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Author Topic: Creating TPU Steven_Mark  (Read 66832 times)

Offline kajunbee

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Re: Creating TPU Steven_Mark
« Reply #210 on: January 04, 2020, 05:56:36 PM »
No problem, I was going by the description on another thread and there was no mention of a core. So that's what had me thrown off. I incorrectly assumed that the horizontal coils were the core material. But going back to crash angels first post he mentions a toroid.

Offline Toolofcortex

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Re: Creating TPU Steven_Mark
« Reply #211 on: January 04, 2020, 06:00:49 PM »
Its a core made of wire, the wire can be iron or an alloy of, maybe even china silver. its something that you must shoot a signal through and maximize node sites from kirchoff zero current node algebraic sum zero.

Its at these nodes that the electrons shoot out from the wire perpendicularly, and then you collect these, and accelerate these, with a combination of magical frequencies.

You will never understand or finish in time without thta excellently explained and researched video.


Serves you people well not to save videos when I tell you to. No biggie, you just die.

Offline Toolofcortex

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Re: Creating TPU Steven_Mark
« Reply #212 on: January 05, 2020, 12:28:57 AM »

typing the word "kirchoff" in search tab brings much interresting discussions.

Offline sm0ky2

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Re: Creating TPU Steven_Mark
« Reply #213 on: January 05, 2020, 04:52:14 AM »
Yes there’s a Toroid......

It’s kind of in the title.

No it doesn’t have to be made of iron.
it does have to be paramagnetic.
“ferrous” usually applies to iron or its’ alloys but there
are also cobalt, nickel, and some of the rare earth metals.

It’s most certainly an alloy, which allows it to take on an induced
field, but not retain magnetism.

Beyond that it probably does’t matter, except to note that SM
would have used the material with the fastest response time available
to him, and this would have been a custom semiconductor grade
ceramic ferrite.
Much like the Toroids we still use today, only larger.
A VERY specific diameter!
and if you are choosing to ignore what SM says about wire length
you are wasting your time.
But I wish you the best of luck

If you have to proportions and parameters correct,
you can build a working circuit of any size, shape, or dimensions.
But it requires a source.
Tesla and Bendini used oscillators,
Stiffler used another equivalent circuit that operated from impulses
from earth-ground.
SM and another of Tesla’s circuits use a natural source of the atmospheric
They are essentially the same circuit drawn in different ways.
Simplify them all with common electronics transform techniques
and you end up with the same transistor powered Tesla circuit sold on EBay.
This uses its’ own built in driver from the a/c wall plug.
Bruce showed us how to do the same thing wirelessly
And only a few paid attention.

The electromagnetic field occupies a volume of space.
It doesn’t really care what’s in that space......
time the oscillations to work together.
and you can charge a multitude of coils in that space and discharge them
so they charge one another, and add to the original impulse.
The amplitude will continue to grow if you don’t use it......

Offline Toolofcortex

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Re: Creating TPU Steven_Mark
« Reply #214 on: January 05, 2020, 04:55:45 AM »
I have all the knowledge, right here with my Bruce_TPU videos.

Now all is gone.

Now get burnt all you unwise peasants. Apocalypse is near hahahaha.

Alloys are in my mindset, yes. But will remain cheap as this is fuel.

Wire lenght is a part that sucks, if a coil doesnt work after like 2 years on the bench consider it dud.

This is brute force 500k $ operation.

Offline Toolofcortex

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Re: Creating TPU Steven_Mark
« Reply #215 on: January 05, 2020, 05:59:40 AM »
Yeah it will be a big operation. For big balls alpha male, armed with much $, much skill, and Bruce_TPU videos.

I can almost taste the free energy, feel the heat of a constantly heated pool parties yeah...

and also, I think it should be bifilar wound, the core loop made of alloy wire.

This should be a non inductive wound wire resistor, as to make the wire in "reset mode" as quick as possible, before any current was ever put in it.

As it was when it was "in synch" with the earth.

Offline onepower

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Re: Creating TPU Steven_Mark
« Reply #216 on: January 05, 2020, 07:19:31 AM »
My only question would be is anyone here not a paid corporate shill or fucking psychopath spamming the threads with incoherent psychobabble?.

Offline sm0ky2

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Re: Creating TPU Steven_Mark
« Reply #217 on: January 05, 2020, 02:52:09 PM »
It’s just the same one from before he changed his name

Out of hundreds of comments and replies he has had absolutely
nothing of value to add to any threads he posted in....

The few rare occasions I thought he actually said something useful....
Turns out he was quoting someone earlier in the discussion.

Not sure what motivates someone to waste their time with nonsense
and naysayersness. And yes psychobabble is probably the appropriate term.

If he spent half the energy and time actually being helpful, he has the potential
to help push one of these technologies along.
Doubtful that he will, but I’m somewhat of an optimist when it comes to humans.

Offline Toolofcortex

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Re: Creating TPU Steven_Mark
« Reply #218 on: January 05, 2020, 03:01:02 PM »
I have already said that everything Bruce said is important and that all his videos were important.

Over unity is a lonely quest, and the higher you get the more lonely you are.

Making you all completely useless.

You people are too lazy to even save videos.

Offline sm0ky2

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Re: Creating TPU Steven_Mark
« Reply #219 on: January 05, 2020, 03:13:42 PM »
If you start with the stiffler circuit he gives you detailed instructions
How to measure and test what we are doing.
How the Impulse stacks up over time.
Once you learn how it works, you can move on to a more compact design
Where the coils sit inside one another.

Get that to work with a known frequency impulse.
At no distance.
Now you have a TPU.

Build another amplifier to pick up the same impulse at a distance.
Now you have wireless energy transmission.

Now here’s the part where this technology diverts from standard
waveform transformation:
In practice and theory we assume a condition on non-interference.
If otherwise, we create a known condition of destructive interference.
(remember the ferrite beads and ominous resistors?)

These circuits work on another principal, that of constructive interference.
We learn this in school, then the lesson goes immediately into how to get rid of it.
Go back to the beginning, the math is all there in your book. We just don’t use it.

Remember the experiment with the single fixed-end rope, that is given an impulse
at a set frequency proportional to a wavelength division of the rope length.
What happens?
This is the same as when wind tears down a bridge, or the Tesla earthquake machine.
Our human solution? Wind disruptors!!! Get rid of all that free energy, because it’s more
than we used to build the bridge in the first place!

A small impulse, amplified and stacked up over time can amount to near infinite energy.
(actually only up to the input of the source over time, but SM’s source is bigger than us)

Understand this device is based on well known and well established physical properties of
the universe.
Just not ones that are prevalent in our current society. (This was not always the case)
Look at the dimensions and symmetry of oldworld architecture.
Some of the ones that are still intact play natural music when the wind blows.
And create physical vibration in walls, towers, and fenceposts that can power all sorts of
generators. Simple vibrational generators, the gave electricity to civilizations far in the past.
Something we only recently “rediscovered”.

It seems like a lot to take in, but those of us that were here 20 years ago watched it happen
in our own time with the Solar Death Ray of Archimedes (356 B.C.)
And the Eric Jacqmain adventures that brought the technology into our modern world.
Today there are massive solar deathrays powering cities worldwide.

Never underestimate the work we do here.
Bringing technological awareness to the public is the first step towards freeing ourselves
from the economic slavery enforced upon us by the capitalist regime.

Offline Toolofcortex

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Re: Creating TPU Steven_Mark
« Reply #220 on: January 05, 2020, 03:46:02 PM »
The core will be composed of bifilar wound magnetic alloy, wich should be cheap and abundant.

A standing wave is setup for there to be nodes of zero current.

The wavelength should be small to maximize node sites.

The wavelength should be a multiple of 7.8hz, but with such high multiples does precision even matter?

Then the rest is controlled by a master algorithm that will mine the frequencies.

With many many coils.

It’s the same thing as bitcoin but even more venture.

Offline Raycathode

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Re: Creating TPU Steven_Mark
« Reply #221 on: January 05, 2020, 03:59:29 PM »
Have you bothered to look at SM's original there is nothing in it ! so where is all your stuff hidden ?

Offline Toolofcortex

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Re: Creating TPU Steven_Mark
« Reply #222 on: January 05, 2020, 04:10:48 PM »
I don’t know what you mean and no I have not bothered.

There is 13 years of posting on the TPU.

Offline kajunbee

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Re: Creating TPU Steven_Mark
« Reply #223 on: January 05, 2020, 04:15:31 PM »
Don't worry Smoky, our paths run parralel. I may zig when I should of zagged sometimes. But still headed the same direction.

Offline sm0ky2

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Re: Creating TPU Steven_Mark
« Reply #224 on: January 05, 2020, 04:25:30 PM »
None of our technology is ours, save that which was derived in the
last century.

All else was deciphered from ancient texts and reverse engineered
from that which we found.
The Crooke who stole radiology and claimed it to be his own invention.
or the thousands of early patents that gave innumerable wealth to families.
Information was coming in so fast we didn’t know what to do with it.
Much of which has sat on shelves, still undeciphered to this day.
Stolen, all of it. These inventors didn’t even know how much of it worked.
The physics to represent much of the inherited technology did not yet exist.
We still don’t have a full understanding of these machines today,
even when we build and test them.

Why is this relevant?
I was educated as an electronics/computer engineer, specializing in robots.
As an entrepreneur I created a robotics company. They have fascinated me
since the robots of science fiction I read about as a child.

As a historian, I had a chance to observe fist-hand a robotic mechanism from
shortly after the collapse of the Bronze Age, in a time when everything was
supposed to be “dark”.

Among many artistic city scene drawings showing illuminated buildings and street lights
Lighthouses, lighttowers on hilltops and major junctions, lamps in buildings, etc.
Images of people, do detailed it could not have been drawn by hand.
(determined to be an unknown magnetic imaging technology)
Was an array of mechanisms. Mostly physically mechanical, having drive wheels or
cranks to turn,gears,  weights and pulleys, etc.

There was one that stood out. It looked like a man, or rather an armored knight.
This machine had no external cranks no internal weights, no visible drive mechanism.
At least at first sight.... Being an engineer , I had no choice but to examine this mechine
in an attempt to figure out how/what it did.

Each system of the robot was broken down into specific drivetrains internally.
But otherwise resembled a grandfather clock.
While some of the gears shared common fixed axles, it was clear that they were not
interconnected, and that the gear systems each operated independently with no common
drive mechanism, flywheel, etc.
Each system was driven independently. And operated a physical motion of each of the
legs, arms, hands, head, torso, and various mechanisms, most of which had been removed or
destroyed long ago.

What was curious was that each drivetrain terminated with a small gear driving a large gear
Adjacent to the small gear was a curved strip of metal that resembles that inside a thermostat
or mechanical thermometer (but only one strip not a bi-metal)
The strip was connnected at one end to an antenna that protruded externally near the top of
the robot. Each antenna was of a different size.
And not physically connected internally, but rather had a separation material of unknown
composition between the receiving antenna and its outer casing.

My conclusion at the time was that each system was operated somehow by a specific frequency
radio transmission.
The control panel, which was stationary and somehow powered (by the building!?!)
was very similar to the stiffler circuit but had glass bulb like pieces that looked like an
oversized vacuum tube, but did not have internal metal parts. (maybe once held a gas?)

My point is, the technology we are talking about in this thread was being used thousands of years
before we got here. We are children playing in the dark....
Look at the rooftops downtown anywhere....
Go to your capitol or post office, local college, or the town’s original bank.....
Look at the historic district wherever you happen to live....
Look at the objects on the roof. The “vases” or “ornaments” filled with a strange substance....
electronically wired into the metal-frame of the concrete or brick structure.
Realize that that circuit connects to earth ground some hundreds of feet below in the
(now buried) 70-ft “basement”.....
Don’t live near a city? That’s ok, drive down any federal highway and look at the first town you see.
It’s all the same all over the world.
We don’t understand the technology, but it is clear that they had it.
 we can’t even make that type of stuff.
Look at our fences, look at our walls, and look at theirs.

Everything was carefully engineered to vibrate at a natural frequency.
Take a piece of their technology and remove the paint we put on top
And the thing vibrates on its’ own.

The fences, gates, candelabra, steeples vibrate when they are not painted!!!
The ones that are made of more than one type of metal emit emf when they vibrate.
Another receiver of the same dimensions nearby will synch up like a pair of metronomes.
(even when the particular shape may differ!)

We have all seen an overhang vibrate violently in the wind, or a tarp flap so hard it rips itself.
There are constant energies and motion all around us. Some we see, some we feel, some we
hear, some are radio or emf, and some we don’t detect at all. But they are there, for us to use,
for free.

Iron vibrating next to copper
What happens?
The earth places a tiny magnetic field in the iron.
The motion induces a field in the copper
The continued vibration amplifies the emf in both.

This works in reverse. An electrical oscillation in the piece of copper causes a physical vibration
in the iron.
The continued oscillation amplifies the physical vibration.
This is how the ancient robot functioned.

Just like the TPU.

People get lost on the source of SM’s impulse.
Put that on hold, that’s the free energy.

Learn the device, learn how to amplify the signal. Maybe start with a signal generator
and coils you can control the parameters.
You can use an old radio trick to tune your coils, by having a connection point on a set screw.
And sand the outer edge of the coil in a strip down the length of the coil.
This allows you to adjust the connection and “short out” individual loops on each coil.
This way you can very easily match the coil transceivers without worrying about their length,
inductance or impedance.

Match them to your input by monitoring the receiver on your scope.
then tune the next coil to receive the signal from the first.
Now add your capacitive circuit and feed it back in.

Now you know how it works.
You can use SM’s source, or
Choose an impulse of your own.
Maybe an FM channel maybe stellar emissions?
It doesn’t have to be the Schumann
This is just one free energy source, and happens to be the one chosen by SM.
And I have to agree with his choice, because its’ magnitude exceeds our human needs.