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Steven Greer?


Hi all,

This dude has claimed to have worked with people much like the people who may visit this site, to develop a free energy system. He is apparently funnelling money into a lab to develop them and using documentary money for the very purpose. He is apparently trying to gather people with working free energy devices and offering compensation and protection.

My concern is that it’s been 20 years and they still haven’t come out with even a small working prototype. On the Joe Rogan Podcast he said it would take 6 million to show something. So it’s possible they might not be there just yet. Beardan said it would cost around 50 million.

I’ve read on here a guy who tried to reach out to them but was met with hostility. I’m not sure on what grounds. Greer talks about how they’ve had to deal with a lot of frauds claiming to have a working free energy device but didn’t- so it might be that.

If they were out to disclose these technologies do you think they would have by now? As there seem to be working prototypes on here and elsewhere. Has anyone developed and show diagrams on how to make a 5kW+ system? As that is what Greers team is particularly searching for.

They could just be a front to suppress the tech further.

If anyone has more info on the guy that would benefit everyone as surprisingly his name is not thrown around that often on this forum.


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