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What's different about a uniform magnetic field?

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I've been doing some testing to find out if there is any possible way to generate energy in a uniform field.
It appears that inductance can only occur in a changing magnetic field. If that's true then how is the homopolar working?

Is charge separation not working in a uniform field? Why doesn't the earths magnetic field cause beam shifting in a particle accelerator?
Why was the screen on the old picture tube not shifted when the TV was moved to a different wall for the same reason?
The earths magnetic field is strong enough to flip a magnet 180 degrees when dropped only 8 inches.

Here are some uniform field test devices I've been working on.

Interesting wish I knew the answer.

The field inside the clam shell is forming a tight loop and should have almost no stray field.
Using a winding on the inner rotor, there is never any current produced regardless of whether the ring magnet was attached to the rotor or stationary.
The only time any output was achieved was with the segmented field on one side of the clam shell. The other side could be stationary or moving with the rotor.

The scope shows about 400mv output as it passes the segmented field. Nothing is ever produced in the uniform field.

So I consider this video proof that a uniform does provide the same moving current as a changing field at the edge of the magnet.

Now with the information from these two devices, I will be able to build a true DC multi wind homopolar motor that should produce endless power when wound with some inexpensive superconducting wire.

First is to build a prototype using copper wire to test and confirm it's operation.

What I guess after watching your two videos is,  you are bringing the metal strip from region of no flux (outside) into the region of flux (into the magnetic channel) hence there is variation of magnetic field which exerts force on the metal strip.  But within the track, magnetic field is uniform with equal flux on both sides of strip and hence no force, making the strip to move freely.

When you complete the loop of that magnetic channel, there will be no starting point because the loop is endless.  Hence there will be no force on the strip throughout the loop and metal strip may move freely throughout the loop just as the copper disc spinning above a ring magnet in your first video.

Correct me if I am wrong.


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