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Title: low cost heat storage/battery
Post by: lancaIV on November 22, 2019, 02:47:52 PM (
Earth rock = "granite" prices beginning with 80 Euros/90 USD per ton material

1 metric ton cement 130 USD (
tin( not thin)  foil

13 metric ton transformed material as thermal battery for 700-3500 KWh( 70 units as demonstration example) propagated heat capacity

10-50 KWh heat storage per "battery"-unit, capacity storage temperature dependent (
With 3500 KWh heat storage capacity and by 13 metric ton material and by average industrial/gross-selling prices + transport-costs : pure material costs based = 1 USD per KWh heat storage capacity

transformation costs( manufacturing/production) and estimated end-price by Stefan Nystroem :
10000 USD for 700- 3500 KWh heat capacity ~ < 3 USD per KWh heat storage capacity

Low cost solar heat as possible heat source : (
Included heat to electricity option !

Later instead parafin :
Phase-change material : silicon 900° to 1600° Celsius = energy storage capacity improvement (

Older up to 10 KWh/Kg -3000° Celsius molten carbon- high temperature battery (
Title: Re: low cost heat storage/battery
Post by: sm0ky2 on November 22, 2019, 05:07:40 PM
I think the industry is just going with salt
comparatively just as cheap, and easier to work with
Molten salt holds its’ heat longer
Title: Re: low cost heat storage/battery
Post by: lancaIV on November 22, 2019, 08:24:37 PM
smokey, the industry has to deliver to the deepest possible price or their extincton is allowed. !
Cheaper than D. IY. -concepts or alternatively with higher quality ( if possible) !

What in the last 5 decades the universities and industry labs did as R&D  and what they actually are in exploring (
is in competition/ concurrence with D.I.Y.-concepts  for the deepest possible price for the endconsumer,by needed safety standarts !

In the last decades there were many overestimated producte ,also with " inter-/national award"- granted, which commercial failed  ! TOO expensive related energy low prices. !

latent heat salt storage( f.e Glauber" salts: US solar homes pioneers in the 50/60' ) ; sand boxes under buildings, zeolith storage,  Michel-Trombe black Beton/ cement wall, beton/cement roof with ( scratch)- metall particle filling ,.......

10000 USD for 700-3500 KWh ~ 3-15 USD/KWh and several decades long functionality is a good comparison" benchmark/target" for the industrial competitors. !