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Forum Moderator and member GotoLuc
Will be hosting a build here .

This  is the place for :
- builders
-theoretic contribution  in area of   energy  transfer.
- people interested to discuss  this particular topic
Will try to focus our attention and  posts submitted in relation to that specific topic here.
anything related to
-Tesla Coil
- Viziv
-interface  and its variations such as:
a. dielectric  and dielectric with different dielectric properties
b. dielectric ( e.g air)   and conductive medium ( e.g copper  or aluminum)
c  dielectric  (e.g air) and  lossy conductive  medium ( e.g earth)
- HV AC power supply  that can be  used to power Tesla coil
- Generators and HV generators  that can be  used to power Tesla coil
- RF Amplifiers  that can be  used to power Tesla coil
- impedance matching  devices and tuners.
- Top Capacitors   and its futures/ and practical designs.
- energy transfer  from given  point A  to any  point B using interface
-  Near field and Far Field practical and theoretical
- modes of electromagnetic wave such as TM  mode
-Goubau line  (e.g
-Schumann  Waveguide  and its resonances
- Waveguides and its futures
- Ionosphere /earth cavity and its properties if related
-related ground  and grounding techniques  e.g  counterpoise
To  miejsce jest  dla  tych  ktorzy zajmuja  sie tym konkretnym tematem  wyszczegolnionym  powyzej. 
это место только для людей, которые хотят говорить и экспериментировать в этой конкретной теме
характер этой темы объяснен выше
Dieser Ort ist für Menschen, die ihre praktische und theoretische Erfahrung in diesem ganz spezifischen Bereich einbringen möchten.

Chet K
Legal note: High  Voltage is dangerous .
It is   your decision of what you do  and nobody else.


r2fpl Sir thank you for the very appropriate video ,here in this thread there will be a build with point to pointTesla energy transfer experiments as well as Viziv type investigations and hopefully experiments with direct energy Harvesting from the Schumann wave guide.
Thank you for the contribution
respectfully Chet K

Dziekuje dobry material


more on the channell:

Question to tesla coil builders:
Is capacitance of grounded tesla coil TOP LOAD (sphere or toroid) dependent  on it  elevation regards to earth or not?


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