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Title: H2IL - overunity electrolysis tests
Post by: hartiberlin on September 07, 2019, 01:27:41 AM
Here is a new overview video of the new overunity hydrogen electrolysis testcoupling it with a fuel cell in a smaller cell setup and getting 168 % efficiency. ( ( Clean, Sustainable and Reliable Energy that will benefit the whole world. View the verification reports, spreadsheets,graphs and CCTV footage in the Verification page at: Game-changing Energy Solution: ( How it Works: ( H2 Innovation Lab is about to demonstrate something the world has never seen until now. Clean, endless and self-sustaining energy is considered to be the holy grail and H2IL is about to demonstrate this in a real world application. Never before has more than 100% energy efficiency been achieved or demonstrated using medium conversion from electricity to hydrogen than back to electricity. Never before has the world seen a demonstration where more output electricity is being generated than the input supply of electricity and without the use of common renewable energy sources. While the world of physics is attempting to achieve this degree of efficiency for a 1 minute period using nuclear fusion, H2IL is achieving a sustainable 20 fold or 2000% efficiency, not for just 1 minute but constantly. Yes that is 20 times the input energy and fully supported by the laws of thermodynamics. Several tests have been performed using a small suitcase demo version of this game-changing energy technology.  The generated pure hydrogen is fed directly into a PEM fuel cell where it’s converted back into electricity. The output electricity is measured and monitored alongside the input electricity.  All data is lodged along with real-time interface captured on screen.  An time stamped, 8 camera CCTV recording with and one channel viewing back on it’s TV monitor, ensures no post editing or trick photography has taken place. This recording method makes it as reliable as live stream viewing, acceptable proof in a court of law, and second best to being there on site. Creditable, independent verification will also be published over time. If you have an interest in renewable energy at any level then you’ll want to view this report. Be sure to keep posted to the verification page of the H2 Innovation Lab website. Please share the video link. The more attention it gets, the more likely it will be noticed by the  major energy corporate and entrepreneurial groups. Thank you for your support.

Title: Re: H2IL - overunity electrolysis tests
Post by: ARMCORTEX on September 07, 2019, 04:23:33 AM
Reveal the secret file they sent you.
Title: Re: H2IL - overunity electrolysis tests
Post by: MasterPlaster on September 07, 2019, 11:55:32 AM
Reveal the secret file they sent you.
Surely you have realized the pattern of such revelations by now.
Title: Re: H2IL - overunity electrolysis tests
Post by: ARMCORTEX on September 07, 2019, 03:30:57 PM
What are you saying? Another BS paper that is fraud and there to waste our time?

I notice in their youtube videos, one of the comments indicated they were growing scared, like they had a "plan B" in case they dont get immediatly rich.

Plan B involved leaking, they said this in YT comment. I guess if they are not dead this means its fraud?

Title: Re: H2IL - overunity electrolysis tests
Post by: conradelektro on September 07, 2019, 05:06:59 PM
My opinion:
Someone had an idea, something has been developed, grand and optimistic videos and plans have been conceived.
But now they hit a wall. The magic electrolyte stops working after a few hours.
More money, more time and more development is needed (for ever, as with all wonder machines).
So, one goes public with unsubstantiated claims. One has to make promises which will never become true.
The usual story since hundreds of years. And always, some will fall for it, some will lose money and some may even make money (but not for long).
Greetings, Conrad