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Author Topic: ed leedskalnin ciphered texts  (Read 1700 times)

Offline LazerBolts

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ed leedskalnin ciphered texts
« on: July 29, 2019, 10:16:58 AM »
Apparently Ed, Tesla, Lakhovsky, Murray, Foster and likely a few others did some collaborating but only Ed showed how it really works. Tesla hardly made the necessary connections incorporating his devices which would expose the underlying mechanistic modes of "electricity" unlike Ed which made it blatent. Teslas work was an apparent attempt to dominate electrical power transport which is what his magnifying transmitter is along with all his electrical machines to generate electricity. Tesla made his charging coil which is 3/4λ of the wire length to velocity C yet you don't find any tesla coils using the extra coil nor any calculators available for its use.

"The latter should be such as to insure the maximum rise of the pressure. With apparatus of inadequate power the pressure may be very much diminished by the addition of capacity merely because there is not enough energy available to charge the same to the full pressure. It is a notable observation that these "extra coils" with one of the terminals free, enable the obtainment of practically any e.m.f. the limits being so far remote, that I would not hesitate in undertaking to produce sparks of thousands of feet in length in this manner."

This goes to show people don't make tesla coils properly.

Electricity, colors and mirrors obviously work in tandem and the horseshoe magnet seemed to have been originally a tuning fork later replaced by laminated steel. How come people don't at least publish appropriate settings to the commercial enigma machine which Ed used to cipher his works?

Not to mention all the disinformation found on forums which seemingly throws off any effort to decipher the texts. Such blatant misinformation is regularly posted onto that forum yet at least the site points out Ed made publications detailing how he made the castle. There are however several decent posts which apparently shows the texts are ciphered.

This seems quite relevant.
There is no gravity, electricity or magnetism. All these manifestations are just ether fluid hydrodynamics in motion, depending on how they move in relation ot each other you get electricity, magnetism (which is clear and proven today) and gravity which is inertia and mass which the last most tricky part.

This book was found on the forum it details on how to decipher the texts.

Offline LazerBolts

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Re: ed leedskalnin ciphered texts
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2019, 10:36:13 PM »
More collaborators were Rogers and Rife - see Rogers ground radio and Rifes electrotheraputic machine