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Title: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on August 29, 2019, 01:14:39 PM
Our global future development :

US conventional house weight 150 ton
B. Fuller "dymaxion house" 1,4 ton
100 : 1

US conventional cube house caloric Wp 12000
MDI dome house 2400 Wp
MDI dome house coated 1200 Wp
Infrared heater 120 Wp electric for 1200 Wp caloric
Electric force amplifier input to heater 12 Wp

1000 : 1

Conventional solar cell panel 16 Wp/Kg
M.I.T solar cell 6 Wp/gram

375 : 1

Conventional Diesel /gasoil compact car class 6 Lt./ 100 Km consume
Electric car differential drive 0,75 KW/100 Km

100 : 1 conventional household electricity consume per day : up to 18000 Wh
                              intelligent.                                                                           : up to  3000 Wh :   energy efficient intelligent household.                                : up to    800 Wh
                                                                      with electric force amplifier.    : up to.     80 Wh
100 : 1

Construction time :
,conventional 186 sqm/2000 sqft house : months
ICF : 1 day
Contour Crafting : 3d print  1 day

100 : 1

Energy/power production density amplifying factor per sqm area : 100x  and more
Compressed wind and solar farming , local/seasonal  ambiental sphere independant( sea,desert,sky,......)

Productivity per time unit  : C.G.Jung experiment + human/ machine force + 24/365 capacity/potential

 motivated working developper + 3d machine.                                                           100%
unmotivated worker ( "hands-" without "minds-" kraft-ship).                                        1%

Re-engineering the estate administration,commercial industry and their service provider and the private households

B.I.Z. and E.U. program organigram by laws , order and execution

Capital budget and energy consume budget controle 24/365

We will see falling prices up to 90% and falling salaries up to 90% :" safety income " to "open source professions"

"living algorythm-bots" as human work-power commercial/freeware alternative 

administration human personal savings : less 2/3 employees ( numerical reference : Kobenhavn citizen office")

Are " 250 W per hour electricity generation + storage" for " intelligent in situ consumer" efficient  ?
Psychological, physical, technical reazon and arguments related answer :
YES  ! It is more than sufficient  !
250 W x max.  24 hours per day = 6 KWh electricity per day/capita
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on November 18, 2019, 12:48:38 PM
Solar converter efficiency :
Solar spectrum : photoelectric ( particle)

Soar converter were based by silicium material ,for some decades the worldwide solar grade silicium producer :                                                               
DE = Germany : Wacker Industrie with only 1 licence given to Kyocera,Nippon/Japan
1 Kg material selling price 3000 DM ~ 1500 Euros/2700 USD
After temporary patent rights lost : 150 Euros/270 USD
Now the - solar grade= high purity- production costs and possible selling price : (

When 8 USD/Kg production costs = 27 USD/Kg selling price possible. !
1% from the ex-Monopole costs. !
From copper and silver conductors to graphene conductors. !
Low cost solar converter production : ( (
How is the efficiency from a solar converter to calculate :
When the efficiency is given as 5% : based by 1 sun radiation max( on earth) = 1333 W/sqm
We can concentrate the sun : 1,5 = 1 side mirror. 1,75 = 2-side mirrors


In the late 80' : V-(Trog)- concentrator( MBB) and V- solar cells (IZE,Freiburg)

Up to 2000 suns radiation concentration = (

focussing/pointing = now conversion only possible by cooling !
As example for photon-/phonon electric conversion :
Oscar Fellows MEMS-TAR or thermoacoustic resonator:
1 sqm unconcentrated, uncooled : 45% of 1333 W/sqm conversion= 600 W/sqm electric AC output1 sqm concentrated, cooled : up to 10 W/ sqcm = 100000 W/sqm = 100 KW/sqm (

Photo ~ light 

Here in this publication well explained the solar/~ equivalent artificial light spectrum : (

Phono ~ heat also called thermal acoustics or thermal noise or thermal voltage

Other known "resonator"- electric/heat or heat/electric concepts inventors :

Gerhard Beier

Helmut Reichelt
Joseph Yater ( (

Low cost silicium, aluminium and graphene makes the change. !
A fourth solution Prof. Ikeda "green iron/ferrite cristals " behaviour disclosure and and as example application : (
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on November 18, 2019, 03:04:57 PM
M. I. T. solar cell 6 Watt-peak per gram material

Power /weight density :
Ed Sines (

Adolf Zielinski  900 KW output, 50 Hz : weight  ? (

Harold Goldbaum for 900 KW, 50 Hz output :weight  ? (

High power/density cryo-equipment/material :

Superconductor production process : (

"Inductive cooling": (

900 KW output ~ 45000 a 20 Watt-peak private household input electricity delivery :

input to 1 ELCON lamp in the Bernd Koehler artificial light tube

ELCON 70% conversion efficiency compared to 10% fluorescent lamp ( (

Bernd Koehler 80' performance :

70 Watt-out ( 5,25% eff.  solar cell) - 35 Watt-in fluorescent lamp :    35 Watt gain per hour

Bernd Koehler concept actualized  :

200 Watt-out ( 15% eff. solar cell) - 5 Watt-in ELCON lamp :  195 Watt gain per hour

180 Watt net gain ( 195 W less charger +battery losts) x 24 hours =

4320 Wh electricity per day

Bernd Koehler concept with higher performance cells technology use :

MEMS-TAR use : 600 Watt-output AC - 5 Watt-in ELCON lamp :  595 Watt gain per hour

550 net gain ( 595 W - charger + battery losts)  x 24 hours =

13200 Wh electricity per day

Instead MEMS-TAR "graphene cells"with 60% thermionic conversion efficiency !

24 h Zielinski generator input : ( 900 KWh x 24 h ) /4500 = 4,8 KWh per day

45000 private househols x 4,32 KWh = 194400 KWh per day output

                                             x 13,2 KWh =  594000 KWh per day output

Third and second world local grid technology. !
1 sqm passive solar with 5,25% eff.  and 1400 KWh sun radiation :
   73,5 KWh per annum 2/3 summer and 1/3 winter
1 sqm active solar tube with 5,25% eff. cells and 35 Watt artificial light per annum :
35 Watt gain x 8766 hours = 306,8 KWh

1 sqm active solar tube with 5,25% eff.cells and 5 Watt ELCON lamp :65 Watt gain x 8766 hours = 569,8 KWh
 7,5 units passive ~ 1 unit active

                               End  1980' technology standart :
1sqm  Alvin Marks "lumilight"-cells in the Koehler tube and radiated by ELCON lamp :   equivalent > 50 square meter tect full of overprized photovoltaic converter

50 units passive ~ 1 unit active
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on November 18, 2019, 06:35:14 PM (
The only inventor which refers the Zielinski- generator as citing document .

C. O. P.  ? With-/out superconductive technology /material need. ?

Is the Zielinski- generator a strategical need. ? C. O. P. 4500  !

Instead superconductive material  : (

1stage : input 2 Watt bicycle dynamo input and 14 Volt a 16 Ampere output = 224 VA

                C. O. P.  224/2 = 100
               x artificial light chamber here the C.O.P. solar-/thermovoltaic cell efficiency and lamp lumen/Watt
                  efficiency dependant
               15% eff. cell + ELCON lamp calculates with 200 W out and 5 W in  : C.O.P. 40
                100 the Trilles amplifier x 40 artificial light tube = C.O.P. 4000 ,not far away from Zielinskis C.O.P. 4500
                Power output difference : Trilles amplifier x tube :            ~ 9 KW

                                                               Zielinski publication example : 900 KW

                100 x 40 x 40 = second artificial light tubes( seriell and parallel  C.O.P. 160000 = 9 KW x 40 = 360 KW

                Only artificial light tube-s seriell / and parallel cascade

                                                                                      1 .stage C.O.P. 40
                                                                                      2 .stage C.O.P. 40x40 = 1600

                                                                                       3.stage C.O.P. 40 x 40 x 40 = 64000

               This are theoretical values:     

                lamp inrush voltage and current  and dc-ac inverter ( lamp ac input) need       

               gives in real prototypes higher periodically input and lower output values !       

What means for the battery industry the introduce of high C. O. P.  electricity generator. ?

When in nearer future by estatal energy consume restrictions we expect with average 3 KWh consume per household :

a C.O.P. 10 devivce/ system  =              300 Wh battery capacity per day means

a C.O.P. 100 device / system =                30 Wh battery capacity per day means

a C.O.P. 1000 device/ system =                 3 Wh battery capacity per day means

Conventional lead-acid batterie delivers 300 charge cycles,now with charge algorithm improved the same battery to 600-700 charge cycles + faster charge . !

Lead-carbon batteries deliver 1200-1500 charge cycles !

Alu-carbon over 3000 charge cycles !

Alu-graphene up to 7500 charge cycles !

A C.O.P. 10 device/system + lead-carbon battery. = 10 battery years lifetime                                 

                                                + alu-carbon                  = > 25 battery years lifetime                                 

                                                + alu-graphene.            = > 50 battery years lifetime

A C.O.P.10 device/ system + 25000 charge cycles,bio-solar 50000 charge cycles batteries :  ?
                                                                        > 100 years battery lifetime

A C.O.P. 100 = the above lifetime x 10

A C.O.P. 1000 = the C.O.P. 100 lifetime x10

System lifetime limits : :'(

Electric coils lifetime : 80000 hours full nominal load. ! ~ 9 years permanent or

( 1 KW nominal coil x 80000 hours) / 1095 KWh (= 3 KWh per day)  = 73 years lifetime ( theoretical)

2019 view and preservation and strategy  : (
2028 + 5 years = 2033   10 USD/ KWh battery capacity production costs (
2007 - 2015/2017 alu-graphene R&D + 20 years patent rights grant : average 2035 technology " open source"

2035-2019 = 16 years

In future probably capacitor + battery = capery hybrid energy storage like  Priority 2016 +20 years =2036

A   C.O.P. 10 electricity generating system is enough by actual  low cost battery technology  to overbridge these 16 years !

Existent ? Physical prototype ? YES !

Improveable?  YES,                  C.O.P. 10  x C.O.P. 8 x C.O.P. 5 = C.O.P. 400

 C. O. P.  8 represented by the " Koehler artificial light tube" 200 W 15% eff.  solar cell and 25 W fluoresent lamp
The other two : BETRIEBSGEHEIMNIS  8) ;D ::)

The above C. O. P.  10 solution is not

as  same as these C.O.P. 10 offer (

or (

                        Intelligent household + fridge/freezer : mtbest improvement
                        3 KWh per day consume and 1000 Wp electricity delivery system ( (
Not listed but included : clothes dryer,air2water generator,toaster,hotwater ekettle,clothes iron,bread-backing machine,halogen-backing owen, greywaterrecycler, warm-water heater
In winter : electric room heating
All this in the average 3 KWh electric per day included !  2-3 persons household
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on November 19, 2019, 01:01:18 PM
PLS = the industrial battery producer POST LITHIUM STRATEGY (
Aluminium production energy/material input compared to Lithium production. !
Are these aluminium + graphene based concepts "batteries" or "capacitors" - each type has his different physical behaviour : ( (

Such high charge cycles and such super-low recarge time need means -by pure calculation :
1 KWh battery/capacitor       x 250000 charge cycles       ~ 250000 KWh energy storage lifetime

0,1 KWh battery/capacitor   x 250000 charge cycles.         ~ 25000 KWh energy storage lifetime

0,01 KWh battery/capacitor x 250000 charge cycles.           ~ 2500 KWh energy storage lifetime

By 3 KWh electric  consume per day x 365 days = 1095 KWh per year and generator system C.O.P.= 1
1 KWh storage capacity with daily 3 times recharge 250000 KWh/1095 KWh ~ 200 years lifetime

Given numbers about power density : between 40-80 Wh/Kg( typical for conventional capacitor) and 175 Wh/Kg

High Ampere-hours have one advantage : overbridging the inrush voltage/ current phase during the first cycles of starting electric appliances,specially when several devices with different power demand parallel demand multiple times their nominal rated average power. !

Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on November 20, 2019, 03:23:56 PM
Micro-grid : off-grid electricity-grid and off-grid water-grid

Electricity -grid : the simplest way but also the most expensive way actually :

battery-set + FE-generator wind,water,photovoltaic - current and stream-  converter and fuel-gen-set as backup
Battery-set = DC output battery + appropriate charger + by AC appliances : DC/AC  inverter

As commercial scheme/example : (

Wind/aeolic system : (
Only the " turbine/rotor" basic costs !     + tower +

electric generator/alternator :
1000/750/500 RPM and nominal Watt max. output ?

 = min. 500 USD for the ready-to-use wind system ;

same price level but less tower costs : water flow/stream converter

Other available " autark/autonomous living" micro-grid solutions and schemes : ( (

Advantage in mobile micro-grid system : ? ( (
0:53 : "  payback( = amortization ) 4 times faster than conventional " : calculation numbers. ?
1:03 the scheme and object function :

fact is that it is a motor-generator concept with
electric motor RPM/torque step down to electric generator lower RPM
~ 4:1 ratio in this demonstration model
700 Watt AC Watt alternator output by 300 Watt (250 W nominal) electric AC Motor input : C. O. P. ~ 2,333

Rotoric motor-generator competition : (  FIGURE 12.From negative C. O. P.  = < 1
to positive C. O. P. = > 1
to " saturation point" = C. O. P.  max.  and falling C.O.P. efficiency ( C. O. P.  3 Air-machine;  Coanda-effect (

Alternatively using this above 1:03 scheme but
 static= transformer DC or AC output Dynamo with C. O. P.  5
No rotations, no friction and less wear; 

cheaper by actual production technology  and in future as standard product as  static transformers in billions of quantity in e- cars and private households. !
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on March 03, 2020, 01:01:07 PM (

real SELF-house box living experiment results !

compareable : ( in XL-version :40 sqm (  from 1975 idea to 90' real project

Resource use
A "typical household" in the U.K. uses 3,000 kWh of electricity per annum for lights and appliances alone, (2), about 36.6 kWh/m2/year just for electricity. The Autonomous House, by comparison, uses only 8.5 kWh/m2/year of non-renewable energy for its total energy needs, or 1,500 kWh of mains electricity.
Over the winter of 1994-1995, from the end of October to the end of February, the house used 315 kg of wood for space heating, which represents about 1,400 kWh of delivered energy, or about 8.0 kWh/m2 of heated area. The temperature in the living room reached a low of 16oC in mid-January, 1995, and then rose to a maximum of 27oC in the very hot August of 1995.
Water consumption was 34 litres per head per day, made up of 21 litres of cold water and 13 litres of hot.
These figures can be compared to an average U.K. house as shown in the table below.
Annual delivered energy and water consumption
Autonomous House
UK average
floor area 176 m2 82 m2
space heating 1,400 kWh 12,900 kWh
water heating 1,900 kWh 5,700 kWh(3)

lights, appliances and cooking 1,200 kWh 3,000 kWh(4)

total consumption 4,500 kWh 21,600 kWh
renewable energy:-
wood 1,400 kWh .
solar electricity 1,600 kWh .
total non-renewable energy 1,500 kWh 21,600 kWh
water in litres per head per day 34 160 (5)

foldable houses : ( (
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on March 06, 2020, 12:25:10 PM
Autonomous house
1400 KWh space heating
1900 KWh water heating
by optimized C.O.P. 10x heat pump

= 3300 KWh/10 = 330 KWh electric energy consume for heating

+ 1200 KWh for lights,appliances and cooking

= 1530 KWh total electricity consume per year
- 1600 KWh solar electricity
= by definition : a NET ZERO ENERGY BUILDING

This compares to a 200 W net output permanent working electric generator and  5 KWh electricity storage device

8766 hours (= 1 year) x 0,2 KW = 1753,2 KWh electricity generation per annum

for on- grid households

To reach the ZERO ENERGY BUILDING stage and "off-grid" = all seasons uninterruptable energy generation

For this condition : 1 KWh net output permanent working electric generator and 10 KWh electricity storage device
Cause : hot water and space heating energy demand in cold seasons multiplies the average daily consume !Also the daily 0:00 hour to 24:00 electricity consume shows low - middle-high provider to off- grid-load demands for each household !
Urban Nomads = RV/mobile-homes user   know this sustainable and logical = by priority  use of resources

My way : instead this "NegaWatt"-Prototype ,well constructed,with 176 sqm floor area
I would choose the half area by tailing :
176/2 = 88 sqm  ~ expanded family home
 but 48 sqm conventional and 40 sqm "morphed" ~ 100 sqm
ergo equivalent conventional 48 +100 = 148 sqm floor area
Less space heating energy and floor area need  !
Kutzner : 30 sqm container-box-house foldable to 90 sqm

1900 KWh water heating : shower-loop ? Economic shower-head ? Waste water heat recuperation ?
                                               The uncontroled consume can be reduced ( included recirculation) up to 75%

                                               Shower : f.e. ( their concepts             

               On youtube several vids about DIY- water heating and saving devices     
1900 KWh per year means 5,2 KWh per day : 0,52 KWh electric by C.O.P. 10x heat pump
We have often to ask ourself : Should I ? Must I ? Will I ? Do I ?
Ecological/economical/socal/familiar/individual concern ( or dictation by order/law)
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on March 11, 2020, 11:10:24 AM
Power-to-weight and Power-to-costs ratio  :
fridges are mostly equiped with 100 W compressor-motor
The ex-patent-department of Siemens supervisor Dr.Wolfgang Volkrodt wrote that the right conventional bike
electric assistant wirh 100 W work potential nominal is sufficient
The taiwanes inventor Li Yng discloses in his publication about the use of 4 mini-motors wirh +- 10 Watt each

Ampere Motor : 220 KW 30000 RPM 10 Kg  = 22 KW/ Kg Volts ?
 Let us diminuate RPM and maximize the material :
                             220 KW 15000 RPM   20 Kg
                                              7500 RPM   40 Kg
                                              3000 RPM   100 Kg
                                              1500 RPM   200 Kg
                                                750 RPM   400 Kg
                                                375 RPM   800 Kg
                                               187,5 RPM 1600 Kg

187,5 RPMs are the range for slow running generator concept,750 RPMs the general nominal rotation number of aeolic force converter = wind generator,3000 RPM are the grid-net 50 Hz analog fixed rotations .

Let us calculate the possible material transforming costs in mass production of the Li Yng transmission :
we take the 15000 RPM weight of 220 KW/20 Kg but now for 4 x 10 W =
10 W/ 220000 x 20000 Gr. = +- 1 Gram per 10 W motor

When we enter the alibaba electric permanent magnet dc motor selling sites we see the actuall average price for
low rpm motors in the 75 US$/ Kg for the ready to use machine

 1 Gram /1000 Grams x 75 US$ = 7,5 US$cents for each motor  !
30 US$ cents the 4 electric motors + the transmission costs

1 100 W fridge compressor motor with ? rpm : ? costs
1 100 W Volkrodt electric assistant with ? rpm : ? costs

When we enter the german engineer Helmut Schiller his site we see that for his " scooter motor"exampl3 he needs +- 0,5 Kg/KW active material + more or less the same passive material ( reference : UQM )~ 1 KW/Kg in the 48 Volt DC range and 3000 RPM
Schiller motor development from 1994 ~ 2020 Ampere Motor propaganda
So we can reach for fridges and electric bike assistants the 100 W,/1 KW x 75 US$ = 7,5 US$ gross selling market price level,knowing that the alibaba neodym magnets are probably calculated (N40 average) with 40 US$/Kgand alternatively in future same magnetic specification will become available for 15 US$/Kg prices

Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on March 13, 2020, 01:24:02 PM
We look for the #6 GB " Autonomous House" specific consume numbers :
1400 KWh for room heating ( by wood stove)
1900 KWh for warm water
1200 KWh for lights,appliances,cooking

dividing this in warm and cold season

1400 KWh        -

950 KWh       950 KWh
 600 KWh        600 KWh

water( and heat savings)
1400 KWh      -

350  KWh    350 KWh
 600  KWh    600 KWh

We halve the 176sqm( to GB average) and double the KWh/sqm ( from average  in-room 15° to 20° in winter)and use optimized heat pump with C.O.P. 10,room heating and water heating

280 KWh          -

  35 KWh        35 KWh

600 KWh      600 KWh

We optimize electric motor efficiency and heatelements
280 KWh        - 

35 KWh       35 KWh
400 KWh     400 KWh

So we need in winter period 715 KWh electric power and in summer 435 KWh electric power,available by solar
photo-/thermovoltaic conversion

Total average yearly consume :
 1150 KWh electric ( 1995 they got in average with installed 2,2 KW solar cells divided in 20 sqm field area 1600 KWh per annum = 1150 KWh - 1600 KWh = Net Zero Energy Building )

715 KWh divided by 183 days ~ 4 KWh electric generation /12 hours = 350 Watt  /24 hours  175 Watt

The private consumer household needs :
a permanent/periodically working generator up to 1 KW range and for the parallel use of electric appliances a battery-set for accumulated Watt-inrush/peak demands up to 2 KW

Instead ( thermical/chemical/electrical/magnetic) battery-set a waste wood-combustion generator for high demand over-bridging also possible !

Waste wood cogeneration system with C.O.P. ≥ 1 possible ,near gas-heat pump 150% efficiency .

we take 1 sqm thermovoltaic panel ,with 1-sun 45% conversion efficiency

in 1400 KWh solar radiation wattage per annum and climate zone we get 630 KWh x 0,7 (fixed installation losses)= 450 KWh ac electric power

with 2x 1 sqm thermovoltaic panel we get 450 KWh x 2 = 900 KWh as 1-sun gain

these 2x 1 sqm panels get each 1x mirror ,which equates 2-sun,which amplify the conversion by min, 1,6 = 450 KWh x 2 x 1,6 = 1440 KWh ac electric power per annum

Thermovoltaic system market price : < 500 Euros
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: ramset on March 24, 2020, 02:05:08 AM
Lanca I know you had a House or dwelling topic [new techs]
could not find it

here Dansie site has waste tire Rubber Aero Gel ....low mass high value ,,,less energy consumed   :)
I love Aerogels (
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on March 24, 2020, 10:37:09 AM
Lanca I know you had a House or dwelling topic [new techs]
could not find it

here Dansie site has waste tire Rubber Aero Gel ....low mass high value ,,,less energy consumed   :)
I love Aerogels ( ( (

+ Schukey ( R.I.P.) ( cryodynamic cascade down to -180 degrees Celsius chamber and crushing shock (ultra sonic )

Aerogel as part from vacuum insulation panels ( the last : CUBUS-der fertige Raum ,Manuela Skorka

and (

from bio-waste,rice husc,also silicon based aerogel production possible (
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on March 25, 2020, 12:09:08 AM (

3000 sqm area production :

The Lichtenberger Stadtfarm produces 50 tons of fish and 30 tons of vegetables, herbs and fruits per year. ( (
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on April 25, 2020, 11:05:40 PM ( ( (


from 800 Wh electricity per day (

splitted to 700 Wh appliances + 100 Wh freezer

            to 425 Wh appliances +   75 Wh freezer

            savings :                        savings:

                  heat element              coating
                  motor                        motor

       500 Wh electricity per day per household,up to 3 capita

electricity generator 50 W nominal power sourcing a battery

Costs challenge : 100 Euros net all included gen-battery set

Serving W-hour,  W-peak and W-average demand

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (

Total Yearly Consumption savings 60%

x Power Amplifier C.O.P.: 5x

40% power consume as ultra-low energy consume household divided the C.O.P. 5 = 8% optimized total hiper-low energy consume related "Traditional Energy Consumption"

                                                  > 90% electric power consume savings = less grid peak power demand

Many examples for low -,ultra-low, ....  autonomous buildings infrastructure : ( (

Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on May 04, 2020, 11:36:17 AM
Markus Lanz : "Wer bin ich und wenn ja wieviele ?"

In die google-Suchmaschine eingegeben : ( (

So,so ! ::)  Noch so ein Denker ! Habe keine Buecher von diesem Author,habe aber schon einige Male von Ihm Beitraege ,zumeist,im Fernsehen erlebt(gesehen und gehoert).

"99% less mass and energy ",less : why ?

Votiv,Motiv,Lust: zufriedene Gesichter !

Nachrichten : ( ( (        ( und viele Magazine-Verlage
Fernsehen:  ARD/ZDF,RTL/SAT1-Gruppe,CNN,BBC,SIC,TVI, ......


Offen zugaengliche Informationsquellen

Ich gebe nun eine Auflistung,ungeordnet,welche spaeter geordnet werden wird : (  TEXT ! New Wave ! (  TEXT ! New Wave ! (    TEXT ! New Wave !

Everybody wants to rule the World : pequeno vigarista= Vikar/Stellvertereter  ou GRANDE VIGARISTA ,ir para baixo : der Geist wird weltlich : unser Koerper handelt !

                                                  8 000 000 000 GRANDES VIGARISTAS com ou sem PALAVRAS ( ( ( ( (   :o ;)  sweet,her ATTITUDES ( Tele5,BungaBunga,Freimaurer ? ( OOOOOOOOOOOhmmmmmmmm  :) ( STAAT-SELBSTBEDIENUNG ? ( "IMPERIUM USA" : Anklageschrift ? Beweise,Indizien ?! INTERNATIONALE GERICHTSHOF : URTEIL ? (  VERFASSUNGSGEIST ? (

Nicht "chinesische" Wachabloesung,internationaler "Daoismus" !?

                                                                         Gnade,richtiger : Genaden ( ( (

                                                                      WER BIN ICH UND WENN JA WOHER ( ( Politik/Parlamente,Kirche/Religion/Philosophie,Industrie,Finanzindustrie,Militaerindustrie : SYSTEMRELEVANZ ?  ;) (

Erst mal diese Auflistung geniessen ! Aktiv/Passiv !?
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on May 09, 2020, 10:48:47 AM ( (

Haus-Boot-Rad (08.05.2020)
Der lettische Designer Aigars Lautis an Bord des Z-Triton, das sowohl an Land als auch zu Wasser genutzt werden kann. Das Gefährt ist gleichzeitig ein Boot, ein dreirädriges Fahrrad und ein kleines Haus. Entworfen wurde es von der lettischen Designfirma Zeltini.  And flying ? ::)

Danmark : (  transparent dome ! (

Yes,I vote ! jovoto ( (  51 pages full with TRENDS for global TENDENCIES ;) (

Tschau :)
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on May 15, 2020, 01:13:20 PM
Awarded and nominated innovations and inventions :

about quality : some got later Stockholm Alfred Nobel-Prize Award (   german ( english

For simpler and relyabler future designing by pupils fantasy : ( german ( english


IENA -Shows and exposition : ( national,regional,local           !? ( ( simple genious !

International and national contests/challenges : ( ( ( H´ELFEN ( ( ( free watch ( ( ( (                   (  #1 "statement "         

                                                                                     2:40  " ... Tesla said ... " ( ( (             show-case : (
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on May 15, 2020, 11:10:57 PM ( ( ( ( (
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on May 15, 2020, 11:14:36 PM
Hmm.a bike with "endless" range : !

base motor,as part from the "endless circuit"

Fast conversion ? So: ( ( (

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

as applikant (

126 applications as inventor (

for e-mobilization : ( (

Two- or multi-wheeled vehicle with chainless drive The two-wheeled bicycle with a payload of approx. 75 kg (human) and an average continuous performance of the driving person of approx. 50 watts with the key figure 1500 kg / kW has a useful performance far superior to all other types of vehicles. to- performance ratio0 On the mountain and in the face of adverse winds or in the cyclist's poor physical condition, the limited human capacity is often not sufficient. A battery-powered, electromotive auxiliary drive would be an advantage here. Proposed solutions for this can be found in German patent applications P 30 03 026.3, P 30 24 398.2 and P 30 33 825.1 from the same inventor.

They concern the retrofitting of existing, commercially available bicycles with an electric motor auxiliary drive. This invention is based on the object from the outset for alternative electri.

To create a two-wheel or multi-wheel vehicle designed with the drive in mind, whereby high overall efficiency, low battery weight, use of the on-board battery for lighting and signaling, durability and cost-effective production by transition to modern materials and manufacturing processes with low personnel costs are essential criteria. Components of the inventive solution should also be usable for a three- or four-wheel version with all-weather-resistant cladding in order to enable such energy-saving and cost-saving vehicles to be used even in adverse weather conditions (winter). This alternative is important for the increasing number of families, who can no longer afford a petrol-powered second car due to rising fuel costs.

Practical tests have shown that in the case of auxiliary electric motor drives for bicycles, the disengageable power transmission from the electric motor to the bicycle using a friction wheel, V-belt or second chain causes transmission losses of between 30 and 100 watts. This is too much and results in high battery weights and ultimately increased rolling friction and reduced climbing ability. ( ( ( (  page 162 right side " .... Gaenzlich unbegruendet ..... - page 163 " Hokuspokus fuers Eigenheim . ...." From 1989 : studies results related "Electrosmog,ELF-fields (E.L.F : Extrem Low Frequency)

Elektromagnetische Spektrum ( (                   (

SciFi to sciReality
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on May 15, 2020, 11:25:11 PM ( 0:45 Virtual Reality Therapie

Virtual 3D lesson reality ? Downloadable archives ? f.e. (  3rd eye/ear awaked  looking,listening and "sleeping" : meditative l´earning
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on May 16, 2020, 03:17:13 PM
 ::) ( ( (

Bon/Bom/Bonne Appetit !


p.s.: probably usefull : ( ( (

Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on May 17, 2020, 03:42:36 AM
::) (

Figure 6 : (

Figure 8 : (

fuel combustion enhancer ( (
http ( ( (

Bon/Bom/Bonne Appetit !


p.s.: probably usefull : ( ( (

wireless transmission : efficiency ?         (

Here in the forum from member Franco Malgerini (


" ..............
The Fallacy of Displacement Current ~ Conventional electromagnetic theory proposes that when an electric current flows down a wire into a capacitor it spreads out across the plate, producing an electric charge on the plate which in turn leads to an electric field between the capacitor plates. The valuable concept of continuity is then retained by postulating "after Maxwell" a displacement current. This current is a manipulation of the electric field (E) between the capacitor plates which has the dimensions of electric current and completes the flow of electricity in the circuit. This approach permits us to retain Kirchoff' slaws and other valuable concepts even though superficially it appears that at the capacitor there is a break in the continuous flow of electric current. The flaw in this model appears when we notice that the current entered the capacitor at only one point on the capacitor plate. We then are left with the major difficulty of explaining how the electric charge flowing down the wire suddenly distributes itself uniformly across the entire capacitor plate, at a velocity in excess of the speed of light. This paradoxical situation is created by a flaw in the basic model. Work in high speed logic conducted by Ivor Catt has shown that the model of lumped capacitance is faulty and displacement current is an artifact of the faulty model. Since any capacitor behaves similarly to a transmission line it is no more necessary to postulate a displacement current for the capacitor than it is necessary to do so for a transmission line. The excision of "displacement current" from electromagnetic theory has been based on arguments which are independent of the classic dispute 12 over whether the electric current causes the electromagnetic field, or vice versa. 

Ivor Catt (

Induced Motional Field: Negative Energy ~ Conventional theory says that electric fields and magnetic fields are different things. Consider for a moment a charge with an electric field around it. If the charge is moved a magnetic field develops and the moving charge constitutes a current. If an observer were to move along with the charge, he would see no relative motion, no current, and no magnetic field. A stationary observer would see motion, current and a magnetic field. It would appear that a magnetic field is an electric field observed from a motional reference frame. Similarly, if we take a mass with a gravity field around it and we move the mass and create a mass current, a new field is also created. It is a different kind of gravity field with no source and no sink. It is called the Protational field also known as the "Lense-Thirring Effect". This field an its governing principles will form the basis for future antigravity devices.

Within the confined area of the Vacuum Triode box, the spacetime continuum is reversed by the fields that are produced in the presence of excited coherent space flux quanta.

These quanta have been attracted from and ultimately extracted from the virtual vacuum, the infinitely non-exhaustible Dirac Sea.

For a more detailed mathematical format see Appendix A, a paper on "The Phase Conjugate Vacuum Triode" by T.E. Bearden, April 23, 1987. Much of the theory which likely applies to the vacuum triode has been developed in the field of phase conjugate optics. With regards to over-unity phenomena it is important to note that so long as positive energy is present in a positive/flowing time regime unity and over-unity power gains are not possible. The summation of the losses due to resistance, impedance, friction, magnetic hysteresis and eddy currents and windage losses of rotating machinery will always reduce overall efficiency below unity for a closed system. The laws of conservation of energy always apply to all systems. However, the induced motional E-field changes the system upon which those laws need be applied. Since the vacuum triode operates in dimensions more than four and provides a line between the multi-dimensional reality of the quantum state and a link between Dirac Sea we are now dealing with an open-ended system, not the closed system within which all conservation and thermodynamic laws were developed. To achieve unity, the summation of all magnetic and ohmic losses must equal zero. To achieve this state negative energy and resistance moves to zero and all energy flows along the outside of conductors in the form of a special space field. Negative energy is fully capable of lighting incandescent lights, running motors, and performing all of the functions of positive energy tested to date. When run in parallel with positive energy however, cancellation (annihilation) of opposing power types occurs. This has been fully tested in the laboratory. Once unity has been achieved and the gate to the Dirac Sea opened, over-unity is affected by loading the open gate more and more which opens it further to the point where direct communication/interaction with the nucleus of the atom itself is achieved. Output of the vacuum triode is not proportional to the excitation input as the output produced by the device is directly proportional to the load which is placed upon it. That load is the only dependent variable for device output. The triode' soutput voltage and frequency always remains constant due to the conditioning of the motional E-field in the permanent magnets and the small regulated excitation signal which is provided through a small oscillator. Regulation remains constant, output locks into an in-phase condition (cos = 1 Kvar = 1) under all load characteristics. The vacuum triode is a solid state device consisting of conditioned permanent magnets capable of producing a motional field. This field opens the gate to the Dirac Sea where negative energy is able to flow from an into the triode' sreceiving coils. The coils are very small diameter copper wire but are capable of producing in excess of 5 kilowatts of useful power; this in itself is a clear indicator that the type of electrical energy provided by the device is not conventional. The wire sizes employed by the device would not be capable of carrying such large currents without excessive heat gain, however, the triode' s coils actually run cooler when loaded at 5 kW. The fundamental magnets have been broken free of their binding forces which constrained them to be steadystate single pole uniform magnetic flux devices. They are now able to simply support mass, as demonstrated with the transformer steel illustration. They can now easily be made to adopt a dynamic motional field by applying a tiny amount of excitation. Specifically, 10V @ 1 mA (10 mW) of excitation at 60 Hz. will enable the coils of the triode to receive from the Dirac Sea in excess of 5000 watts of usable negative energy; how much more can safely be removed has not yet been determined.

Proc. 26th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (August 4-9, 1991, Boston, MA): (

Dirac sea  8)  by Dirac surge (
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on May 17, 2020, 05:28:05 AM
Harry Kompanek,US2002108749
[ 0035] [0036 ] and [0042]

A good night ,
p.s.: the above applied in US4524746,inventor Earl S. Hansen       

       Probably some remembers : Rudolf Gunnerman(n) and his alternative fuel

       and "Papenburger Treibstoff" and "Wrbelwandler"-Technology (
      Frank Polifka "Tornado in a can", Windhexe
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on May 17, 2020, 10:25:20 AM
The V-Tech Reinhard Turbine €/KW
WO20046067946,Stepahn Adre Ruolph and Peter Reter Rudolph

Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on May 25, 2020, 01:49:08 PM
Alimentation : up to 90% less land and water use and less cows

Instead "cow"-milk "other natural extract"-milk ( ( ( ( ( ( Open field/green house yield

From conventional  horizontal agriculture,except " hanging gardens in Babylonia" and "floating islands",to platform and vertical (city-/urban-) farming,including aqua-/hydro-ponds,from 128 sqm "horizontal farming" aerea to less than 1 sqm "vertical farming" = 99% less area for te same alimentation in Kg gain (

100 sqft~ 10 sqm plot horizontal vegetables growth,organic gardening,with 500 US$ grocery value : ( (

With construction prices by 3d-printer about 375 Euros (all inclusive) and 0,01 Eurocent/KWh electricity costs ?

Whats about sub-telluric/terrestric caverns/tunnel farming, ~ indoor farming,and on  surface classical farming !?

Less costly and the excavated minerals for exploration !
Mountains to "farming domes" !

 vertical farming  then horizontal area need 1 qm/0,1 sqmt,high dependent

Trans-/portable farm : inflatable shelter, box,container,greenouse platform ( (         )

Princeton Uni experimentation : vertical wheat growth ( (  for diametrical terraces  ::) farming
~ Le Corbusier Skelett-platform"Dom-ino" as "urban-/city- farming" agriculture land winning vision (

U.N. " nutritition pyramid", let us hope not in Fortune500 possession  :P 8) ;) (

" Schreber small gardening" (  and "colonies" ( ,in Germany a conventional solution like in Russia the "Datscha"-colonies

 When each one stores the vegetable and fruits kernel fom daily alimentaton and use as seet and let it  grow this plants probably gives a fruitfull wintergarden. ( (

One of his projects "went through the world press 40 years ago" and even put it in the Guinness Book of Records for a few years, recalls Gruber. He managed to grow every imaginable plant in miniature format - a sunflower was eight centimeters tall. The former Yps youth magazine had its wonderful mini-seeds enclosed in small bags in a print run of 400,000 copies. Gruber believes that this development would make colonizing Mars easier, for example, because you would not have to overload the spaceships: seeds and root balls that have shrunk to one hundredth of normal size. The only problem:Gruber was awarded the highest German award for his miniature plants in 1988 with the Diesel Medal from the Institute of Invention, and the International Federation of Inventors (IFIA) knighted him - but the matter of settling on Mars has not made much progress to date. No other interested parties have reported. That is why the small pots with preserved shrinking plants such as stinging nettle, pegonia or philodendrons (

(rain-) worm compost (

superthrive plants nutrition or similar ( ( as water softener /polarizer/ionizer (exGDR estatal institutions experiments,also Israel Negev : 20%more gain)

Planting with magnetical NS orientation ? ( (

diversification : ( (
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on May 26, 2020, 10:30:40 AM
For a little more price market autonomy and an hobby with gain,social and economical and as sustainable development with heritage value :
1000 square-foots ~ 100 sqm plot area

Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on May 29, 2020, 09:36:04 AM
" measuring right" ,by which assumption and given physics formula equitation conditioning !?
"light devices" as indicator :
are light devices simple transformer,from electric energy in Watt,VA or photonic/phononic converter with amplyfing factor if not measured by fixed 1 meter distance ?

1 Watt electric bulb heater input and up to 4 thermic Watt output

Is this not a FE-device efficiency measurement risc if totally the C.O.P. ≥ 1 ,let us fix with C.O.P. average 2,0,
but ≥ 2/bulb C.O.P. ≤4 =

FE-device without bulb C.O.P. = FE-device efficieny 0,5 or 50% !?

Marzahn photonic light chamber 650 Watt DC solar output by 12 x 13 Watt electric bulb input
650 /156 = +- 4,2

Baquero Menendez light chamber : 8x 240 Watt solarcells = 1920 Watt total output and 500 Watt e-bulb as photonic source

Lasersaber,Gerard Morin,JL Naudin experiments( GenX) et cetera :

How often calculations are irrative because there is the conventional and wrong ( learned ?)assumption that 1 Watt electric input into electric to light or heat conversion is effective ≤ 100% or C.O.P. ≤ 1 ?!

Only 1 fact : the improvements in lumen/Watt output from photonic devices  !
                      less phononic= wave = magnetic proportion
 For heat : heat elements with electric consumption savings up to 50 % based by silicon-carbide or graphit or material mix ike HTM wwwcanlasercom

Wave : speed velocity ?     Decrease from source distance in vacuum or dry/humid  air ?Particle : speed velocity ? Decrease from source distance in vacuum or dry/humid air ?
Non magnetic to magnetizable material = graphene,
non ferrit magnetic material = repulsion/bonding forces
Bulk material specification to the same nanograin material specification with now higher particle orbitally  freedom degrees,more effective surface area per cubic or gram !
Michael-Morley experiment : no win ,but also no loose ? With hyerspace beam option ?
Being ever ready for changes ! 8) :)

Is the air/air and air/water thermal change heat pump process with average and conventional C.O.P. 3 wrongunderstand,as heating /cooling process and effective C.O.P. alternatives like Gerhard Beiers Resonator,Joseph Yater thermionic cell panel ,Dr.phy. Helmut Reichelt et al. Graphit thermionic paper cell and only heating Jianqui Zhang his bulb radiation heat pump !?

 The OSMA TECH paint ( Adnan Erkol) ,for heating/cooling : which material/mineral based for this given several  example effects?Cristalin ? Cone ?
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on May 30, 2020, 11:34:15 AM
Gudn Morjn,we can see what by professional and winning motivated sin is possible :
Formula 1 wheels changes in less than 15 seconds and related this the com(m)ercia wheels change in cars garages like "Pit stop" and the process price :" for 15 seconds net work"- value !
This example for electric devices engineering,modular and easy and fast  parts changing concept,
as current example e-cigarrets with exchangeable coils,atomizer,battery-pack and "liquid" !
Motors,generators and transformers : stackable,capacity/potential/power output step up and/or step down !

How much time to change primary/secondary/rotor/stator coils or permanent magnets !?
How much time for change of friction parts( bearing) !?
How much time for friction zones anti-wear coating ( Motor-Kote,molybdaen et cetera )

EDM : electro discharge milling as taking and giving (re-layer coating) process : used parts refurbishing !
From "drop away society" to "reuse society",the US Pioneer Corps study result in the 90':up to 50% less material consume and expenses !
Totally a cost and environmental concerned citizen can save in costs :
    our world-wide WTO/WIPO market and the trade rules conditioning

100 price units "com(m)ercial propaganda TM ware f.e. meaning "utility model(l)/technical patent saved " as reproduction barrier in mind ,individual buy,ready to use

30 units the same as " no propagated TM  name"- product,individual buy,ready to use

15 units the same product,fob factory and group buy,ready to use      ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
100/15 is the average ratio from " new " [com(m)ercial monopole  rights claimed] products"
7,5-10 units the same product as kit ( DIY-monting) ,fob factory and group buy

So we can calculate and measure by ware mass/price  that 90% of the price is not the ware related : but over-head costs !
Seconds that our behaviour and "ware"-treat defines the efficiency and long-life of this product,instesd one-two years warranty-lifetime up to five or ten years use !

By friction-parts change and no-rust materials 20-.... years !

Alimentation : foreign service price to "own urban gardening/farming": 80% less expenses !
Medical service: from "placebo industry" and "placebo physiants" to self-healing processes : 90% less expenses !

Ground policy : for food/ for alternative energy production / for production in geral

 up to 90% less continental ground need ! Instead on ground in air or on water !?

Portugal,E.U.-member,social standart ,minimum wage ( Profession ? Age ?:Political orientation ? Nationality ? .... )

2020 : 635 Euros p.m                   1974 16,5 Euros p.m. 

635 Euros per month x 14 times(12 monts year and 11 months work/1 month holiday  )Wages-taker real productivity and efficience ?
Minimum wages,brut(work-station/place total costs)  / 0,32( enterprise/company factor) =
 (635 x14 x1,2 )/0,32 ~ 10668 /0,32 ~ 33337,5  Euros productivity value minimum

( house maid versus house keeper,industrial worker versus service worker 4.class versus academician )
Minimum wages from fixed contract to per hour contract freedom(e) ,by both sides interests !?
All in the " independent worker/Selbstand"- stadium ! "Kommerzielle Volljaehrigkeit/-Haftung!"

As industrial worker,for " monopol rights"- holder delivery : 33337,5 Euros x 6 =

     200025 Euros net trade market price productivity per yearly minimum wage

All estates with " minimum wages per month/week/hour" have to define " by minimum productivity" ,        for the work-place,for the legal trade market value !

         President-office search function ! If not,useless functionary(m/f/d),away with it,new election !
The internet makes City-buying malls obsolet,the seasonal sales drops up to -90% are common factory outlet prices,24/365 sitation !
Cities as " trade behavour museum" is a little over-sophisticated ! Buildings demolition !

We will see world-wide " monopol rights companies" "un-" friendly spin offs,cause there are not anymore real " monople rights" in legal validation, "TM-labels someone can take away from old ware and resign ex-" no name":
that is today the conventional "Mode"-companies treat : "label"- value trading !1 Euro T-shirt + "TM"= up to 25 Euros price-offer
- 90% sales/liquidation offer are only by "low calculated sell margin" a buyer win !

all actual com(mecial propagated products have "open source" digitzeable and mass-produce-able pendants !Mini-home fabrics/fabrication and Mini-home-offices !
In the house where I am living was before a " small textile confection",delivering f.e. ZARA/Indutex !
Garment delivery and ready to use " textile": less than 1 Euro per shirt com-participation ,time invest per part ?

And how confident the payment by  the "client",independent how great ( their mouth,their economical reality !?)
Even "States" as com(m)ercial trade partners are bad payer !
About "(il-/legal)margin"  knowledge as economical and economics life-partcipant ,sector pharmaceutics/petrol/cosmetics/textile(wear/cars : COINDU)

700 x 14 x1,2 ~ real and classical and legal constitution-conform social -accumulated credit-inflation released-  70 x 14 x1,2     ergo  "DIY villages"- development and estates,industry,trade companies,market  illegality destroy !

                            Destroying legal,with legal tools and 100% transparency and calling open their names !
                           4.technical Evolution,TIER 4.0 :
                           50% less employment = 50% time-share or up to average 50% disemployment ( seasonal 75/25)

50% less industrial factories,apartments(ex-bureau/fillial) gives local more than 90% price decrease !

When the Rating-Agencies Moody's/Standart&Poor's/Fitch will have to rate the US-Estate treasury solidity and solvity then they will probably have to remark : anymore " investment grade"

Great-Britain after the Brexit as "low tax"-country : 15% real total  tax ( all included) similar the work-platform Singapore will bring an european tax-down melting ! 10% for the real poor and up to 5% for the public  administration !
The unconstitutional World Vision
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: ramset on May 30, 2020, 09:27:02 PM
Lanca:Put down the cheeseburger... less space and less food too
1000 calories a day ?
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on May 30, 2020, 09:51:45 PM
1000 calories ? I mean 1000 KILO-calories per day !

 I know about the british post-WW2 zone  nutrition ration about 800 KILO-calories per day ! So,under given condition,not far away from healthy living ! ::) ;)

Less calories = less body work/in cell incineration ,okay : body work (Wpeak and Whour) and outside body climate dependent ! Water : energy content per litre ?

What means 1 kcal or 1000 kcal in Watt and/or Watth : (

So kcal/h = (kcal divided 24)/day ( (

Age-related calorie needs

Men                                                     Women

15 to under 19 years

10,460 kJ / 2,500 kcal                         8,370 kJ / 2,000 kcal

19 to under 25 years

10,460 kJ / 2,500 kcal                         7,950 kJ / 1,900 kcal

25 to under 51 years

10,040 kJ / 2,400 kcal                         7,950 kJ / 1,900 kcal

51 to under 65 years

9,200 kJ / 2,200 kcal                           7,530 kJ / 1,800 kcal

65 years and older

8,370 kJ / 2,000 kcal                           6,700 kJ / 1,600 kcal

Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on June 01, 2020, 12:18:49 PM
per capita : basic alimentation 360 gr. bread 36 gr slices ,5 x per day 2 x 36 gr
the minimum 1000 kcal reached

agricultural land need 375 sqm ( 4 tons wheat per ha) + 125 sqm fallow ( 3-4-fields-agro-economy)
Instead butter liquid olive-oil/sunflower oil  et cet. ( Oil seed) 80 gr. per day ~ 720 kcal

Cow or sheep milk (alternatively : soja-,rice-,almond-,) 0,5 liter per day
Fruit( orange,citrus,apple,...)  or vegetable juicy ( carots,tomatos,.....) 0,5 liter per day

Fruits and vegetables : green house growth (~ jovoto : food& water&shelter : 300 US$  costs list)

On bread : peanuts butter,almond butter,marmelade (quinces,orange,citrus,..) and jams

                   cheese and cooked/raw ham,salami

Not vegan-/vegetarian philosophical orientated the physiological nutritional values gives us a "vegetarian/vegan"-orientation : by aliments nutrition values !

2200 kcal are easy to reach with "soft weight eat: gourmieren ",and the agricultural land need per capita : 1125 sqm total !

From this 500 sqm pasture landscape with double use : olive-trees growth !

And/or holm oaks, with their acorns to flour alternatively to wheat bread  or for noddles production !
Vertical farming is not a must somewhere !
But low cost " electro-culture" is for outdoor  landscapes more interestant :

up to 100% more yield per work/land area !

Beginnig with seed " programming"  ::) ;) :)   

"Water on  demand" - sensor ! Plants call for it,not the farmer over-waters the field !

1000 sqm per capita x 5 ( virgin/ extensiv  nature ) = 5000 sqm per habitant = 2 per ha = 200 habitants/sqkm

Anymore " war for food" ,over the time up to 80% price maximun decrease !
Peak prices cut !
Title: Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
Post by: lancaIV on July 06, 2020, 11:22:18 AM (

from tent to camper on wheels

"teardrop camper "-revival (