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Title: atmosphere
Post by: katiequinn on August 15, 2019, 05:08:54 AM
 Co2 and ch4 are entering the atmosphere and causing infrared energy to be reflected instead of radiated.   So this stands to reason that this reflection gives rise to standing waves in the infrared energy spectrum and lots of em.  By constructing large wave reflectors and inititation of an emwave resonating between the reflectors would it not be possible to  collect the energy from the infrared standing waves and concentrate them into useable energy fields?. Once the resounding wave was at suffcient amplitude it would be deflected to a collector circuit. (Hetrodyne with a Telsa standing wave to electrical current converter.)  The solar energy reaching each square meter of Earth is approximately 1100 watts.  So a square kilometer of a black body absorbs approximately 7 gigawatts of power a day. And radiates it as infrared for 24hours.  Therefore the infrared radiation from this one square kilometer for a one day period is  30megawatts.  If only a tenth of the radiation is reflected and forms standing waves this gives rise to 3 megawatts per square kilometer hanging around.  If each day adds to this field you get an idea as to how much potential energy there is building up in the atmosphere in the form of infrared frequency standing waves