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Author Topic: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board  (Read 114797 times)


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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
« Reply #180 on: February 21, 2020, 09:08:41 PM »
Few links allowing you to understand better:

wikipedia quote:
In various writings,
Tesla explained that the Earth itself behaves as a resonant LC circuit when it is electrically excited at certain frequencies.
At Wardenclyffe he operated at frequencies ranging from 1,000 Hz to 100 kHz.
Tesla found the frequency range up to 30 – 35 kHz “to be most economical.”
Excitation of earth resonance at or near a fundamental frequency of about 11.7 Hz suggests energy transmission
by means of a spherical conductor “single-wire” surface wave transmission line mode.
A Schumann resonance mode (the fundamental frequency being about 7.5 to 7.9 Hz) is probably not involved.
The entire Earth can be electrically resonated with a single type-two source, so an earth-resonance based system
 would require, at a minimum, that only one generating facility be constructed.
 Alternatively, two distantly spaced type-one generating facilities could be constructed.
Such a system would not be so dependent upon the excitation of an earth-resonance mode.
In either case a surface or ground wave, similar to the Zenneck wave would be utilized.
Artificially induced earth currents would be utilized.

According to Tesla, the planet's large cross-sectional area provides a low resistance path for the flow of earth currents.
The greatest losses are apt to occur at the points where the transmitting / receiving plants and dedicated receiving
stations are connected with the ground.
This is why Tesla stated,..... continue reading  in article



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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
« Reply #181 on: March 05, 2020, 01:13:55 AM »
This post may be here only temporarily, everything depends from escalation of situation about  Viziv, Dr Corum,  at Hackaday forum.
 and later it may be removed .

I was just informed about  escalation of disinformation in regards to  Viziv  (point A to point B energy transmission)
as well as my own videos about Viziv and Schumann waveguide energy  extraction that are heavily scrutinized in some parts of the internet .
From  one hand this is quite good,because "negative information"  known also in  EU by word  anti-reclama ( anty-reklama)
 works similar to "information"  making information to be more popular.

So my publicly available  work was highly likely found by some Russian authorities  too disturbing.
But not only that. Scrutiny is applied to  whole Viziv, Tesla Tower ,and Zenneck Wave on
Hackaday forum.
So we have main two characters  there :
Mark- positive character  explaining  and delivering.
Michael Anderson - assigned by me as  negative character,
"his" conduct looks for me as work of entire team of not so much educated in subject matter Russian  specialists  of  disinformation .
Some of them with good  and some with not so good  English skills .
He is jumping off taking it to the sides ,not listening, reading, analyzing,and what I also  found so much disturbing is
that  Michael Anderson is defecating on our American and Western  education and scientific recognition.
in this case,  apparently BS, MS and PhD really DOES stand for “Bull-s***”, “More of the Same” and “Piled higher and Deeper.”

Mark in response to Michael Anderson  negative comment, is delivering understanding to the audience .
So why I mentioned it here?
Mark was trying number of times to respond to  Michael Anderson but  his posts have been hold for days, before they went published or never published.
So why Michael Anderson  had "no problem"  but Mark did?
In the advance of Russian "RUNET" limiting information to Russian audience, they use algorithms
analyzing text, cutting words and sentences in both scientific and  thematic areas that are inconvenient, to ruling Russian elite.
They also spend money on  some of our Western analyzing services giving them requested format of scrutiny.
So after so many  attempts , Mark finally used  wording  format,  that delivers information that is fooling mathematical algorithm,
without creating an attention of  life coordinators, Censors  cutting words , trimming sentences .

Correction: as of today  that whole comment of Mark fallowing thematically Viziv discussion was removed .
But now,  that may raise  your concern about 
who is the owner of Hackaday?
Who Hackaday works for ?


-whole horde of paid  individuals is working for interest of the Russian elite that is  frozen in time in their evolution, 
for already 101 years since 1918 and that empire is slowly coming to its end.
As a subject of their predatory action in 2011 during my trip to Tariel Kapanadze likely I was not terminated, because I was lucky. I only got sick.
New development:
Mark pointed  few times at possible Russian internet  intelligence service scrutiny on Hackaday forum.
From one hand, there  is nothing wrong with Russian ownership of any forum on our Western World cyber space .
this is free world  and everyone should have equal chances .
However after few days Mark's comments was chopped again,single words were cut and removed.
After that  most of  his responses to Michael Anderson were deleted.
The whole chapter where <"Michael Anderson"> who had no problem there to publicly , "defecate" at our Western education system and scientific recognition was removed too.

For curiosity if one wants to find how censorship works  from outside of known to us Western world  you may try to publish something there :)
I strongly suggest however to avoid such forums,
or if you really want to have extreme experiences  than it always helps to:
-be consulted by your IT  professional,
-having "fingerprint" changed every 2 minutes
-double fire wall
-and at best  use someone else internet connection .
some of my friends have 2 or 3 different providers.

After:-9/11, my office at WTC1
-2011 my visit to Kapanadze
-2013 unwanted "visit" of Venezuelans at one of my houses.
-2019 I was sprayed with virus straight in my face.
nothing  really surprises me  to much.

Legal note;
I'm expressing only my own personal  opinion here,  based on constitution of USA.
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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
« Reply #182 on: April 10, 2020, 08:38:50 PM »

New developement  about Viziv Technology in response to Mark comment :


George says:April 2, 2020 at 8:43 pmLet me try to clear the air here.
I worked for a company that invested in this and I had the opportunity to visit this site.
I got to see first hand over 1KW (a one HP motor was operating with no interconnecting wires)
received at over 1km. This was using one of the smaller devices, not the big tower.
The big tower was under construction and was testing using just a few watts..
The small tower/device was running about 5KW from a AM broadcast transmitter.
This project is real and there is no magic.
The Corum’s are first rate scientists and have been identified by the US government
as a national resource with their work at Airforce Cambridge.
I had the chance to talk with them at the Viziv/Texzon facility.
They are considered THE authority on Tesla’s RF work and Ball Lightning by the
Russians and Americans both.
They indicated that they had full access to all the Tesla documents in Belgrade
while working with the 1st and 2nd directors and hinted there is nothing at Wright Pat.
They made it clear the work in Milford is to basically make and “extension cord”
for power and global communications with very low power and phased arrays for location.
There is no free energy nonsense. Their calm is that they discovered how to produce a
Zenneck Surface wave by illuminating the ground with RF fields at the Brewster angle.
A Zenneck wave drops off as one over the square root of the distance.
However when a load is connected to earth all the power went to the load with minor losses.
During the presentation they indicated it was much the same as using teledeltos paper.


They showed us a laser pointer reflected off the conference room table, at the Brewster angle
there was no reflection.
But, if you looked along the edge of the table the light was very bright.
They explained the light energy was trapped along the surface of the table.
 They spent 40 years trying to figure out how to do the same thing with RF.
They indicated the obstacle was the earth dirt around the tower.
Apparently the dirt was frequency sensitive and it made the Brewster angle non real and complicated.
That was when they lost me.
Some how they made a complicated Brewster angle by playing
with the phase between the vertical and horizontal parts of the local RF fields.
This somehow this made an infinite plane.
I hope some day they publish what is behind all the patents.
They did not mention anything about Schumann resonance as you have alluded to above.
They only said their wave guide was one sided just the ground and they work very hard to prevent radiation.
Their real joy was the the replication of an experiment done by Bell Labs in the mid 30s.
The Corum’s were able to demonstrate that the 1930s experiment was incomplete.


They replicated what Bell Labs did and then demonstrated that if the radiation was removed
by making the structure very small and the RF fields were just so for the water, a ZenneckSurface
wave could be produced.
That proved that Zenneck and Sommerfield were right back around 1910.
With Zenneck waves there are no near and far fields, just a traveling wave with very low loss.
From what I was able to get out of the presentation regarding Tesla was that they had reproduced
Tesla’s Colorado Springs experiment and sent power 25 miles.
They were quite adamant that thereare no Tesla secrets and no cover ups.
Everything you need is in the existing Tesla literature.
What is not in the literature is the “how does it work”.
That is in their patents and 40 years of hard labor.
One of the Corum’s had a big sign in his office,Do what Tesla tells you to do and you get the same results.
Don’t try to do what you think Tesla did (something like that).
There was also a working replica of one of Tesla receivers in his office.
It was the same one he used to listen to the Jovian decametric signals and hear one, two, three.
There was also a working replica of the “eagle bug” from the great seal from the US embassy in Russia.
Who knows what else they are working on…
It was a fascinating day spent at Milford, TX.



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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
« Reply #183 on: May 12, 2020, 03:47:59 AM »
quick notes:
consulted with Dr Hans for publishing
Wesley's publication
for side viewer there is a need to:
-watch case supporting material only few minutes. All videos starts from given time frame.
-realize that <array>  of interest is an energy beam that is tilted in desired  direction to avoid refraction and reflection  from the  interface.
-terminology  and Viziv concept applied practically is based on phasing coils stacked vertically is explained in my video link below.   

applied to:
material for analysis of wave tilt at Brewster Angle in practice.
material for analysis  of phase components causing  beam tilt at desired  direction

case supporting material study:
TSP #170 - Is 5G Dangerous?
Basics of Antennas and Beamforming - Massive MIMO Networks
note: down beam.
Polarization of an antenna watch for 1.5 minute.
Hackaday Supercon - HunterScott : Why Phased Arrays are Cool and How to Build One
I have mixed  opinion about Hackaday
Gentleman presenting  phase ray has no  experience  apart from being passionate and he is looking for  some others who will educate him.
I suspect Hackaday  of being <somewhat Russian influenced>
cheap way to get information by  attracting  hobbyists and passionate individuals.
Phased Array Demonstration System
important only as visual representation of directionality  of narrow beam of energy .

Lecture 21 (EM21) -- Surface waves
This lecture introduces the student to the concept of surfaces waves.
It describes why they exist identifies a number of different types of surfaces waves. 
Extra detail is provided on ways to couple energy into surface waves, surface plasmons,
 and Dyakonov surface waves.


a.consult with:   Corum patents -by analysis of
Dr James Corum phasing coils /slow wave
b. environment:

- vertical HV coil
- standing wave
- set of phasing coils
- slow wave stands for delay
- angle of incident, adjusted to approx 62 degrees down  from top capacitor as the highest in elevation.
- slow wave adjustment by slider at one of  coils
-set of multiple coils serving as HV coil.
-signal is delivered to two or more phasing coils in vertical arrangement
- time delay for directing beam
- set for no reflection and no refraction
-start from 52MHz after successful test go down to 1.8MHz
  than to any frequency  below e.g 200kHz
- for test  from 52 to 1.8MHz you can use Yaesu or Kenwood e.g. Kenwood 2000
watch for SWR!!

got you Vova by the b/alls .
специальная форма подарка c США - с днём победы 9 мая
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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
« Reply #184 on: May 13, 2020, 03:20:58 PM »
быстрые записки:
проконсультировались с Доктором Хансом для того, чтобы издаать замет публикацию *
Wesley's Publication
 для зрителя есть потребность:
-Смотреть <изучение материала> всего несколько минут.
- Все видео начинаются с с заданного периода времени..
- понять, что  <array> который нас интересует, это энергетический луч, который наклонен в   желательно-нужном направлении, чтобы избежать "преломления" и отражения от интерфейса.
 - Терминология и концепция Viziv, , применяемая практически на основе фазирующих катушек, уложенных вертикально, объясняется в моей видео ссылке ниже.
применяется :
-к материалу для анализа наклона волны под углом Брюстера на практике.
-к материалy для анализа фазовых компонентов, вызывающих наклон луча в нужном направлении
изучение материала:
TSP #170 - Is 5G Dangerous?
Basics of Antennas and Beamforming - Massive MIMO Networks
note: down beam.
Polarization of an antenna
Поляризация антенны,. пожалуйста, смотрите в течение 1,5 минут.________________________________________________________
Hackaday Supercon - HunterScott : Why Phased Arrays are Cool and How to Build One
У меня есть смешанное мнение о Hackaday
Джентльмен не имеет никакого опыта кроме того, о, что он ищет некоторых других, которые будут его обучать.
 Я подозреваю, что Hackaday находится *под неким российским контролем* - дешевый способ получать информацию, привлекая любителей и страстных людей.
Phased Array Demonstration System
important only as visual representation of directionality  of narrow beam of energy .
Демонстрационная система с фазированной" решеткой" важна только как визуальное представление направленности узкого пучка энергии.

Lecture 21 (EM21) -- Surface waves
Лекция 21 (EM21) - Поверхностные волны Эта лекция знакомит слушателя с понятием поверхностных волн.
- описывает, почему  Поверхностные волны существуют,
идентифицирует ряд различных типов поверхностных волн.
Дополнительная информация о способах объединения энергии в поверхностные волны, поверхностные плазмоны и поверхностные волны Дьяконова.

Краткое изложение :
a.консульт с патентами Corum - анализ фазирующих катушек доктора Джеймса Корума
медленная волна
phasing coils /slow wave

b.  среда :
- вертикальная высоковольтная катушка
- стоячая волна
- набор фазирующих катушек
- медленная волна обозначает задержку
 - угол падения, отрегулированный примерно на 62 градуса вниз от верхнего     конденсатора как самый высокий по высоте.
-регулировка медленнoй  волны с помощью ползунка на одной из катушек;
 - набор нескольких катушек, служащих/, выступающих в качестве катушки HV.
- сигнал доставляется двум или более фазирующим катушкам в вертикальном расположении
-задержка по времени ( zamiedlienie )направляющего луча
- устанавливается без отражения и без преломления
-запуск с 52 МГц после успешного испытания понижается до 1,8 МГц, чем до любой частоты ниже, например, 200 кГц -
- для испытания с 52МГц до 1,8 МГц вы можете использовать Yaesu или Kenwood, например  Kenwood 2000
Будьте осторожны и следите за КСВ !!! (SWR)

поймал тебя Вова за я/йца.

специальная форма подарка c США - с днём победы 9 мая



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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
« Reply #185 on: May 29, 2020, 07:33:56 AM »

Part 1 EEV blog criticism creates  protest  of   FE community



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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
« Reply #186 on: May 29, 2020, 02:40:36 PM »
re.  video:
Part 1: EEV blog criticism creates  protest  of   FE community

In number of videos  EEV blog videos  are calling FE community with names.

I respect his freedom of expression however  there are some boundaries gentleman must not cross. 
Entire forum of EEV blog in topic
"Bullshit: Texzon Wireless Power"
has also rights to  freedom of expression according to American freedom of speech rights.

However when balance is not kept and:

-individuals who examined Viziv Tesla tower are terminated from EEV blog,
 - FE activists are  scrutinized  by  that forum
 - activists are banned  by the owner of  YouTube EEV Blog

EEV blog  own activity  in this area looks like paid by  oil based , feared  Eastern regimes targeted action.

  ....than we are dealing no longer  with  freedom of expression but with one party propaganda in good "soviet style"
It is great discomfort to  address my complain to that definitely
talented  high level professional, but if it is needed  it will be massive response form FE community in all forums.

Let's go to the next one:
The Hackaday forum is  even worse....
Hackaday  is making changes to original comments changing its meaning ,
and that is  falsification.
Posts are altered , words are cut and this is against  American  law .
*My video is friendly  to EEV blog , and I hope we can avoid escalation  of that  situation,*

I don't say the same  about Hackaday forum
- they didn't deserve any respect from our community .

George send by investor to examine
Viziv Tesla Tower was terminated by EEV Blog  for copying his own comment from Hackaday and posting it  on EEV blog.

Mark  complained
Mark complains about altering his own text ,cutting words discomfortable to Russian Troll Agency  RIRA



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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
« Reply #187 on: June 01, 2020, 11:42:52 PM »

Understanding of energy  conversion, extraction, transfer and in future video if approved to extraction of Energy from  Schumann Waveguide .
That includes Tariel Kapanadze  device as in line with this material.
1. Who this material is for
2. reasoning
3. history - key people
4. history of discovery 5. Zenneck wave
6. main phenomena
7. claimed  achievements
8. explanation of wave tilt a. Brewster  Angle vs Wave Angle
9. summary

1. для кого это или  для кого  нет
2. причина публикации
3. история - ключевые люди
4. история
5. Zenneck wave волна Зеннека
6. основные явления
7. заявленные достижения
8. объяснение наклона волны
a. Угол Брюстера против Угол Волны
9.  Сводка
1. Who this material is for - this material is for  scientists and experimenters having sufficient level
of  understanding of physical phenomena behind claimed  discovery based on  any available evidence or proof.
This material is not for entertainment, and is not made to prove or is denying proof of concept nor
is trying to convince  anyone.
1. для кого это или  для кого  нет - этот материал предназначен для ученых и экспериментаторов,
имеющих достаточный уровень понимания физических явлений, стоящих за заявленным открытием,
на основе любых имеющихся доказательств Этот материал не предназначен для развлечения
и не предназначен для опровержения доказательства концепции, и не пытается убедить кого-либо.


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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
« Reply #188 on: June 08, 2020, 02:56:46 AM » matching when using 100 to 500kHz for
Tx Tesla Tower with your experiments.The frequency of the generator   
that was was used  in  my team test   was in  the range of 450 KHz Variometer 
can be used for it.
The problem we have experienced was impedance matching from 50 Ohm 
to whatever the primary of Tesla was asking for .
So in this link you have very helpful information .
My experience is that some articles from this site  disappears in time,

Note :
We were testing Two Tesla coil configuration
distance > 21m to <500m between towers important
to notice is that plenty of Ham transceivers are easily  modifiable.
That means Tx  of transceiver can be unblocked to operate at outside of
Ham  Frequencies.the example  of such  rig is on the picture below  in the comment
such as Icom 706
ranging in price from 300 to 700 US dollars.The other advantage is that 
all of the frequencies tested by Dr James Corum from Viziv  including 53MHz are there .
So it is one tool for all .It must be noted  that  anyone can have such device but use of it
is reserved to Ham Radio operators. :)
And I have in my team  such  guys.

PS: modification link:,113

this link shows  on the top  modification to 475KHz but it ask for log in.


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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
« Reply #189 on: June 08, 2020, 04:34:23 AM »


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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
« Reply #190 on: June 14, 2020, 09:42:23 PM »
Part 1 of preparation and understanding:

general rules:
1. Zenneck Wave doesn't radiate !!!
but it Near Field before it enters earth air interface at  Brewster Angle
2. After you  establish proper energy  transfer  into interface it  is not important if it is 1W or 31kW.
3. if you successful in this training from A to B points over the distance  and using this experience you try extracting
energy from Schumann waveguide than amount of energy received doesn't have limit.
but it does
more in my future videos..
4. Zenneck Wave is solution of Maxwell  Equations  and there is not yet  any regulation created in this area
5. if you are able to transfer mW than you  are able to transfer W without any change  to the structure Tx Rx
and than kW and than MW however  at kW/MW Tx is simply more rigid ...that's all.

Some difficulties to keep Frequency of operation in research of Zenneck Wave
and energy transfer  on a distance  lies in   regulations.
The rule here is the lower is the frequency the better is performance due to lower losses on the signal.
Scientific explanation of mentioned  phenomena  is not explained  in this article .

Frequency of operation for  registered Hams available is

Option  of LF:

1/4 Y  wavelength  resonant antenna ~ 1/4 mile  of mile.
But when coiled it is not longer that 6 ft  ( or smaller on 6" former )
 Bandwidth: 135.7–137.8 kHz to the Amateur Service on Friday 9 November 2007.
Max ERP power 1W.
Effective radiated power (ERP),-
Band planThe 2005 IARU Region 1 Conference defined the band as follows:[3]
 135.7–136.0 kHzStation
Tests and transatlantic reception window136.0–137.4 kHz
Telegraphy137.4–137.6 kHz
Non-Telegraphy digital modes137.6–137.8 kHz
Very slow telegraphy centred on 137.7 kHz

I have 2 of Cober 606 ..a much better  option is probably  Velonex 360
Make sure that you have proper plugins ( internal generator or BNC for external  generator)
that weight around 80kg  both operates at  similar  31kW from 10kHz to 1MHz
special license is only required if energy is radiated .But there is no license to have it and use it on proper load  e.g dummy load.
another story is if there is commercial or  research or university entity that has  suitable credentials issued by FCC.

however there is another band that doesn't require license and that is :
But FCC regulation must apply.

receiver :
E.G Late 1940's Hallicrafters steel cabinet AM-FM broadcast band only receiver, covers
55-170 Khz AM, 88-108 Mhz FM.Cubic CDR-3250 LF-HF Receiver 10 KHz thru 30 MHz Mil Spec DSP Shortwave Radio

but  for tests  of low power there are other indicators so receiver is not needed .

Surprisingly to some of you  this is also schematic of Tesla Amplifying coil.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And this is simplified schematic of working device for energy transfer
 from A to B .
Tx and Rx are exactly the same with the difference that  at the top of the coil there is not an antenna but top capacitor whose regulated elevation
is used for tuning.

My recent video is here:

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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
« Reply #191 on: June 14, 2020, 11:19:50 PM »
 31kW generator for Tx
However Velonex 360 may be much better

 Cober 606 high power pulse generator with P-27 low-level pulser.
Functionally equivalent to the Velonex 360.
The Cober 606 is a versatile,
High- Power Pulse Generator that produces a broad range of excellent wave shape
pulses at peak powers of up to 31 Kw.
Very fast rise and fall times, high repetition rates, and a wide range of pulse widths are obtainable.
The unit is capable of operation over the full range and at either negative or positive polarities
without the use of costly plug-ins.
The above and many additional features make the
Cober 606 a most flexible and useful high-power pulse generator .
The 606 is complete with a pulser module for selecting
the pulse width and rep rate, or the user may inject his own
10-volt external pulse. In fact, the 606 may be provided without the
pulser module for those who desire to use their standard low-level laboratory units.
The output from the 606 is continuously adjustable from 0 to 2,500 volts
at an output current of 12.5 amperes. The output voltage is read directly
on a front panel meter, and a 1000:1 capacitance divider allows scope
monitoring of the output wave shape.
The pulse width is variable from 50 nanoseconds to 10 milliseconds,
and the repetition rate is adjustable from a single shot to 1 MHz.
Rise time is adjustable upwards from 20 nanoseconds.
"Floating Deck" circuitry allows 5 KV D. C. isolation of the pulse
from ground and permits either positive or negative pulse polarities,
as selected by the operator. No accessories are required for up to 5 KV D.C.
isolation or pulse polarity reversal. Pulse transformers are available in the event higher
D.C. isolation is desired or for other voltage and current combinations.
Overload circuits, zero start interlocks, and fusing are some of the
safety features that provide full protection to equipment, load and personnel.
testing. Specific applications include use as a power source for
solid-state devices such as Gunn diodes, solid-state lasers and electro-optical
modulators; driving source for gridded and cathode pulsed power tubes, particularly microwave tubes.
The 606 is used for performing destructive or nondestructive testing of
electrical and electronic components and for determining their electrical and life characteristics.
The high voltage and power of the 606 makes it ideal for pulsing gas lasers, plasma tubes and
gas discharge devices.
The high rep rate capability of the 606 makes it especially useful for applications where pulse coding
is desired — bursts with pulse-to-pulse spacing of less than 1 microsecond are available.
The 606 also finds application in the pulse testing of magnetic components as well of other applications.
Buyer may pick up in Ventura ,CA 93060.Item
weighs  approx.150 lbs.. ....
OUTPUT VOLTAGE (Peak) 0-2500 Volts
Output Current (Peak) 0-12.5 Amperes
Pulse Power (Peak) 0 to>31KW
Duty Factor at Full Power 1.5%
Pulse Polarity (Selectable by Operator): Positive or Negative
Rise Time(nanoseconds) 20
Fall Time(nanoseconds) 35
Pulse Width at full power-(microseconds)0.05-3000
At reduced power-0.05-10,000
Pulse Repetition Rate: one shot-1,000,000 p.p.s.
Droop at full current 0.004%/microsecond*
Overshoot: Less than 5%
Jitter:(nanoseconds): Less than 5
Ringing:Less than 2%
Floating Output Insulation: 5KV D.C.
Input Power: 115/230 Volts,50/60Hz Single Phase,10 Amperes
Size: 19"W x221/4"D x14"H
Weight: 150 lbs.



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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
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this is for these who understand
High Power Plasma Generator PVM2000



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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
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Dave  you have  rights  to express  your opinion.
I think that  Dave manifests  problem with  basic fundamental  knowledge  about physics of electromagnetic wave.
Here  in this part of forum we ask  you  Dave for link/support/prove/or evidence of your statement if there  is any.
When accepted and known laws of physics  and its models are questioned by anyone it is  nothing wrong with challenging such individuals.
We want the space of this forum to be  condensed to   maximum with  valuable and useful  data.
Sorry I missed this one if you look in The old Sciantists vids he demonstrates this with a radio set up inside to tin box's


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Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
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Sorry I missed this one if you look in The old Sciantists vids he demonstrates this with a radio set up inside to tin box's

I didn't find  this particular  video  of TheOldScientist   however I do remember it
The whole story about Faraday  cage :
In the video
Faraday Cage
We see that nothing  effects  object inside of it.
However spectrum of spark  is in its maximum of ~1GHz
and electromagnetic field around is measured by electrostatic charge accumulated  on the object.
In another video we have exactly the same problem  that was mentioned by The Old Scientist.
The Difference Between Grounded and Ungrounded Faraday Cages Regarding AM, FM & 2.4 GHz WiFi
Faraday Cage - Chicken Wire vs Aluminum Foil
In this video you see the  difference between chicken wire cage and  aluminum  foil cage.

some explanation: 
-If the size of grid made from Chicken Wire  is higher than  wavelength of the signal than  that wave can penetrate inside of the chicken wire  Faraday box.
-if the size of chicken wire grid  is  lower than only part of that energy is attenuated  and that also depends from polarization of the wave.
now lets go to  full aluminum Faraday box and here we have few surprises.
Instead of  Faraday aluminum box   always  shielding any frequency we may see that  e.g cellphones at 2.4Ghz works there
At some instances we may  also see that FM at 93 MHz is also working but attenuated to some level.
So what is going on?
I hope someone will provide  the answer to it before I come up with it.


some addition:How Powering with Atmospheric Electricity Works
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