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Title: Breakthrough Electromagnetic Rifle
Post by: with on September 28, 2019, 12:37:10 PM
Hi All!
I am Dmitry and I want to introduce my invention. I worked for a very long time in the direction of electromagnetic accelerators, similar to those that Edwin Gray did, and I managed to make a breakthrough in my research. I found a way to create an ultra-efficient accelerator. One of the areas where my invention can be applied is a weapon. Now, based on this technology, I am developing a prototype of an electromagnetic rifle. This will be the world's first hand-held electromagnetic rifle, which in its parameters will not be inferior to firearms, and even better !
The technology is proven and shows an excellent result, three times more efficiency in relation to traditional solutions, such as railguns and the rest.
I want to give life to this technology and bring it to the market.
If you find it interesting for yourself and are ready to help with its development, write.
At the moment, this rifle has no analogues in the world!
A small promotional video.