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Author Topic: "Father" of the "Beetle" and " deutschen Volkswagen" : Josef Ganz  (Read 3729 times)

Offline lancaIV

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It is now time for a global " net zero energy electric Volkswagen" !
Max. budget calculation : 5000 Euros endconsumer price

Base without IC-engine :
3000 Euros

+ 2000 Euros endconsumer price ( also as "kit" ):
maximal 500 Euros the mechanical part
Material : ?

+ low consume electric motors 4x 100 Euros ( reference Schiller Motor)
+ A.

or B.

Maximal 1000 Euros ,3 KW continous output  (5 KW max.  electric motor inrush phase,  Inrush current limiter!)

As private/small commercial entity net zero energy gen-set :

The Michel Porquer transmision can become part of a gen-set, calculative conventional electric output 12 KW(with special generator up to 20/24 KW) and electric motor input between 2 KW down to 0,5 KW !

Electricity production price : 5% annual capital tax and 10 years amortization. : < 2 Euro-Cents/KWh
Investment-costs calculation by mass-production : 250 Euros/ KW ( generator/transmission/motors)

A billion transmission units market !
Electric cars : billion

Private households : billion
"Transmission gen-sets"-Energy Parcs : Multi-millions
Permanent producing or " on demand" : green-house-gas emission free

Electric cars transmission with shaft to generator coupling Option  !
During drive energy storage charge option :

                                  "Cum putere"/Computer integrated manufactoring
Porquer "Mosaics/Image" : 1.    Scan2C.A.D.          2.     C.A.D.2C.N.C.     3.   C.N.C.2 METAL3Dprinter

Anti-wear/friction treatment/coating :

Open source "Volksmotor" mit generativer Option, porque(r) non  ::);)

Is doch juut ,or not ? juut = platt-/ Nieder-Deutsch/German ( phonetic )for " good,well,gut"To differ " jud/jewish" !
Josef Ganz "Volkswagen"/ NSDAP-"Heroes" Henry Ford + Hitler/Porsche-Piech

10 Mio.  REICHSMARK in 2019- value ? Lease or "stolen" ?

Who owns today the VW-Konzern/-Trust. ? By strictly applied law about ownership ( legal to differ Eigentuemer/Besitzer) : not the Bundesland Niedersachsen, not the Families Porsche and Piech or the other share-holders; the greatest capital by leased credit-holder : EZB/ECB by constitued european Bank-Union
EZB : Bank with industry-department
SIEMENS: Industry with Bank-department; here also legal ownership : EZB
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Offline lancaIV

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Re: "Father" of the "Beetle" and " deutschen Volkswagen" : Josef Ganz
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2019, 02:36:37 PM »
Basic selling "list price " ( buying community:  gross selling up to 50% "list price margin " discount)

car weight :
1720 Kg - 70 Kg driver weight = net car weight 1650 Kg

30000 Euros( with "list price" margin discount : 15000 Euros)

30000 Euros/1650 Kg = 18 Euros/Kg "list price"
15000 Euros/1650 Kg =  9 Euros/Kg " gross selling" price

15000 Euros - 4000 Euros social "Autopraemie" = 11000 Euros

After first year used VW ID.3 e-car for under 10000 Euros !

Announced 2+2 electric car weigth : less than 600 Kg 
First Generation : 630-710 Kg weigth
 8000  Euros starting list price/? Kg car weigth

600 Kg x "german 9 Euros/Kg price level" = 5400 Euros/e-car
If in one of the eurasean estates a company build this"e-Loremo"  car in mass production for 5000 Euros " buying community" price - 4000 Euros Autopraemie = 1000 Euros endconsumer buying costs-  I would buy one. !

                   VERSPROCHEN. !  ;) :) ;D

The "peoples=Volks republik" sells their "peoples e-Loremo style car " in the 5000 Euros range :

With the new Trans-Eurasia-Express from China to Lisbon the european car buyer can get his car "fob train":

 1000 Euros net ( inclusive estate  rebatte/Rabatt/discount ) new electric car buying costs/price becomes real in the next years  ! Without doubts. !
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Offline lancaIV

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Re: "Father" of the "Beetle" and " deutschen Volkswagen" : Josef Ganz
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2021, 02:32:20 AM » 1933
Vor dem Zweiten Weltkrieg arbeitete er für verschiedene Autohersteller wie Adler, Daimler-Benz, BMW sowie für den Motorradhersteller Ardie und war Chefredakteur[2] des Fachmagazins Motor-Kritik. Insgesamt entwickelte er rund 30 Kleinwagen, darunter 1931 einen Prototyp mit dem Namen „Maikäfer“. 1932 fand Ganz in der Ludwigsburger Standard-Fahrzeugfabrik einen Hersteller für seinen „Maikäfer“, der 1933 in einer überarbeiteten Version als Standard-Superior auf den Markt kam.

                              2021 - 1931 = 90 years jubilee first beetle-prototype  Chief-engineer from Edison Labs !?

VW-Ford global cooperation ::)
 In 1903 he worked in many German cities as a skilled worker, he got the best education at Adler in Frankfurt.[2] He was hired to assemble automotive engines in a process in which each engine was built completely by one man.[1]
George Constantinesco was born in Romania and arrived in London in November 1910. By 1913 he had already applied for eighteen British Patents related to improvements in internal combustion engines and their ancillaries such as carburettors, fuels and transmission elements as well as early patents on methods of transmitting power by pulsating waves of energy through liquids. He formulated the Theory of Sonics - the science dealing with the transmission of power by periodic forces and motions through liquids, solids and gases. He discovered that these phenomena had their analogies not only with the properties of sound waves and the laws of harmony, but also with AC electrical circuits.  Prototypes of rock drills working on the percussion system and polyphase rotary systems were already being demonstrated by 1913. 1927 lecture,radio et cet.

Why dates,terms are important ? Copyright and patent right validation !
"Open source",free copyrights and  patent rights,industry and handkraft society global ,without border !

Offline AlienGrey

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Re: "Father" of the "Beetle" and " deutschen Volkswagen" : Josef Ganz
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2021, 09:30:30 AM »
What the hell would you want a electric bone shaking  BEETLE for? is it self charging ? no I think not.
Doesnt electricity cost 4 times as much to produce as the basic fuel adding more pollution ?

Tesla had a modified Pierce Arrow 1931  that charged it self.


Offline lancaIV

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Re: "Father" of the "Beetle" and " deutschen Volkswagen" : Josef Ganz
« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2021, 11:53:06 AM »
Tesla,Nikola : electric car (common in the end 1800/beginning 1900)

Why the Tesla Inc. do not manage electric car conversion Tesla-e-kits ?
Instead 500 000 units p.a. 5. or 50. Mio. e-car kits per annum ?
African e-car plat(t)form project ?

and ideas ,visions, by other members
An example :

+ stronger e-drive ?   4 times less electric power or 4 times more mechanical force per input unit

With Georgu Constantinescu transmission/transducer :

Michel Porquer differential

power storage ( and/or generation) :

waste wheel power recuperation :

Only examples for endless drive solutions, over-on-under earth ! Flying,driving,diving !
1000-1500 commercial investment instead 10 000 or 15 000 ! Euros,Dollars,Pounds,........ for compact car class models !


capacity storage :

Dr.Pavel Imris,CSc.  showed me 2007 :
home 3d print ?

being flexible, 2020 p.C. free available conversion technology from natural e(co)-gas BMW and Volvo :
Kyoto - 80% GHG fast reduction  ;) also by Oldies

A german inventor : Wolfgang Hagedorn ( I mean R.I.P.)

specific :

Die mit der Erfindung erzielbaren Vorteile ergeben sich unmittelbar aus der von doppelt bis achtfach verbesserten Wirkungsgrad, einem spezifisch kleinerem Kosten- und Materialaufwand, einer geringeren Antriebsleistung und verringerten Dimensionen. Zusätzliche Vorteile sind durch die Anwendbarkeit handelsüblicher Spulenwicklungen erkennbar, da speziell geformte Läufer- oder Statorwicklungen nicht erforderlich sind.

The advantages that can be achieved with the invention result directly from the double to eightfold improved efficiency, a specifically lower cost and material expenditure, a lower drive power and reduced dimensions. Additional advantages can be seen from the applicability of commercially available coil windings, since specially shaped rotor or stator windings are not required.

Naturally current fuel power turboprop engine of the size used here generates about 3000HP but one should remember that they used a lot of fuel, which is significant part of common aircraft takeoff weight, i.e, about 25% for an aircraft such as ATR42-400.

    Therefore, the engine according to this invention are:

    1. The engine do not use fuel, meaning that the aircraft flight range is unlimited.

    2. The aircraft is safer -no fire hazard.

 3. The aircraft needs no fuel tank and fuel systems, therefore lighter and cheaper to build, so its operating cost is smaller.

    4. The aircraft is much quieter since burning fuel generates much of the engine noise.

 5. The aircraft do not generates CO2 and do not contribute to earth warming process, on the contrary, it lowers the air temperature thus this engine is highly environmental.

  Hirshberg turboprop engine + Hagedorn generator   +  Hagedorn generator + + Hagedorn generator
What is „Gun-Engine”? It's environmentally friendly and transmission-free engine based on the same mechanics as how a bullet is shot from a gun. The engine can run on any liquid or gaseous fuel, including acetylene. Initial test results showed 92% efficiency. As a consequention, it has much longer mileage: around 450 MPG.

+ Hybrid-kit + Hagedorn generator
                             1000 MPG ? Only ? Related endless e-drive ?!
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Offline warengryn

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Re: "Father" of the "Beetle" and " deutschen Volkswagen" : Josef Ganz
« Reply #5 on: September 08, 2021, 10:09:36 AM »
I love classic car models.

Offline warengryn

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Re: "Father" of the "Beetle" and " deutschen Volkswagen" : Josef Ganz
« Reply #6 on: September 09, 2021, 09:55:56 AM »