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Author Topic: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort  (Read 36011 times)

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Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
« Reply #30 on: June 01, 2020, 12:18:49 PM »
per capita : basic alimentation 360 gr. bread 36 gr slices ,5 x per day 2 x 36 gr
the minimum 1000 kcal reached

agricultural land need 375 sqm ( 4 tons wheat per ha) + 125 sqm fallow ( 3-4-fields-agro-economy)
Instead butter liquid olive-oil/sunflower oil  et cet. ( Oil seed) 80 gr. per day ~ 720 kcal

Cow or sheep milk (alternatively : soja-,rice-,almond-,) 0,5 liter per day
Fruit( orange,citrus,apple,...)  or vegetable juicy ( carots,tomatos,.....) 0,5 liter per day

Fruits and vegetables : green house growth (~ jovoto : food& water&shelter : 300 US$  costs list)

On bread : peanuts butter,almond butter,marmelade (quinces,orange,citrus,..) and jams

                   cheese and cooked/raw ham,salami

Not vegan-/vegetarian philosophical orientated the physiological nutritional values gives us a "vegetarian/vegan"-orientation : by aliments nutrition values !

2200 kcal are easy to reach with "soft weight eat: gourmieren ",and the agricultural land need per capita : 1125 sqm total !

From this 500 sqm pasture landscape with double use : olive-trees growth !

And/or holm oaks, with their acorns to flour alternatively to wheat bread  or for noddles production !
Vertical farming is not a must somewhere !
But low cost " electro-culture" is for outdoor  landscapes more interestant :

up to 100% more yield per work/land area !

Beginnig with seed " programming"  ::) ;) :)   

"Water on  demand" - sensor ! Plants call for it,not the farmer over-waters the field !

1000 sqm per capita x 5 ( virgin/ extensiv  nature ) = 5000 sqm per habitant = 2 per ha = 200 habitants/sqkm

Anymore " war for food" ,over the time up to 80% price maximun decrease !
Peak prices cut !

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Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
« Reply #32 on: October 11, 2020, 02:02:50 PM »
Up to 100 times less land use for the same photovoltaic or windforce conversion and consumer-near exploring :
page 9,figure 1
Portugal,Algarve,Alcoutim,Martim Longo : 1750 KWh solar radiation per annum
800 ha land for 0,4 Euros per sqm means 1,5 % from 220 Mio Euros total investment costs .
4 ha per MW solar panel installation              or 40 sqm per KW

Assuming 225 000 000 KWh or 225 GWh electricity conversion per annum this means by international solar parcs 2 Euro-Cents/KWh market selling price 4,5 Mio Euros per annum R.O.I. /200 Mio. investment = ONLY 2,25 % cash flow by "free market " conditioning !
Only for investment amortization ( 30 years) and 2,5% ( green tax ) capital tax we need 4,7 % annual net cash flow =4,4 Euro-Cents per KWh warranted ( by someone ) !

but here the first " max. " price barrier : b2b energy price,included distribution  :
                                                                                                                        actually 5,5 US $cents or 4,74  Euro-Cents/KWh  average

+ second " max. " barrier  the energy market of "surplus electricity"

                            Question : how much fractional-Cent per KWh for  the "solar parc " service/maintenance costs and salaries for up to " local 600 jobs" ??

Back to Figueira-study " Page 9,Figure 1" :
South Europe,Central-,West-/East-/North-Europe solar radiation KWh per sqm, natural ( 2004 - 2010 average)
Autonomous system of photovoltaic energy production                   

                           Gracias al sistema así descrito, se consigue en 700 m2 de superficie del cajón una producción de energía de 600 kW hora.
                                                               by 10% conversion efficiency panels

being "orthodox"  ::) :
[0006]    Thanks to the system thus described, it is possible to attain 600 kW/hour with a box with an inner surface of 700m<2>.
 " inner surface " means the surface from "box geometry" ground area,4 walls area and tect area  !
                                                                          600 KW/ ? sqm ground area
                                                                        5 KW(h)/sqm ground area ?

Artificial 8766 hours " natural" day and night per annum photovoltaic conversion in Spitzbergen,Reykjavic,St.Petersburg,Talinn,Helsinki,......

Now instead 10% efficiency 2008 application 

 20,30% , and more photovoltaic panel conversion efficiencies : minimum 1 KW per "surface" sqm per hour permanent

                                                                                       20% efficiency panels :                 10 ? KW per sqm "ground " area ?

Algarve,Alcoutim,Martim-Longo : 350 KWh natural  radiation electricity conversion per annum and per sqm panel
                                                               28 KWh per sqm "MartimLongo solar parc" ( 225 Mio KWh / 8 Mio sqm )

                                                                                     Artificial photovoltaic " Solarium "

                            f.e. Helsinki : 1. stage 8000 KWh per annum and sqm, 16 000 KWh per sqm and annum 2 x .stages,3.x  ..... 

                                                                                           Artificial multi-stages solar towers !

Wind force conversion :
conventional : 3,3 ha / 1 MWp

but : 1 MWp means by average 16 - 20 % "Voll-Last " 170-200 KW average

Mit den angegebenen Werten für die Volllaststundenzahl liegt die durchschnittliche Leistung einer WKA demzufolge zwischen 16 und 20 % der Nennleistung. Eine WKA mit einer Nennleistung von 3 MW = 3000 kW hat also eine durchschnittliche Leistung zwischen 500 und 600 kW.Die durchschnittliche Leistung einer WKA (Formelzeichen PWKA) liegt demnach bei
Mit den angegebenen Werten für die Volllaststundenzahl liegt die durchschnittliche Leistung einer WKA demzufolge zwischen 16 und 20 % der Nennleistung. Eine WKA mit einer Nennleistung von 3 MW = 3000 kW hat also eine durchschnittliche Leistung zwischen 500 und 600 kW.

Da eine WKA praktisch nie bei Nennleistung betrieben werden kann, weil der Wind selten mit der entsprechenden Intensität weht, liegt die durchschnittliche (tatsächliche) Leistung immer ganz wesentlich darunter. Diese Tatsache wird durch die sogenannte Volllaststundenzahl (Formelzeichen TV) erfasst. Typische Werte liegen auf dem Festland um 1800h , andere Autoren stellen zwar größere Werte von bis zu 2500 h in Aussicht- die durchschnittliche Volllaststundenzahl lag für alle existierenden WKA in Deutschland im Jahr 2012 allerdings nur bei 1500h. Das Jahr hat 8760 h. Die durchschnittliche Leistung einer WKA (Formelzeichen PWKA) liegt demnach bei

Here as solution : artificial wind chamber ( similar " Compressed Air Engines " )

When we need by conventional wind generator installation 3,3 ha /MWp ~ 33 sqm/KWp and get in average 1500 hours capacity power from 8766 hours the yearand as "wind chamber" we need 60 sqm /100 KWp or 0,6 sqm/KWp and by 8766( x 0,9 )  permanent full capacity work potential

the result per annum a. conventional "on-shore" 1500 KWh/33 sqm =        45,5 KWh/sqm 

                                      b. wind chamber (8766 KWh  x 0,9)/0,6 sqm =      13 149 KWh/sqm

wind chamber numbers from /, israelitan inventor Israel Hirshberg

Melvin Prueitt,Los Alamos scientist and inventor (R.I.P.) " dreamed" about 1 Km high cooling wind towers ,we do not need to think in such hights,even not as translucent,glassy,wall towers !

Btw : Prueitt invented " airpower"- similar concept : he called it "Air-Watt" commercial wind energy exploring costs,10 000 US$/10 KW  generator 2004  : 3,4 US$¢/KWh

AirWatt commercial electricity exploring costs estimation 2010 : 3 US$¢/KWh
375 US$/KW estimated AirWatt prototype costs ,Russia : from wind chamber prototype costs 375 €/KWh windenergy exploring costs calculation  : 1 €¢/KWh

Better yet, it can be readily made into a foam. “With most metals that’s difficult, because the bubbles want to rise to the surface of the molten metal,” says Johnson. The fact that amorphous metal is thick and like plastic when molten permits the formation of a foam panel that is 99 percent air but roughly 100 times stronger than polystyrene. A sandwich made of two thin sheets of amorphous metal flanking amorphous foam would be strong, light, insulating, fireproof, bug-proof, rustproof, sound dampening, and difficult to penetrate with bombs. Such panels could form buildings, ship hulls, airplanes, and car bodies.
“Glassy metals will be a cut above both metals and plastics,” says Kang, looking up from a plasma arc melter in which he forges new formulations. Asked if his aim is to replace both—which covers a lot of territory—he smiles. “That’s what we’re shooting for,” he says.
But metallic glass has one huge problem—it’s expensive. The first commercialized injection-moldable form costs about $15 a pound to make versus roughly $1 a pound for aluminum and 25 cents a pound for steel. Johnson, Kang, and other researchers are working on variants with cheaper constituents. “I think we can make a viable amorphous steel product. I would call that a very likely development,” says Johnson. Eventually, he says, it could cost the same 25 cents a pound as ordinary steel. “That will change everything,” he says.

                                                   3d-liquidmetal-printer : for 1 Euro-Cent/KWh roto-verter and e-generative transformer
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Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
« Reply #35 on: January 09, 2021, 05:42:01 AM »

1 billion houses to build ?

Sand bag houses ! Instead or alternatively  or
Southafrican Cape Town Prof. Abbott his cooperation : Ecobeam
The Ecobeam building technology is a versatile and eco-friendly timber frame building system that involves the construction of structures using Ecobeams as well as Ecobags (sandbags). The Ecobeam system offers benefits when compared to conventional building including up to 40% cost savings, bullet proof and earthquake resistant walls which offer thermal and acoustic properties.

plastics bags from waste oceanic plastics continents recycling ! Or plenty bottles on ancient natural virgin beaches !

Look also jovoto :

as example

Cooling and heating with "Zero-Grid-Energy-Drive" easy handling !


dry zone :
and  0,8 KWh to optimized 0,25 KWh electric consume per day


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Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
« Reply #36 on: January 09, 2021, 11:26:43 AM »
from mtbest 0,8 KWh to 250 Wh at first,then 125 Wh

by heatelement,resistor connection,heat reflective coating, controler
and motor and/or motor-generator

power storage :

battery charge technology like :     5000 charge cycles by 1KWh storage and 250 Wh daily consume = over 50 years battery duration

inverter like :

This means that an electric motor with a nominal output of 1000 watts, if it were operated with the free electrical direct current from the downstream coils of part C, can produce an output of 25,000 watts (25: 1). The same applies to the three other power sources of the upstream coils of part C 1,2 + 3.

only to electric motor drive gasoline car conversion :
                                         and Uwe Jarck technique applied : consume per hour/ per 100 Km ?
                                         and Uwe Jarck technique applied : consume per hour / per 100 Km ?

heat pumps/chillers with Jarck technique : C.O.P.  100
home refrigerators
friction heater
mtbest energy efficiency and 125 Wh per day easy reachable each 100 years battery recycling  ;)

Water from air generator working as same as dehumidifier :

Sullivan Shaun 600 Watt per hour 1/25 would not be bad ,is it not ?

Small Low Cost 6000 Btu Machine that can Harvest up to 40 US gallons of clean drinking water per day. There is no other technology in the world that can harvest large amounts of clean drinking water from such a small machine (low Btu's) at a low cost per gallon / liter.

40 gallons x 3,785 liter/gal = circa 150 liter water per day / 5 liter per capita = 30 capita per generator

+Osma tech coating  + Melvin Prueitt compressor (M.E.C.H.):10 Watt electric per hour


international minimal house challenges and solution examples :

living homes with later drone e-drive

the international Elemental challenge and more than 100 competitors-plans  combined with

here getting plans for
and  or "Kesae-Konti"
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Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
« Reply #37 on: January 14, 2021, 12:55:05 PM »

Plastic panels instead wood ?

Idea : „Packaged House System“ von Walter Gropius und Konrad Wachsmann

Going some decades,fifthy years, temporary back : 1971

Die architekturgeschichtlich bedeutendste Ausstellung gebauter Häuser des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts war [/font]die Weißenhofsieldung von 1927. Für die Pionierzeit des Bauens mit GFK war die wichtigste Ausstellung  die Internationale Kunststoff-Haus-Ausstellung  ́71 (IKA ́71) in Lüdenscheid, BRD mit 15 Exponaten, welche sich als IKA ́72 auf insgesamt 30 Exponate erweiterte [Doernach, 1972].

The most important exhibition of built houses of the twentieth century in terms of architectural history was the Weißenhofsieldung from 1927. For the pioneering days of building with GRP, the most important exhibition was the International Plastic House Exhibition '71 (IKA'71) in Lüdenscheid, FRG with 15 exhibits, which are known as IKA '72 expanded to a total of 30 exhibits [Doernach, 1972].

page 48 : DO ,fg2000 by Wolfgang Feierbach
page 49 : Minimalhaus Peter Huebner,Neckartenzlingen   ( also Casanova-Raumeinheiten,1972 Olympiade Muenchen)       also Huebner the yellow Delta-Ferienhaus

 Die Möglichkeit der Überwachsung von Gebäuden durch Kletterpflanzen nutzte Peter Hübner für seine als Wohn- und Büroräume genutzten Raumzellen des Systems Casanova (Weiterentwicklung 1972: [1971/07]).

many prototypes/models for replication ! Free plans ! basic material recycleable !

                                                 Technik = Kunst = Arts

Instead aluminium "Kunststoff/synthetic or technical material " for the Buckminster Fuller dymaxion bathroom using :

Die Raumzelle als kleinster nutzbarer Raum wurde in den 1950er Jahren als eigenständige Architekturform gegründet. Seitdem beflügelt sie die Phantasie der Architekten und Designer. Die Sonderausstellung  ́Box für das Existenzminimum` im Juni 2000 in Dresden hat Prof. Dr. Günther Feuerstein, BTU-Cottbus zu zahlreichen Assoziationen, philosophischer, künstlerischer und architektonischer Natur inspiriert. Er sieht die Zelle als minimalsten Raum, als Zufluchtsort, die privateste Zone des Alleinseins, ein Individualraum. Das Leben beginnt in einem Ei, der natürlichsten aller Kapseln und endet im Sarg, der menschengemachten Zelle.

The room cell as the smallest usable room was founded in the 1950s as an independent form of architecture. Since then, it has inspired the imagination of architects and designers. The special exhibition 'Box for the subsistence level' in June 2000 in Dresden was presented to Prof. Dr. Günther Feuerstein, BTU Cottbus inspired numerous associations, philosophical, artistic and architectural. He sees the cell as the most minimal space, as a place of refuge, the most private zone of being alone, an individual space. Life begins in an egg, the most natural of all capsules, and ends in the coffin, the man-made cell.

                                                                            " Futuro " applied





                                                             kitchen/bathroom units




                                                             toilet/bath units




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Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
« Reply #38 on: April 17, 2021, 03:14:56 PM »
Let us do an E.U. european low-e/energetic private household economy outlook :

1975 :

Autonomous House                                 UK average
floor area 176 m2                                              82 m2
space heating 1,400 kWh                             12,900 kWh
water heating  1,900 kWh                              5,700 kWh(3)
lights, appliances and cooking 1,200 kWh     3,000 kWh(4)

total consumption 4,500 kWh                       21,600 kWh

renewable energy:
wood                   1,400 kWh
solar electricity    1,600 kWh
total non-renewable energy 1,500 kWh        21,600 kWh

water in litres per head per day 34 160 (5)

2021 :space heating  p.a.  82/176 x 1400 KWh = 660 KWh for average UK construction standard ,

by example E.U.-member Ireland : 15 KWh PE/sqm construction standart ( Nearly Zero or Solar Passive House called )

                                                    15 KWh electric / 1,8 energy mix PE factor = 8,33 KWh/sqm x 82 sqm = 683 KWh (near 660 KWh !)

since CIAM conferencece 1929 the fixed social housing standarts : 30,5 sqm + 9 sqm per capita : by ideal family : 4  capita = 66,5 sqm living/floor area

Federation of American Scientists social housing numbers : 32-38 sqm starter family      72-78 sqm expanded family

starter/ideal family (man/wife/m./f. childs)  level by IKEA :
  660 KWh   room  heating                                  /  185 days/daies
1900 KWh   water heating                                  /  365 days/daies

1200 KWh   lights,appliances,cooking                /  365 days/daies


bringing this 1975 consumption numbers to 2021 TECHNICAL STANDART ( this is officially and by law : granted patent standart !) :

Target : energy source 100 W electric generator ( x 24 h generation) and electricity storage  2,4 KWh net

660   KWh  /C.O.P. 30  heat generator ,Wp ? = 22,0 KWh electric = 0,35 KWh/day coldest day peak

1900 KWh  / C.O.P. 30 heat generator ,Wp ? = 63,4 KWh electric = 0,175 KWh/day

1200 KWh lights,appliances,cooking to 1,5 KWh/day(LED,electric motor/heat-element,frequency controler improvement )

for the improvement as help the "intelligent household" appliances listening :
Total sum calculation :

0,35 KWh + 0,175 KWh + 1,5 KWh = +- 2 KWh electric consume per day 

= 2,4 KWh electricity storage sufficient / 24 hours =         100 W e-generator sufficient


the last step : a flying autonomous house

for framework to be foldable and (trans-/fly-)portable as building        This 1,600-square-foot house weighed only three tons

a platform,a drone, a jet belt structure :

Sonic wave powered aircraft - which burns any fuel and has vibration valve plate to generate thrust
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Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
« Reply #40 on: June 10, 2021, 11:05:50 AM »
Reply #38 : 2021 Standart : 100 W e-generator sufficient

                                           1000 W e-generator

                                                                                                            NO RECHARGE,up to 11 years consumer loading
 Cost to mass produce           $40 per KWh or 1000 Wh

In comparison, when a DC 12 V mini motor with full load capacity 25 g, 560 mA, running at 13340 rev./min is used,
a plurality of such motors can be assembled and operated in association with a suitable number of down-speed gear sets so as to obtain proper operation speed.
The power consumptions thereof in the same conditions as above, are compared with the conventional motors to conclude
 that at most only one eleventh of the power consumed in above cited motors is required.

With such an arrangement, the present invention can be applied to a wide range of fields, providing different kinds of driving capability according to practical requirements.

 The spur gear 311 at the other end of the main output shaft 31 of the output gear set 3 of the whole assembly is then engaged with a motor driven device
such as a pump, a compressor, a power transmission or device of the like, by way of a belt 7, a chain 8 or a gear 9, as shown in FIGS. 8, 9, 10.


The present invention relates to the electric motor drive of devices, machines, traction drive devices and the like.
Which are driven at a not very high speed and medium to high torques.

 It goes f.e. household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, refrigerators, air conditioners, fans, but also electric cars or motorcycles.

                                         University/basic school  students study world-wide :

heat-pump conventional average C.O.P. 3 , 2021 technical/commercial standart,

new/used model for experiment/prototyping :

 with above power saving transmission ?


 The device in testing produced 45% of the overall consumed energy and put it back on the grid in prototype testing.

This device can be retrofitted into 95% of units manufactured in the last 10 years and can be a welcome addition to new units currently manufactured.

Dowdy-prototype with power saving transmission :

                                              electricity to thermic stream to electricity cycle

millions of heat pumps/chiller for  private household,green house,vegetable/fruits conversation ( cold function !),medical freezer(vaccine)

for hot/warm heat pump effect : heat pump + power saving transmission for C.O.P. 30 and for closed cycle :  .... ( ;) )  or later : Nano-Boxx

and later from later : the Ferreira capacitive windings e-tractor with exemplary 68 mA and up to 350 V for up to 5 KW kinetic force output

                                              heat pump warm/cold effect by C.O.P > 100

                                              but e2t2e cycle enclosed > C.O.P. 100 (!)

in warm climate regions world-wide by intelligent household appliances arrangement and by power saving transmission use and electricity saver heatelements+controler
these 0,8 KWh( 0,1 KWh freezer and 0,7 KWh the other devices) per day can be reduced

                                                         to < 0,5 KWh per day,

                                                        up to 250 Wh per day

let us take a conventional fridge ,100 Watt rated electric compressor motor DC or AC ,in average 8 hours per day work :

instead Mr. Chalko his 100 Wh per day freezer modification we apply to the DC ( stable VOLTAGE)  e-drive :

10X nichrome wires = 100 W DC to (100 V x 1A)/10 wires =          10 W DC input

                            8 hours per day work                          a           10 W DC input = 80 Watt per day refrigerator consume (average)

                                  as same effect like proclaimed power saving transmission !

for nichrome wire application experiments :

or : f.e. type  such

800 Wh conventional consume in work x 0,45 ( for Dowdys 45% recuperation)                 = 360 Wh recuperation

David Yurth generator coil coating 1,333 output enhancement/increase  360 Wh x 1,333 = 480 Wh recuperation

not only device e2t2e cycle but total household e2t2e recuperation cycle

+ solar thermic energy ( Mr.Chalko )or wood (Vale,Autonomous house) or bio-composter-heatelectric conversion

who likes " mad financial science " experiments :

Kenmore 30 W fridge (24/365 working) + steady/permanent Dowdy-working generator output for charging

a. the rated 2,5 W electric motor

b. the rated 30 W to 20 W or less ( by 10% efficiency solar panel 180/30 W ratio = 120/20 W ratio) lamp consume


                more than 100 Watt DC (solar cell) or pulsed DC ( capacitive array)per hour generation

for (solar) heat generation :


A litttle 2021 standart overview : Richard Fradella up to 99% conversion efficiency motor/generator (with coating ?)

                                                                10 KW/Kg

DC or AC input and/or output ? with Uchiyama nichrome resistor (DC/AC inverter ? interface) application ?!

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Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
« Reply #41 on: June 11, 2021, 10:33:49 AM »

Re: Reactive Current - Parallel RCL
« Reply #70 on: Today at 12:06:02 AM »

Fine,to refind Kirchhoffs rules by in-law and out-law conditioning : PARA-/DOXON        hydraulic/electric
line 25-36,first document page

and search machine and/or youtube : Tesla valve
(      )



and linear

Pour concevoir et réaliser la présente in vention, ii fallait d'abord trouver une interprétation neuve du phénomène mai connu de l'induction électrique.

L'énoncé de cette interprétation est né cessaire pour définir exactement les caractéristiques essentielles de l'invention, de manière intelligible, soit : .

1 Le flux inducteur, issu d'un foyer quelconque (pile, accumulateur, etc.) re-foule le milieu ambiant, comme le ferait la force centrifuge d'un volant en rotation.

2 Le flux induit .(ou, pour mieux dire, le reflux) issu du milieu extérieur, révèle l'énergie immense mise en jeu, durant les oscillations de la masse fluididique spa tiale revenant vers son équilibre normal. Ii s'assimile à la force centripète de l'air, sollicitée par la rotation d'un volant.

3 L'énergie induite (qualifiée centri pète), est toujours plus puissante que celle (qualifiée centrifuge) ou inductrice qui est la cause perturbatrice de l'équilibre spatial.

4 La puissance du courant induit (capté dans l'espace) est en proportion di recte de la sensibilité de l'instrument récepteur et de sa capacité électrique.

5 La bobine d'induction actuelle, for mée de deux circuits indépendants et rap prochés (primaire et secondaire) comprend un récepteur commode et très sensible qui est le circuit secondaire ou induit .

6 La capacité électrique dudit récepteur dépend de deux facteurs : tension et intensité;

 l'élévation de la tension étant di rectement proportionnelle au nombre de spires induites, multiple de celui des spires inductrices (ce qui est connu),

et essentiellement, l'élévation simultanée de l'intensité étant directement proportionnelle à la surface de section du conducteur induit,
indépendamment de la puissance du flux inducteur et du calibre du conducteur primaire (ce qui était insoupçonné).

Toutes les machines d'induction ac- tuelles (dynamos, alternateurs, transformateurs, bobines de Ruhmkorff, etc.) sont considérées comme de simples transfor- mateurs de l'énergie (travail en chaleur, électricité, basse tension- en haute tension, etc., et inversement).

En réalité, la présente découverte démontre
que le flux inducteur et le flux induit sont deux formes opposées de l'énergie (l'un centrifuge, l'autre centripète)
 et que la bobine d'induction bien comprise n'est pas un simple transformateur, mais un merveilleux multiplicateur d'énergie.

 La puissance remarquable de l'étincelle de rupture confirme pleinement cette théorie
 et prouve que le flux induit (centripède) est toujours plus énergique que le flux inducteur (centrifuge).

improved fluid (recycling) technology 250 W instead 1400 W ( first consumption improveable)  90% reduction in water usage and 70-90% in energy reduction for a 10 minute shower with a flow rate of 10 l/min

related phase and voltage                        /     average current and voltage

lecture about inrush "administration"

                                             DC or AC or pulse/pure phase/ inrush VA converter

I tried in the 2000 beginnings to introduce the Cosby-engine,here in Portugal : no feed-back from industrial side .

      principle compared Casimir plan Vortex plates converter !

and principle compared

( underestimated his oeuvre and possible industrial/commercial effect )

Edginton turbo-cleaner : in tube micro-turbine for partial fluid to electricity and average input demand diminuation

E                   -cleaner : with capacitive winding motor   14 W instead varistor controled 250 W or conventional 1400 W 

Edginton technology use ( see his web-page)

Einzelraumbeluefter mit Gegenstrom-Waermetauscher
Single room ventilator with counterflow heat exchanger  1 Watt per hour consume

Central house-conditiong with counterflow heat exchanger


               The system COP is > 10, depending on the conditions.

Studying and learning from the really BESTS ! And improving for NEXT LEVEL !

By stimulus :

and professional preview

conditionized : 1982 and L.A. November,2019 :
                                                                                Magnetic field administrated Flycars 

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Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
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                                               Geral Law Theory                     Specific Law Theory

Psychologie : Luescher,Vixier-Bild, Sigmund Freud Ich     -Ueber-Ich - ES             to Heinz Ryborz Ueber-ES

Iceberg ,Paretto Pyramids( 20/80),Gregory King-Davenant actio/reactio law,Walras-v.Weizsaecker,Bionik:Ingo Rechenberg Analogon

Gramberg,Ferdinand Cap,Winter( water and motor),Goldene Schnitt,Hagedorn,Constantinescu

                                      statics versus dynamics : quantitative and qualitative value scale

                        Geral : square law and inverse  square law  squareroot , root V plenitude/magnitude

                       Specific : cube law and inverse cube law      cuberoot     , root V plenitude/magnitude

                                     LIVING PHYSICS

                                    1           =           1

death maths,statics       1/2         =          1/2

dynamic physics,GLT     1/2         =          1/4

dynamic physics,SLT      1/2         =          1/8

                                     LIVING NUMBERS

Wie bewerten international OECD/BIZ Boersenanalysten und Staatsfinanzbeamte deren Zahlen ? Statisch oder dynamisch ?

Lohn-Preis-Spirale up/down square root          Lohn-Preis-Kredit Spirale up/down cube root

                                           8-er-Bahn :

                                        was hoch HINAUS will kommt bestimmt (sehr viel tiefer) wieder runter

The choices are enormous. In the eight places on which the test person places the colors alone, he( and she ? ::)  and it ?) has 40,320 options for eight colors!

                   schwarz-weiss oder blutig : tief-rot / tief-blau oder irgendwie dazwischen ,their FUTURE PREVIEW

                                                                      wow,which DYNAMICS !

( so nebenbei : Grosseltern/Eltern/Kinder(Enkel) Haushalte = 3(4,5,...?) Haushalte = 1x identische 3Generationsfamilie ,betreffend Erbe)

                                                       Gleich und Gleich gesellt sich gern (irrtuemlich),besonders statistisch

        bi-lateral                           irreal : 1  /  1  = 1           ( 1/2 )( 1/2)=1             real : 0,5 x 0,5 = 0,25   

       tri-lateral                           irreal : 1/1/1  =  1           (1/2)(1/2)(1/2) =1        real : 0,5 x 0,5 x 0,5 = 0,125

        psychologic/physical market/specific object "capital"-value appraisal/gross valuation less credits(in-/direct)

 Da bei jedem Kredit-Vertrag(fuer gesamten EURO-Handelsraum gueltig)  der Kredit-Geber juristisch zum Kredit-Eigentuemer des Kreditobjektes wird,der Objekt-Halter nur "Besitzer"-Rechte/Pflichten innehat, ist das Finanzunternehmen wie im obigem Artikel als "Vermieter" juristisch zu bewerten und behandeln!

Nach inzwischen gefestigter BGH-Rechtssprechung hat der Vermieter den Grundsatz der Wirtschaftlichkeit zu beachten. Diese vertragliche Nebenpflicht des Vermieters bedeutet, dass der Vermieter bei jeder kostenauslösenden Maßnahme das Kostennutzenverhältnis beachten muss.

Will ein Besitzer/Kredit-Objekt-Halter renovieren/sanieren :
Kosten-Nutzen-Verhaeltnis Evaluation/Gutachten seitens Finanzgebers/Objekteigentuemers ! PFLICHT ! PER GESETZ !

Schadenersatzpflicht ! Bei Gesetzesnichteinhaltung !

Gegenueber Besitzer und sowohl Mietern !
 Und : Schmerzensgeld = zwecks Wiedergutmachung und Aufrechterhaltung der Finanzunternehmungs-Existenz !

Gegenueber administrativen Staat (3 .Gewalten-geteilt: Verfassungsschutz und Behoerden )und Justiz :
Normen-Kontroll-Verfahren ! EURO-Mitglieds-Staaten-weit !
Misztrauen-Votum gegenueber alle Parlamente !

Das Geld-Wesen IST a. Parlament-s-unabhaengig b. Justiz-unabhaengig c. soziologischen Staatsrepraesentant-unabhaengig

                                   nach Verfassungsstatut : offizielle 4.GEWALT

 ( Medien : 5.te oder 6.te ,wenn als 5.offizielle Gewalt die freien Sozialversicherungstraeger zugerechnet werden,mit eigenem Parlament
   aber auch hierbei : Kosten-Nutzen-Evaluation PFLICHT und Niedrigstwert-Praemisse :
   fuer Ueberleistungen gesamte Vorstand Vermoegens-haftend ! )

  Andere Zeiten,andere Sitten : Nachlaessigkeit zu "ZERO TOLERANZ" und RE-EVOLUTION zu vollstaendiger GESETZESMAESSIGKEIT
wie als Beispiel (VERHAELTNIS-MASZ : 10 MIO/33 MRD ?)

 Nicht VW ,Vorstand/Aufsichtsrat,kann sich einigen,sondern die dieses Unternehmen beherrschenden Eigentuemer : die KREDITGEBER !

  heisst ,nach EURO-Banken-Union : EZB bestimmt den juristischen Junktim !

Pieech&Porsche nur anteilige Eigen-Kapital-Halter ! Juristisch : nicht Eigentuemer !

Tesla Inc. : reale Eigentuemer ? Elon Musk:  Eigenkapital-Anteils-Halter (Aktien unbelastet/gepfaendet ?)


       media-"market"-value 1 000 000 ,by fundamental analysis object value 80 000 gross,less 800 000 credit direct = Oh-la-la !
                                          broken legs,up to Genickbruch/Face-Bruch ::) : Kotau !

                                          especially: the own kanailles =  from "rich" kids to poor kids ,no money for Uni study,car,holiday,......

                                                                 Anymore :   Halli-Galli

       veritas et rigor
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Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
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Re: Up to 99% less mass and energy consume by aequivalent comfort
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 Wow !

The Vortex application in solar ponds,bioreactors(algae growth),natural water ponds(aerating) !

salt water ponds





The Vortex rotor effect : offered by PAX SCIENTIFIC  their experiments/test field results

from their description :

 The circulation removes the stratification and results in the aerated surface layer being continuously mixed with all other water, thereby providing aeration to the total water body. These advantages displayed by the embodiment are realized with a motor of very small, relative size. In testing, rejuvenation of a pond having a surface area of approximately one acre (1.7 million gallons) was achieved within two weeks by operation of a motor of 40 watts.

In an alternative test, a one-half acre, 16-foot deep, million-gallon water supply reservoir was fully mixed in 20 hours with a 24-watt motor.

water + motivation : desert to restorated living land