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Simple Overunity Method With Capacitors

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Well that is INTERESTING
Thanks Artv and Jeg. So I can discharge one cap into the other and run a load and only loose  14% of the charge.  That is promising.  Certainly worth looking into.


--- Quote from: trevstar on August 12, 2019, 04:28:22 PM ---.... and only loose  14% of the charge. 

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You should better look at the attached calculator above. Total charges are the same after discharge. Losses take place at the stored energy, because energy depends on the square of the voltage. :)

The work I'm trying to do is running a generator/pulsemotor that adds charge to the banks so they don't deplete.

Do you have more info on this?  I have only basic electronics knowledge so please give the simplified version if you could.

The circuit seems far too elaborate to work which then would consume effort it appears to be published without providing adequate measurements.


--- Quote from: trevstar on August 11, 2019, 05:24:48 PM ---Hello all.
Has anyone tried the following method or are there any threads on this? I first saw this years ago.
"Make yourself a test set up. Use 2 large low voltage capacitors. Make sure one is about 1/2 the capacity of the other. Charge the smaller one fully and discharge it into the larger one. Take measurements on both before and after discharging them together to see how much power is transferred.
Now do the same with a small bulb in series as you discharge the small cap into the larger one. Measure the power levels in both caps. You will have some light produced and some heat, but the WHOLE charge is transferred to the other capacitor!!"
those paragraphs are quoted from the following site

The guy insists that it worked for him. There is some question about if the original charge remains in the smaller cap.    Has this been discussed here already?

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Link is offline, take one of this snapshots.*/


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