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Author Topic: 10 KW AC electricity fuel cell  (Read 7488 times)

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10 KW AC electricity fuel cell
« on: October 20, 2019, 01:34:25 PM »
"fuel to heat to electricity "-chamber
Instead the Marinescu thermoelectric silicon-silver thermoelectric generator :

1 sqm MEMS-TAR with estimated endconsumer price 25 $cents/Wp and 45% conversion efficiency ~ 600 Wp/sqm
1 sqm with cooling up to 10 Wp/sqcm = 100000 Wp/sqm = 100 KWp/sqm

10 KWp from 100 KWp = 1/10 sqm ~ 32 cm x 32 cm MEMS-TAR modul

600 Wp x 0,25 US$cents = 150 US$ per sqm MEMS-TAR 1/10 sqm costs : 15 US$

10 KWp MEMS -TAR costs 15 US$ and how much the cooling system. ?

Instead MEMS-TAR :
Highest Wp/sqm and Wp/sqcm uncooled, cooled. ?

Or will ceramic fuell cells stacks be more efficient and cheaper ( also over the lifetime calculation)
and remembering a short article in the german Peter Moosleitner -magazine in the 80' :
Darrell Fee and his ceramic fuell cell

10 KW AC delivery and the actual " mild hybrid"- power level :

Only "1,5 nominal KW electric motor" as ic-to-electric car conversion  as city/suburbs legal velocity max. drive car. ?
1,5/3/4,5/6/... nominal KW "  in wheel electric motor " conversion.  ?
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