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Nano Triboluminescence - absorbs heat, releases light?


Charlie Brown ARN:
Triboluminescence is the production of light by mechanical impact. Perhaps the surface of nano meter scale particals in suspension will be driven to emit light by Brownian movement.? This process would absorb ambient heat and release an equivalent amount of light. A 10 nm Dia. particle has one trillionth of the surface area as a 1 cm dia. object; there are a billion billion times as many of the smaller particles; the total surface area of the particles is a million times greater. Quartz is a triboluminescent material. The dispersion makes a solid readily soluble. The liquid suspending the colloid and the colloid should have a similar refractive index. This diameter is tens of times smaller than a light wave - a minor point. This is easy to try.? Go ahead. If you try it, please report back on the results both immediate and after some time.




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