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Author Topic: TPU by ATMCORTEX  (Read 1139 times)

Offline Toolofcortex

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« on: September 24, 2019, 05:36:11 AM »
This is ARMCORTEX’s house ...  ARCORTEX WANTS HIS project section he will flame less there. I am here to defend the legacy of old timers Otto, the old and the new will be expired.

I think I need this competition to prove to myself I am alpha vs the inventor who claims to be, claims to know.

Come on... prove yourself as the master builder...........CHOKE ! .... Call you out...then you CRY!

Unlike the "new comers" who disgard the past and say censor according to their butthurt egos... I will re-examine the past, and mix with the new.

This is not science, this is weak men hiding amongst the Aplhas, so I call upon my alphas, those who are truely a cut above so that we may investigate the TPU.

In a timely(as best as possible),orderly fashion, we will investigate all avenues, with or wthout results, its about the experience, learning experience that will be a cut above the "new comer".

There can be theorizing, but please, lets keep this brief. I also have my theories honestly, I am trying to see the wave as it rises throughout the wire, we know that USB cables need to be coupled tightly,
well the lenghts must match also, and sometimes its bust to catch up to that phase inequality so to speak, phase is position in this loop thing, more than that, what is particles are ejected, collide etc..... and hit areas more than others, voltage  is not the same @ a certain point  physically. so that the waves rise side by side literally. Well maybe there is some revserse principal happening ans this has to accounted for as we imagine things. Lets think about signal analysis also, what are we trying to see, what stands out, what can we sense? Are we truely better than a machien @ determining a special situation, pushing the throttle if a situation happens etc?

Theoretically, a voltage divider can be setup here, and we can sense the load.

If this event happened randomly, then maybe we can recreate this. If we cant, its probably that the coil is wrong...Seriously, what is a man to do besides trying everything for OU?

Also... I think Utkin plays a  major role somehow, theres some weird stuff when high frequency meets big slow etc... But theory is theory unless you can make it. How to cause secial situation with thord frequency??? What
are the requirements for even contemplating the 'third level of tuning.

This TPU is a major pain in the butt honestly... Coil wise... Where is the good info @?