 volt input drive.

It is my crude understanding that in this kind of configuration this is sort of like a not very well tuned scalar charging unit that self oscillates for a very long time with the help of "feedback" and some help with ambient and scalar along the way. I'm sure with some tweaking I could make it self sustainable for indefinite, But I don't see the application here and must soon move on back to the original plan. But still very interesting, Here is a movie of me running it and recording how long it runs until I decided to kill the high frequency oscillator, You can see that near the end of the video as I do this and show how to voltage drops right away on the "captret" capacitor.
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on February 08, 2020, 07:44:33 PM
So now i'm trying to work on my ambient input stage to make it better.  I think I want to modify it to something like this using  a network of Captrets at random discharge pulses into a primitive type of transformer coil and send the accumulated high voltage spikes to the kapagen coil. And drive the generator via this method instead?

So before I go spending a bunch of money on a bulk box of capacitors, do you folks think this idea has any sort of remote possibility of working? What would you change or recommend? Here is a sort of diagram of what I'm thinking of replacing my transistors pulse wave ambient section stage with.

Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: skywatcher on February 08, 2020, 09:18:25 PM
So before I go spending a bunch of money on a bulk box of capacitors, do you folks think this idea has any sort of remote possibility of working?

To be honest, i'm a little bit confused...  :-\

Since the start of this thread you changed your concept multiple times. You introduced the 'Captret' which was a topic here some years ago, but at least to my knowledge, had been debunked long ago. So i'm not sure what to think...  mixing up multiple concepts has the danger to confuse everything, but we need clarity and well-defined conditions to understand what's going on.

For me, replicating your experiments is not easy because i have no good ground connection (i have only the ground connection from the wall socket) and i'm living on the 3rd floor so i can not just stick some metal rod into the ground. But i find your experiments interesting so i will continue following your thread.   :)
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on February 08, 2020, 10:23:25 PM
I'm not sure about it as well so I don't want to spend a fortune trying it out if its not going to work LOL so I have not changed anything yet, This was just an idea if the captret thing would work.

The transistor ambient square wave driver circuit works fine. I don't need to change it, But if I can find a better way to drive it, Id like to explore that as well.
Title: Negative Resistance Amplification
Post by: joellagace on February 24, 2020, 04:00:58 PM
Negative Resistance Amplification. Just pondering today as it is related to my circuit as I use this for a driver with the transistors (way back to the first post in this topic)
And was just pondering over its effects in general. Thinking of ways I could better utilize this whole stage. Or maybe even build something better. Or modify what I got now. Who knows. Just one of those pondering days.  :-\

Negative resistance devices are really interesting! Because when a negative resistance device gets voltage applied to it, an increase of voltage (within the negative resistance voltage threshold range) Decreases the current usage. Because of this reaction. Negative resistance devices such as tunnel diodes. Where used in early oscillator circuits and amplifier circuits, But their usage, As a low current device. Made their popularity fast diminishing. As the demand for more RF power increased. The transistor's better current handling. Simply bridged that gap and was better to work with on low frequencies outside the microwave band as the tunnel diode was mostly a "Two terminals" system. As transistors have 3. 

So the first thing one wants to think of when they learn about negative resistance. In a matter of getting free energy. Is simply to calculate your regular circuit or device's resistance in ohms. And to just "counter" it. With the same resistance of negative equal value. Consider our circuit uses10 ohms. One would think of just adding 11 ohms of resistance in the negative 11 value ( plus 10 ohms next to -10 ohms would show up as an infinite perfect shorted out conductor of pure 0 ohms resistance) of negative resistance and tada free energy. Our fantasy circuit (negative resistor injects current back) now supplies the extra current to counter the positive resistive load!

But no, Close but no cigar. We don't actually have negative resistance devices that are in the -ohms. One can not just order from a factory a negative resistor of -11ohms. If it was only that easy huh! But what we have in electronics. Is a noticeable effect called negative resistance, This acts upon a change of voltage. By bringing the DC voltage up in a tunnel diode, At some point once you reach this positive voltage threshold. The internal resistance of the already positive resistive device, drops slightly. So for example. To simplify, If the resistance at 1 volt is 100 ohms, And you raise the voltage to 2.5 volts. By doing this. You enter the negative resistance threshold voltage range of the tunnel diode, This acts upon the device and causes the ohms to drop to 15. Please notice it is not a value of -15!! So now at 2.5 volts, The device shows a positive resistance of only 15 ohms. Notice how the resistance is still positive and will always be. We call it negative resistance. Because if you plot it on a curve tracer. You can notice the effect from the drop of resistance with a voltage increase within a certain  zone. If you push it some more. And go over this voltage threshold, Current usage goes back up and the resistance goes back to 100 ohms. Back to the same positive resistance value in ohms, where we first started at 1 volt.

Some thoughts....

So its clear we can't run a pure "Negative Resistor" to generate free energy. Ah darn!!
But what we can do is experiment with tunnel diode's low current/voltage AC amplification properties. And run it as an ambient AC current amplifier.

Can this effect be used as a very low voltage and current input "DC bias" AC amplifier and have more on the output side with such an apparatus device, as a whole consisting of multiple combined systems to make operational?

For example. If one was to build one of Tesla's Colorado Springs alike high frequency oscillator, His magnifier transmitter, And have nearby the pickup coil/loop/antenna on a separate receiver device/circuit, for example with tunnel diodes, Using just a small isolated DC input low voltage/current drive. Like a battery of 1.5 Volts DC, Or a solar cell in the sun etc for the source of small DC power at the receiver/amplifier circuit... And with the help of this negative resistance, AC amplifier circuit configuration on the receiver device. Could perhaps couple the AC (radiant) energies generated by the magnifier transmitter nearby and other nearby radiant energies. It could "Suck" in ambient or as Tesla calls it "Ether" and rectify this amplified AC output stage to DC and get more current on the output as a "Whole" using multiple systems together as one apparatus?

But your probably thinking, If everything is to be looked at as one device. Then we must look at the generator's power input  requirements as well. The magnifying transmitter stage.  And at the ample amounts of power Tesla has driven into it, This would probably take a while before we could match an output of more on the receiver side. If ever even possible! But with that said......

Food for thought, How would you go about in proceeding with these types of experiments?

Tesla used huge voltages and currents for his experiments, Today we don't need big "Tesla" coils to bring our voltage up to spectacular voltages and high frequency. Our capacitors are smaller and more efficient today, our L/C circuit components are much more stable today. And we now have transistors and tunnel diodes, So with that said, With just a tiny 2n2222A transistor fly back type of circuit. Low voltage and low current, Can produce plenty of high frequency and high voltage spark!(think of fly zappers!) Even with just one battery of 1.5 volts DC, That little oscillator will produce an electrostatic like intensity zap if you touch! I done this myself many times. Perhaps such a simple circuit or device could be used in part to replace Tesla's huge voltage requirements and huge transformer structures to get high frequency AC. For his magnifying transmitter to function. I think we can replace most of this "Transmitter" or driver circuit  with tiny solid state parts! If we can figure this out, Then perhaps, Just perhaps, We could find that the wireless receiver station nearby, generates more output then input when adding the math, combined together with the drive requirements of the transmitter.

Tunnel diodes are current limited devices so, One would think that you will never get huge amounts of amplification from a tunnel diode amplifier setup, But perhaps if we don't need much of input power at the "Transmitter"  We can get more on the output as little as that more may be, If we can charge a 12 volt battery or run a led lamp for "free" and show a proof of concept. Why not. Again probably because tunnel diodes are low current. Many experimenters look beyond. I think an important key for any chance that this concept may work is that I just have a feeling that as long as we have high voltage high current oscillations, We can saturate the nearby area with radiant high frequency energy and that perhaps is the key to making this work?
Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: Raycathode on February 24, 2020, 05:50:43 PM
Err can you still get Tunnel diodes ? most of them in the 80 were Russion I used them as a time bas trigger whats more is they would blow dead easy.
any way you can fabricate a very close device with a p and n channel junction pair of fets jut never tried it with the now available power version
if you can only get the one polarity you can use a transister for the polarity you cant get.

So anyway how you going to get free enery with it ? the old TV sets use to use a fly back diode or boost diode do you know haw that works
and how it works or the idea behind it in a TV set lopt circuit ? most people dont know, do you ?

Title: Re: My Ambient Powered AC Amplifier And Oscillator Square Wave Generator
Post by: joellagace on February 24, 2020, 08:00:11 PM
Just open for thought. I already experimented with the tunnel diodes as ambient amplifier circuits and it works fair. I can get over 12 volts DC with it. But the current is only around 50ma, It jumps around depending on local conditions of experiments. That is why for  now I only use it as a trigger for switching and discharging a capacitor producing a pulse wave. But that is where I am at for  now. On it's own I can't do much more with it. So I worked it in with my project as a "stage" or section.

So I was thinking about Tesla'a Colorado springs experiments,  These coils where not the typical Tesla coil we all talk about.  What he was working on and nobody knows 100% what the final goal was, But many speculate it was in part for the Wardenclyffe Tower.?

Looking at these coil assemblies, They look more like primitive HF radio spark transmitter circuits. Tesla's work shows various networks of these L/C circuits. Some extra coils where capacitor shunted, Others where  not. He played with various configurations until he got the optimal what he called magnifying effect. Looking at some of these circuits more closely it looks like his high frequency generator was also coupled into a high frequency receiver and he tuned all for max smoke with tuning and resonance. His Transmitter was also in part the receiver and the sparks you see in the photos from from the receiver coil(s) acting upon the tuned vibrations of its L/C tank stage. He also had to "isolate" some stages with capacitor shunts on some of the extra coils in the circuits. Looking at his Colorado notes you can see all these configurations in more fine detail.

He had a system in mind, Not as big as providing the world with unlimited amounts of Free energy with his Wardenclyffe Tower. But also explored the possibility of short range low power transmitting. With similar effects. And he did have some results with this. And this is where I am heading towards...

Tunnel diodes can be used as an AC amplifier and they don't require very much DC drive. Downside. They are a low current device. I know!!

Maybe even "background" noise could drive this negative resistance amplifier. with DC bias.

Tesla's coils also generates all kinds of high frequency harmonics, Very strong ones, He could go ahead tune and utilize. He describes it as well.

So creating a fundamental note or vibration but tuning into one of its upper harmonics generated out of the coil, As long as the vibration source keeps operating at the fundamental frequency, If an object, (in the case of electric circuit then an L/C circuit,) nearby at a higher frequency starts to vibrate in resonance, The vibrations just keep getting more and more and more powerful or intense on the "secondary" device. I Think Tesla wanted to utilize this effect somehow.

I know it works similar with RF as I have built some tiny very crude signal generators over the years and the basic ones with no filtering cause not only harmonics but what appears to bring in close proximity to the coils all kinds of super strong radio waves from other sources nearby mixing in and creating all kinds of frequencies and what seems like a whole mess across the spectrum with not only my harmonics but for some reason "sucking" in all the junk nearby and injecting that into the awful mix. Even creating some new ones! But it must be magnetic or something as this effect is only in close proximity to the transformer coils.

So what I'm getting at is maybe all we need is a sort of "bait" signal and we can then help ourselves to these strong local generated "radiant" noises and perhaps we could get more output from the receiver side, taking everything else, like other signals and ambient noises with it into consideration.