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Author Topic: Plans  (Read 4995 times)

Offline aether22

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« on: December 20, 2006, 07:47:11 AM »
Whoa whoa whoa, don't get all excited, at least not yet, I don't have any plans to post.
But that is what we need more of, be they Steve Mark's, Marco's or CTGLabs. (couldn't they at least explain why??? Have they not seen 'an inconvenient truth'??? It makes me a little mad!)

We need free energy pretty desperately, and it's pretty %$%#^@! frustrating to have people discover how to do it and not tell everyone else, meanwhile the world is going to ruin, in fact I'd rather not hear of success by others if they aren't going to tell us how to do it, nothing could be more frustrating honestly.

This sh!t has been going on for over 100 years!

I suppose they have their reasons, maybe money (I hope they aren't that stupid, but who knows) or maybe they have decided that it is too dangerous to release.

Now I can understand the second reason, a very long time ago after studying many many different AG & FE devices knowing there must be commonalities (no chance there are 100 totally unrelated ways to do each of these 'impossible' things), and finally I found a few principles which can explain almost every FE and AG device out there, no device fails to deliver, every time a new device came out I immediately got it or had predicted it, and I realized that it's the same thing behind both AG and FE and for that matter much more, so yes this technology does have an inherent misuse factor, a pretty large one I'll admit, it's limitless.

Now I have had only very mild success (mainly due to my own shortcomings as am experimenter) at coming up with working stuff, and I mean very mild.

So I CAN understand the fear, but you know what? Anything can be misused.
There are many ridiculously easy ways to cause untold destruction, or to exert significant control over people.

I just don't think this technology is going to be too horribly misused, besides we are at a point where there is little choice.

So please plans only, don't post to this thread, this board is already almost useless with 47 or 147 page threads, ONLY give details, images, files giving those trying to construct such a device some idea as to what to do.

This doesn't limit it to only Steve, Marco or CTGlabs as anyone can post notes on what they appeared to use to get the effect.

This also extends to any written clues such as the ones that SM has given.

But I do want to keep this thread as light as possible, so it would be good if anything long can be put in a .txt file and simply post it as an attachment.

BTW I'd like to note that if you're not logged in you won't be able to see attachments, something I didn't realize immediately.

Also if I can't produce anything significant before too long from my own realizations, and if someone hasn't posted working plans for this device I will post what I have which is the connections of over a decade of work pouring though these devices and I assure you it's pretty impressive and should help. (I have been unwilling to expose this because I do fear what releasing all of it could do, it would be more dangerous than releasing a single set of plans for an SM device so I remain reluctant but the choice to turn this around is quickly fading)

Maybe that's a stupid thing to say but 100 years and one screwed planet later I'm just getting sick of the crap.

Sorry for the rant and anger, it's not what this thread is about, but there is nothing more hurtful than to have the holy grail suppressed in an OU message board by colleagues for no stated reason once and now 3 times.

One thing is for sure, if i get it to work I'll be holding live and recorded video webcast workshops on building one which I will record and put on youtube and others.

note: It is possible that plans were published in the 47 page thread of marco's, it's too long to easily browse.

note: I take it back and apologize to Dave at CTG_Labs, on reading on I see that his device is not yet a working FE/OU device.
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Offline aether22

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Re: Plans
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2006, 12:56:13 AM »
Steven Mark's device

In this post I will add info that I or anyone finds which can help replicate his devices, if anyone replies to this thread with useful info I will edit this post and add it so people don't have to go wading through some ungodly number of pages to get everything.

I'll start it off here by saying that Steven Mark uses 3 frequencies which he doesn't specify, and uses (at least in some of his designs A WOODEN CORE.

I am yet to establish for sure what axis his collector coil is wound on, is it a hoop coil at 90 degrees to the windings over it like Dave's or not?

There is a patent that might be his device or not as the name on it is Marks not mark and which vaguely similar it is clearly different, if it's him then it's a related technology more that a strict power TPU that we are familure with.

Offline aether22

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Re: Plans
« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2006, 01:17:24 AM »
Dave's device (based at  least in part on the SM device)

In this post I will add info that I or anyone finds which can help replicate his devices, if anyone replies to this thread with useful info I will edit this post and add it so people don't have to go wading through some ungodly number of pages to get everything.

I'll start it off here by saying that Dave has a 'collector' or output coil/s (secondaries) which are hoop coils consisting of just a few turns of wire, around this he winds 3 'controller' coils or primaries (the wires are at 90 degrees, and should not conventionally induce the output coil)
Each controller coil covers a full 360 degrees (not only a 120 degree segment) and the coils are feed 31khz (inner layer) , 166khz (mid layer)  and 44khz (outer layer)

Now if I understand correctly he completes 3 such identical setups and stacks them, I am unsure if he winds any further coils or if there are somehow 27 coils which I read about, there should be 12 by my count.
The 3 collector coils can be placed in series or parallel.
I think it is meant to work but possibly not as reliably with just a single level.
Dave did say it often wouldn't work only to suddenly come to life but this might have refered to operation without input which he demonstrates in his videos.

While Dave does not claim to have necessarily achieved OU or free energy, it is very clear he has achieved something significant as he can induce an emf (enough to light a bulb!) into the 90 degree collector which is conventionally speaking impossible and apparently run a bulb with no input sometimes.

A few people were left with the impression that he faked his video to boost everyones spirits but I don't believe this is the case, he does however clearly show it running without his input circuit which is too large to be hidden in these tiny devices. He doesn't seem too clear on what he has, but he clearly has something very interesting and worthy of replication and likely similar to SM.

Again I'll add more info when I have the time.

Here are a few very important questions I'd love him to answer to set some things straight.

1: Is the video faked? (ie. trick bulb) - I don't believe it is at all, but some people got the impression you were saying it was faked to lift people spirits.
2: Can you verify that if it isn't faked that it is then putting out energy at least momentarily without any continued input, so it's just a collection of coils?
3: How difficult do you find it to be to get induction into the collector coils with the 3 frequencies being input? Is this effect pretty reliable and can it be found with anything other than the 3 freq.s you put in your pdf?
4: Are you sure that the collector isn't being induced as a one or t turn coil? While the collector is substantially at 90 degrees to the other coils unless you wound the coils back over themselves, or unless the collector is folded back on it's self (2 bucking bifilars in series) there single turn induction should exist, and while I'd expect it to be small it should still be there.
5: To what extent (if at all) does a single collector with 3 control coils over it work (as opposed to 3 of these stacked), does the collector show induction? Does it work unpowered even sometimes?
6: Do you find any gyroscopic type effects or any other resistance to motion effects as exhibited by the SM device? (You'll make my day if it's a yes)
7: Does it get (too) hot?
8: Does it output (pulsed) DC and does the freq. match that of a TPU.
9: Would a normal Oscope, without digital storage be of much use or are the waveforms too irregular?
10: Is the collector coil wrapped around the whole shebang used for anything other that scope measurments?

yes, this list does get longer as I think of good questions ;)

Please please please please please answer these questions, they would sure make my Christmas.

Thank You in advance, and great work!
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Offline aether22

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Re: Plans
« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2006, 01:34:43 AM »
Marco/Turbo's device

Marco has not disclosed how to replicate is very interesting device.
First it should be noted that it really isn't related to the TPU at all though it vaguely resembles one, it is apparently closer to Tesla and the work of a Mr Meyl who is deeply into 'scalar' research.

Marco's device has something to do with very sharp rise times, 100ns was the figure quoted I believe. (Often it is stated that electrons can't react as fast as the aether which is made to move by such swift risetimes, SM also says the aether is involved in his device)

Regrettably it is not clear how to replicate his device, and he hasn't been very forthcoming.
He also has another setup which doesn't superficially resemble the TPU.
He also says that a transmitter is involved, though I'm not sure if that applies to the TPU like device.

I emplore Marco to please give us the required details to replicale his device as it appears to be genuinely doing 'impossible' things.

Forgetting the SM's device for a moment, we have 2 devices, Dave's and Marco's which are both doing extraordinary things and the 'inventors' are on this board, you can do lots of experimenting and get very little, so let's try and replicate these devices which stand a good chance of doing something extraordinary.

We are so very close, please Marco, give the details needed to replicate your work.

And as helpful as he has been a little more info from Dave wouldn't go astray.