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Title: Curiosities, corona-discharge, fields, and light
Post by: postingsite on August 08, 2019, 02:37:01 AM
Curiosities, corona-discharge,  fields,  and light

 - What if you sealed a pointed object in a hollow vacuum chamber( to a very very low pressure ),   would the point still glow in thunderstorm conditions,  since there would be no atmosphere to conduct/connect up to the sky .
     - If the point would still glow, then maybe it may put into question about what causes Corona-discharge .

Build Up Of An Electromagnetic-Field or Electric-Field or Magnetic-Field,  In A Sealed  Diamagnetic-? or Dielectric-? Container ( like a box or a sphere )
  -  For example,  what if you had a hollow box or a sphere made of copper,   and completely sealed ( maybe no atmosphere, a vacuum inside of it maybe ? ) it,    and before sealing it,    you placed a  strong-permanent-magnet( maybe encased in rubber to prevent it from shattering ) inside of the container,   the magnet free to roll around,   and then seal the container,   and then you kept shaking the container to generate electromagnetic-eddies/fields,   what would eventually happen,  since the  electromagnetic-eddies-fields inside of the container would continually build up .
      -  I'm guessing one possibility is that an electric-charge would build up on the copper container,  but I wonder if there could be other possibilities .

Light Sealed In A Mirrored Container
 - What if you made a hollow sphere or box of glass  ( maybe no atmosphere, a vacuum inside of it maybe ? ),   and lower it into liquid mercury while shining a strong laser into it,  until the sphere or box is under the surface of the mercury,   and then raise the sphere or box,   would light come out ?
     - I'm guessing no light would come out,  since there is probably no 100% reflective material .
     - Some time ago I had read about this experiment being done with some type of  virtual-mirror,  maybe the container was made of electromagnetic-field-surfaces ( not solid-matter-surfaces ), and the light used was probably some specific-frequency electromagnetic-waves,  and the result was that the light-? did infact come out when the container was opened ( maybe powered off or something ),  although apparently the light-? could only be stored for a limited amount of time .
         (  In the description of that experiment, done in the last 10 years or something, they did describe it as light.  I cannot find that test now .  )
Title: Re: Curiosities, corona-discharge, fields, and light
Post by: rensseak on August 16, 2019, 10:19:54 PM
Something similar like (