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Author Topic: Novel arrangement? Of any use?  (Read 1298 times)

Offline richardstephens

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Novel arrangement? Of any use?
« on: August 13, 2019, 09:05:26 AM »
With acknowledgement of asaoka and flynn's efforts, here's an arrangement that seems mentally interesting to me.  No, I haven't built it yet, but probably will play with something like this, unless somebody beats me to it with some convincing report one way or another.  (Coil winding directions likely drawn incorrectly.) Intent - unpowered, magnetic field cycles in outer loops.  (Pulse) Power outer-most coils, coil flux forced out of those plus magnet flux, all forced to loop through center power take-off coil.  Maybe possibility of powering outside transformer coil, and having output side from it power other side transformer coil, forcing "domino" switching of two sides due.  Gee, if it works, seems you might chain one pulse across multiple instances of such devices, subject to losses incurred going from one in chain to the next (or "adjusting" magnets in instances further down the chain to match the losses throughout the chain.)

Big question - any chance of it actually working?

Smaller questions:
When does electro-magnet field combine with perm magnets serially?
When does electro-magnet field combine with perm magnets in parallel?
If the outer-most coils are driven with poles in same orientation as perm. mag, is this a parallel arrangement, forcing both coil generated flux and magnet generated flux through center power take-off coil?  (Seems it would be serial in the outer loops if coil poles driven opposite of perm magnets their adjacent to...)