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aerogel in house construction



500 € /CHF per sqm wall extra costs are actually too much

so the solution :
Newcastle University/UK
and the lower cost aerogel production process,  from 100$ to 4$ per Kg :

20 Euros/CHF /sqm wall would change the market and construction technology

The EMPA Aerobrick ,165 mm, compared with Perlitebrick, 263 mm, alternative :

Perlite kg-price :

Perlitebrick +   wall coating  ? wall thickness compared  !

The given number : 59 mW/ sqm/K  ??? 165 mm brick

Aerogel thermal conductivity : 0,015- 0,018 W/ mv3/K
0,015 W /mv3 : 0,125 ( for 125 mm aerogel)~ 0,12 W/sqm/K aerobrick wall

and not : 0,059 W/sqm/K wall thermal conduction

Aerogel will change the world .
Remarkable technology based on simple science

If one cubic-meter aerogel weights 100 Kg,for one meter aerobrick wall we calculate with 12,5 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm we get 0,125 cubic-meter aerogel,0,125 cubic-meter weights 12,5 Kg a 4 US$/Kg means 50 US$ per sqm wall aerogel production cost,                                              b2c minimum selling price 100 US$ per sqm wall. !

At the beginning 80% less than the "extra" 500 Euros/CHF  !

At first the high-end "Passiv-house energy standart" construction sector will get fast price drop  !

Total Zero net energy house construction prices under 500 US$/sqm, later with 3d print and aerogel filling 250 US$/sqm.
ICON and WASP 3d construction work under 50 US$ per sqm


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